Trap 7 – Problems at school

Trap 7 – Problems at school

side: Labiris

The school has become more lively since the emigration from Ritea started.
There’s a new sight, there are now beastmen and elven children coming to school.
Those kids came from the orphanage, which Crack had raised money for.
Apparently they were forced out because they were bothering the orphanage.

「Out there the children have no future. Beastmen and elven children are treated like special spectacles or pets. That’s why I wanted to help them, so I pushed them to the top of my priorities list. Besides them, I also brought some people that were working at the orphanage, so please use them at the school. 」

Crack told me his story in this way.

Most of the children who came were suffering from malnutrition and needed hospitalization for a while, some even died.
At that time, Yuki’s expression was something I don’t even want to talk about.
Even though he was expressionless, he buried the important corpse of the child into the cemetery.
I don’t know if this child was an acquaintance or a friend, but Yuki’s mourning was real, he shed tears, bowed, and expressed his thanks.
Seeing Yuki’s face at that time was difficult for me.
Perhaps Yuki… No I shouldn’t make presumptions about things I know nothing about.

I don’t know if it was related to the child’s death but Herge-sama was in chaos at that time.
She broke out into tears when she saw the hungry children, since they were in such bad shape. And she was bawling when one of the children couldn’t be saved anymore, she tried desperately to apply recovery magic.
When he died, Herge-sama entered desperation as she kept using her magic and just when Seraria-sama tried to calm her down, an ordinary bystander, a monster that just happened to be there busted into laughter with the worst timing. And because of that Seraria-sama…

(Herge)「Stop laughing!!  Stop!!  Even though this kid did his best to live his daily life and just because his body couldn’t keep up… You’re going to mock him?! 」

Herge-sama who heard the laughter exploded.
Her’s was a glare that could kill.
The ordinary man finally realized that Herge-sama was in pain because a child had died. He then kindly apologized and quickly left.
After Herge-sama held the child for a while and Seraria-sama finished comforting her, they left.

(Seraria)「We need to move on to the next patient!! This child has died. You should entrust the rest of this matter to Yuki!! 」

(Herge)「No!! I have to mourn….. 」

(Yuki)「Are you afraid of being abandoned like that child? 」

(Herge)「… Huh! ?  Such a reason is… 」

(Yuki)「Then Herge, stop hugging that child!!  Leave this kid to me and save more lives!!  Everyone has heard the circumstances. We decided that you belong in a place where you can save lives didn’t we? So straighten your back, fake a smile, keep calm and carry on!!  Life isn’t some kind of ornament that waits until it’s saviour happens to have time to catch it before it falls!! 」

(Herge)「Gusu1)SFX for sobbing… Yuki-san. I leave this child to you. I will be taking care of the next patient!! 」

Herge-sama said that as she left the child to Yuki. They both immediately ran off.

(Seraria)「You need to be stronger Herge…. 」

Seraria-sama saw Herge-sama’s sorrowful eyes and tried to help.

But what she said was slightly off.
At the moment, there are various problems at school.
Oh, they’re much better than the problems that the others have to deal with.

(Child)「Us kids definitely need to eat vegetables!! 」

(Child)「Don’t wanna!!  Vegetables are disgusting!! 」

Most problems are of this kind of magnitude.
In other words, about the likes and dislikes of meals.
Thankfully there aren’t any racial problems.
Why you ask?

(Child)「That shouldn’t be the case for an elf!! Elves are vegetarian right? !! 」

(Child)「We’re in the same race and yet you’re so shameless!! I hate that kind of thing!! 」

(Child)「Shut up!!  You know we aren’t actually vegetarian at our roots!!  Rather, it’s because I like to eat meat meals here!!  The taste of vegetables is way too bad!!  There’s no problem here!!  You herbivorous child!! 」

(Child)「What is this carnivore saying?!  What you said hit the point, that is if you switch around all the vegetable and meat!!  You should eat properly!! 」

Like this, the boys and girls separated, but they kept complaining and screaming at each other.

(Child)「Shut it!!  You are a herbivorous child!! 」

(Yuki)「Hey, you’d better eat enough vegetables okay? 」

In the middle of this, Yuki asked a question.
This caused all the children’s eyes to turn towards him.

(Yuki)「The truth is, you should eat vegetables. 」

(Child)「See?!  Don’t bother sensei!! 」

(Child)「Uhgh!!  Sensei, could you please comment on meat!! 」

(Yuki)「Of course, you should also eat enough meat as well. 」

(Child)「See?!  You’re the ones who shouldn’t be bothering him!! 」

(Child)「No you’re the one who can’t see!! 」

Gyagya, they’ve begun making a fuss again.
What will you do Yuki?
Like that, Yuki gave me a tired look with his eyes, breathed heavily and began to speak.

(Yuki)「In other words, if you eat everything on your plate and don’t leave anything, sensei would be happy. That’s why I will give chocolate to Aslin, Philia, Labiris, Vilia and Hiro who all ate without leaving anything.」

(Child)「「「eeeeEHHHHHHHH!! 」」」

(Yuki)「Of course, the children who eat properly can also have ice cream. 」

(Children)「「「Yattaaaa!!! 」」」

If you say those kind of things then children would eat willingly.
In exchange, Yuki made an exhausted face.
Yep, he is being serious as a sensei.

(Yuki)「… There was something like that. 」

(Lutz)「Well, it’s natural, they’re children right~」

(Ellis)「I agree with you. 」

After we had dinner at the Inn, we talked about various matters regarding school and then casually chatted for a while as we had tea.

(Lutz)「Well, it’s ok to mix vegetables and meat with curry, don’t you think onii-san? 」

Lutz proposed a solution.
Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. It would hide the bits they don’t want.

(Yuki)「Would you prefer to eat a stew or curry every day? 」

(Lutz)「Oh, no, that’s not something I want. 」

Yes, that’s something I would hate too.

(Ellis)「That’s right. That would be a problem, isn’t it better to avoid this topic in the first place? 」

Ellis said that, she was trying to encourage the practice of eating diligently, regardless what was stacked up in front of you.

(Riel)「I think you should leave them be.  They will grow bigger if they eat enough and instinctively know what’s missing if they don’t. Children are sensitive, that’s why they don’t like vegetables that have a peculiarly distinctive taste. I don’t think they need to get used to it. 」

Riel seems to think that they should be left alone.
Well, I understand her viewpoint, but we have to take care of the children’s health.

(Seraria)「On one hand they won’t learn to look after themselves with too tight training, whereas with too little and they won’t grow up healthily. Just like you start softening a battlefield with bows and then leave it to the swords」

Seraria-sama actually said that……

「「「That’s not right」」」

Everyone vehemently denied her.

(Yuki)「But… The excuse. There was that kind of event… but… 」

(Seraria)「Hey, were you listening to me? 」

(Yuki)「Well, that’s just like Seraria-sama. If someone can’t swim in the ocean you would just let him drown. It’s not that they’re picky about vegetables, or that they’re judging meat, but more like they feel like they don’t need to eat it? 」

(Seraria)「Isn’t that the point? 」

(Ellis)「… If you’re talking about vegetables, then you need a nice place to grow them. 」

(Riel)「But you also need to hunt for the meat? 」

(Yuki)「How would you get the children to hunt? 」

(Riel)「What do you mean? I used to hunt for my meat. 」

(Lutz)「Don’t compare them to you Riel… 」

In that way, the conversation really got quite heated.

(Yuki)「Well, I have to experiment this once. Let’s talk about this with Vilia and Hiro next time. Those two always eat without leaving anything. 」

… Both of them actually dislike how basic vegetables are.
But they always eat them because they want to be praised.
I’m looking forward to the kids reactions next time.
Afterword of the author
The first half was small stories and the second was a bit of a drama.
School life is peaceful.


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  1. This side stories are more painful ; – ;
    but good at the same time because it doesn’t only show the good parts

  2. Damn, that first part was a bit rough…

    It’s wonderful to keep seeing so many sides of this.
    The malnourished children, and one of them even dying… really drove home why Crack acted like he did. I can see why he was willing to go so far as to start a war in Ritea and drag Rochslle into it… I don’t agree with it, but I do sympathize.

    But, Yuki took it hard huh. Understandable if you consider that from our general perspective, kids dying is pretty gut wrenching…
    Labiris really shows off just how mature she is. I appreciate how she doesn’t force her view and supports him like she does, even if she doesn’t quite understand him. God she’s great.

    Then…the veggies came. Damn brats. Though, I didn’t dislike veggies I wasn’t a big eater of them either lol.

    Ah, n thx 4 the Ch!

  3. Thanks for the chapter, after the war and things had calm down the troubles are some people being selfish and the likes and dislikes from children

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