KYNE – Chapter 3

Translator : Antheor
Editor : Antheor

Here is the third chapter of KYNE !

I have nothing much to say, but ou may expect a few more chapters in the next few hours.


Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 3 – I wonder if it’s a conventional template to get screwed inside a Dungeon?


3 Replies to “KYNE – Chapter 3”

  1. His True Stats are
    HP 1,250,000/1.25 million
    MP 225,000/225,000
    STR 50,000
    AGI 40,000
    VIT 25,000
    INT 200,000
    In his sealed state, he has the stats of a commoner. Basically an average human’s power level. In DBZ terms, he has the power level of 5. So technically his true power level is 2,500 BP. That is half as strong as Nappa.

  2. Thank you very much for that great chapter as always.

    keep up the good work.

    Thank you for your hard working

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