Chapter – 76 Injuries by the dozens.

Chapter – 76 Injuries by the dozens.

side: Labiris

Fuu, it’s good that no one suddenly died in the Dungeons.
But as far as I’ve heard, it seems that the adventurers have made a lot of mistakes.
Seriously, tactless humans are everywhere.
I think Yuki should just take full advantage of them.
Whilst I’m just mulling over options, Yuki’s talking with the Guild Master.
He always works hard.
He himself doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but we all know that Yuki is driving himself too hard.
I’m getting quite anxious that some random day he will just collapse.

(Yuki)「…… Then, how… Oh, yes……. 」

(Rock)「That is…… Then how about…… 」

But watching his stoic profile while he’s working so hard is wonderful.
Ah, what a dilemma.
So at the very least, to ensure Yuki’s beauty sleep, I have to hypnotize him.
Yuki has consented, so I’m glad that I could do so without any hard feelings.
Including various other things, it’s OK1)OK was in English in the raws.

(Seraria)「Hey, Yuki. What about the injured ones?」

Seraria-sama asked Yuki.

(Yuki)「Oh, for the time being, it seems that Herge and Lulu saved their lives… However. 」


(Yuki)「No that’s ….. 」

(Rock)「Let’s talk about it normally. 」

(Seraria)「Grandmaster, welcome, is there anything we can help you with?」

While they were talking with Rock-san, the Grandmaster of Ritea’s adventure Guild came over, it seems he wants to convey something.

Did he come here because of some problem, I wonder? Well this is a gathering to discuss the current state of the Dungeon assessment and so all the adventurers are also here. Maybe he’s looking for them?

(Grandmaster)「Seraria-sama, are you looking forward to the ratings of the Dungeons?」

(Seraria)「Yes, of course. This is an important evaluation about the Dungeons we’ve made. It will be valuable information for the future.」

(Grandmaster)「That’s certainly true. I completely agree. When they were still making the training Dungeon, they called for me to take a look, ohh man, my heart was throbbing in a way unworthy of my age. 」

(Seraria)「Ara, Grandmaster still has some active years left in him. 」

(Grandmaster)「Ho ho ho. And so, please listen to this story. As a matter of fact, it’s actually quite embarrassing」

(Seraria)「A request? What kind?」

(Grandmaster)「No, nothing difficult. Thanks to the help of Lulu-sama, all of the injuries have almost recovered to the point where you can’t even see anything. 」

(Seraria)「That’s a good thing isn’t it? 」

(Grandmaster)「Indeed, however they then said that they wanted to restart the Dungeon raid as soon as they had sufficient nutrition and received permission. Well, they probably feel ashamed. After all, they were done in by Kobolds. 」

Ah, I see.
That’s because they think it’s a greenhorns mistake.
And because of that, they wanted to redeem themselves the very moment they recovered.
But to attack a Dungeon twice in one day…

(Orvik)「Please don’t bunch us up together with them. We do not wish to dive in again today. They are simply way too excited. 」

(Orvik’s party member)「That’s right. I agree with Orvik. At least for today, they should cut it out. 」

(Orvik’s party member)「True, I also agree with Orvik. A rank 6 was defeated by Kobolds… That brings shame to the profession. Are they really rank 6?」

(Seraria)「This Dungeon has usual settings so some hiccups are natural. But this is at a level where you could doubt the assessment they provide. 」

As opposed to those, who intended to invade the Dungeon a second time, the party which had Tori and Riel’s friend, was planning on starting to actually take studying the strategy guide seriously.
Well, of course they would after seeing that.

(Seraria)「Which reminds me, Grandmaster and Rock-san. How is the Guild going to deal with such a blunder?」

I almost forgot, they had made such a huge mistake.
And mistakes usually receive punishment. Would the Guild mete it out?

(Rock)「Because there was no actual damage, there’s practically no need for a punishment, however…… 」

(Grandmaster)「This time is special though. There’s the official testimony of the rank 7 adventurer Orvik. So we can’t just claim nothing happened. Also there’s the fact that rank 6 is supposed to guarantee a certain level of quality….」

Hearing the direction of the two’s conversation, those concerned started looking worried.
Well, it’s too soon to mete out a punishment, but I guess I’d like to do something about their rank, I mean to actually forget a safety line, which was specially prepared by the customer … definitely not worthy of rank 6.

(Injured Adventurer)「Please!! Somehow!! Give us another chance!!」

(Injured Adventurer)「Please hear us out!!」

When the situation started developing in that direction, the other party raised their voices and lowered their heads.

(Herge)「Ehmm, that’s impossible right now. 」

(Lulu)「At least not for today. You should rest for today at the very least. 」

Herge-sama and Lulu-sama who had arrived with them, protested.

(Lulu)「Well, how about this then? Rest for today and we, the healers with the highest of skills, will ensure you can go tomorrow. 」

(Herge)「The highest… 」

(Seraria)「Ara, well. 」

For some reason, Herge-sama and Lulu-sama were making delighted expressions… Tch.

(Injured Adventurer)「No, that’s… 」

(Seraria)「We’re not done discussing their punishment yet. As far as I’ve understood, it seems like the mistakes they made in their first raid of the Dungeon was shameful in front of us, the Guildmaster, the Grandmaster and a princess. This a mistake which was made due to extreme levels of tension, precisely because of who is here for this assessment. Due to this, we shall extend the duration of the assessment quest by another 3 days, for a total of a week. In light of this agreement, why not postpone their punishments for now and observe them for the remainder of the request? It would be too cruel to punish them just because of how the situation is right now. 」


(Grandmaster)「That’s true. That’s fine by me. Do you guys have any objections?」

(Injured adventurer)「Eh, as long as we can have another opportunity…… 」

It looks like they’ve reached a consensus for the moment.

(Injured adventurer)「Wait just a minute!! Seraria there’s something I need to hear from you!!」

(Seraria)「Huh? From me?」

Eh, what?
Did you have something which involved Seraria-sama?.

「Is it true that you are going to choose your husband from amongst the adventurers who are capturing the Dungeons?!!」

The air froze.
… Ah, got it.
They apparently don’t know that Seraria is called the war maiden and obviously also don’t know that she has Yuki.
It is said that all the men who made advances up until now were thoroughly rejected and that she proclaimed that only a man from a foreign country, who was stronger than herself, would be able to marry her.
And suddenly here’s the rating of the Dungeons.
This would look like a method to find such a manly man from the outside.
….. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
The man who asked the question was, of course, serious, he intended to give it his all.
I mean, really, really serious.

(Seraria)「Puh, I’m sorry. Well…… 」


Seraria-sama seized Yuki.
This is obviously an embrace.

(Seraria)「Though it hasn’t been officially announced yet, this is my fiancé. 」

She gave it to the guy straight and with a bright smile. How vicious.

(Seraria)「So the rating of the Dungeon is literally just an assessment quest. My choice of husband is this man and no other. 」


After he finished processing what Seraria-sama told him, the man fell to the floor.

「Oi, is he okay!?」

「He’s stopped breathing!?」


Herge and Lulu hurriedly checked him.

(Herge)「…… He’s just unconscious. 」

(Seraria)「Ara? But I was just being honest?」

…… wasn’t that a bit too rough?

(Rock)「Oh now that you mention it, this has yet to be made public huh. 」

(Grandmaster)「What? Rock? You already knew?」

(Rock)「Yes, I was informed when I first entered this Dungeon. 」

(Grandmaster)「I understand. The war maiden….. This Yuki, isn’t he just an ordinary person?」

(Seraria)「That’s how you see him. You see, I can see how rich his intelligence is. 」

(Grandmaster)「Weren’t you looking for high abilities in combat and agile movements?」

(Seraria)「Love is blind. It turns out that representative Yuki has a very solid foundation in regards to desk work. That charmed me. 」

Though that may be true … that wasn’t what she first fell for sure.

(Rock)「It’s painful to grow old and watch the new young…2)ED note: Give it up man, you wouldn’t be even worth comparing even if you were young

That’s regrettable Rock.
He must think her thing for Yuki is just his intelligence, but there’s more to him than that.
No, maybe it’s because of his abilities that he is able to win in the first place?
The person in question just had a big smile and said「That’s not it. It’s more like I rely on everyone else. 3)Not sure 俺なんか下から数えたほうが早い

(Seraria)「Anyway, we won’t be limiting the restarting of Dungeons to tomorrow for all adventurers. How about it Orvik? Wanna have another try?」

(Orvik)「No, we won’t go again for today. Because the kobolds are still in a frenzy. 」

(Seraria)「Umu, that’s a good move. 」

(Rahlie)「Well, with this I got reunited with a lost friend, there’s a lot of catching up to do. 」

(Riel)「Ho ho ho, I was surprised to meet one of our good friends. 」

Rahlie is an honest girl, she intends to hang out with Tori and Riel for today.

(Seraria)「……. Which reminds me, what happened to the adventurers that went to the other Dungeons?」

(Grandmaster)「Because the other Dungeons are more normal, the schedule should remain the same and they should be continuing the capture right now. Well this is the first day, there will be many teams that will decide to return after doing a preliminary scouting run, just like Orvik’s party. 」

So the others should be able to stay on track huh.
While I was nodding at Rock-san’s conjecture, Seraria-sama came over still confining Yuki in her arms.

(Seraria)「Grandmaster, Guild master, you should be right. But just to be safe, when the adventurers return, please inform them about my future marriage. 」

(Rock)「Are you sure?」

(Seraria)「Just a moment ago someone of his level had expectations, it’s pitiable. 」

(Grandmaster)「I saw it. But isn’t that better? It’s not like I want to belittle Yuki but aren’t there better choices? Seraria-sama, there may be a man more worthy of your heart amongst them. 」

Carefully, the Grandmaster tried to tell her that this would be a waste, but she kept smiling….

(Seraria)「That won’t do. There is only Yuki in my eyes. 」

(Rock)「Hey, hey, there, that’s some overly excessive meddling for an old man. Apologies, then I will convey your message to them. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, please do. 」

After that, some of the adventurers who returned early from their examination like Orvik’s party suffered from respiratory failure…..

Men who had the dream of marrying a Princess. How pitiable.
Afterword of the author
How about that, isn’t it horrible!!
After all, it’s how Seraria feels!!
Also, do your best to bear the feeling of a man and endure it inside your chest, even if it hurts!!

I might take a day off from writing tomorrow.


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1. OK was in English in the raws
2. ED note: Give it up man, you wouldn’t be even worth comparing even if you were young
3. Not sure 俺なんか下から数えたほうが早い

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  1. I’d just like to say, i definitely find the progression and story line of this title enjoyable to read and i thank you for having been translating this. I also find this title a bit more unique (and personally i think it’s more enjoyable that way) since a large portion if not a majority of the chapters are from the viewpoints of the characters surrounding our MC and i think it’s far more interesting viewing the main characters actions through the lens of a third party.

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      If you recall the Ritea invasion… the girl viciously dismembered everyone in her way the moment Yuki was insulted. She weilded her Katana like damn pro, chopping off limbs and ensuring that every, single, person died VERY SLOWLY.
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      Though, the one who snapped the most violently was Philia. She just smashed people with her giant hammer.

      But yes, Labiris is a yandere, but is balanced by slightly higher kuudere traits and is blessed with a good head on her shoulders.

      I mean, the girl has no qualms about brainwashing a FREAKING DEMON KING (Delille) to become his pawn, woman and willing wife. She’s also the principal ringleader besides Searia for the behind the scenes harem.

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