Chapter 18 – Now, finding the template?!

(Book 2 Chapter 6) Chapter 18 Now, finding the template?!

I’m sorry there, seriously……

(Tetsuya)「Branch chief」

(Branch Chief)「What?!」

(Tetsuya)「I’m leaving.」

Tetsuya went to the Guild and explained the news to Thomas, the Branch Chief. Tetsuya had stayed inside the walls of Berganstadt for four days already. In the meantime, Tetsuya never received a request from the Guild. Although he had no plan, he made clothes for his party. And because he wanted a butler, he tried to make original summons (He summoned what he imagined into reality.) and did it successfully.

(TL : not 100 % sure やっていた事といえば使う予定も無いのにパーティー用の服を作ったり、執事的な奴が欲しいと言って創造召喚(想像した生物を創造して召喚する)したりしていただけだ)

(Branch Chief)「Oh, Un. Everything’s settled?」

(Tetsuya)「Yes, then I’m going now. Thank you for everything」

Thomas answered with a standard answer and didn’t retain Tetsuya any longer. Even if he didn’t approve of his departure, Tetsuya would have left anyway.
Tetsuya said his thanks and left the Guild.

(Tetsuya)「Eh, time to come out my Dragonー」
「I know」

After three days


(???)「Gue, preys!」

(???)「Calm down! Stupid guys!

I’ll give you a lesson, lowly beings! If you complete this request, there’s a big reward!Go forth!」


Likewise, these guys were the finest! They could even do anything!

However, they will all regret that they undertook this request later. And that’s because they will disappear, although they don’t know it yet, by the hand of one of the god’s pillar.

Tetsuya along with Kagura was walking along the highway. Until now, every time Tetsuya crossed the path with someone, this someone would halt his steps to gaze at Tetsuya’s demeanor. Naturally, it was an obvious reaction. It was a man wearing a jet-black dress with a perfect face sitting on a jet-black horse with the finest harness. If there was someone like this traveling on a Highway, you would unconsciously stop as well. Moreover, there was another reason. The small Izayoi was currently sitting on Tetsuya’s head.

(Tetsuya)「Do we have a template?」

Tetsuya said one of his stupid things yet again. The time was around 4 in the afternoon. Usually, it’s at this hour that Tetsuya would start preparing for the night. But right now, he was still walking alongside Kagura.







「This feeling, I feel a template…」

After Tetsuya had walked for a bit of time, he heard the sounds of a battle. When he heard them, he muttered in a small voice that seemed a bit irritated. Because a template is one of his very selfish habit of talking. But what if he actually encountered one? It would be an extremely troublesome thing.

「Aーh, I encountered with your typical kind of knight.
This carriage seems to be unyielding too. Hum, what is that crest? Oh…… They should be from the Kingdom of Adol. Are they from the Royal Familly?」



Tetsuya observed from the distance when finally, one of the Knight died. Furthermore, one by one, all the knights got knocked down.

(Tetsuya)「For once, I’ll help.」

While Tetsuya muttered, Kagura ran toward the horse-drawn carriage.



(Tetsuya)「Since you’re killing people, then aren’t you evildoers?」

(???)「You’re done!」

(Tetsuya)「Shut up!」

While Tetsuya beheaded the man who killed the knight, he gave an order to Kagura.
Then, the beautiful pillar of this God began trampling onto his enemies.

(???)「What! I can’t believe my eyes.」

(Tetsuya)「Leave or die!」

Tetsuya threw a slash infused with lightning magic with his Katana Emperor flower.

(Tetsuya)「Kanzaki slaughtering art of the lightning sword God(Harmonious Lightning)」

The sword backed with Thunder dropped onto the enemy’s head. And from a 360° of Tetsuya, all his enemies were wiped out.


At the same time, Kagura used a magic that sank deeply in the enemies’ head and killed them.

After that, only one of the enemy remained. This one seemed to be their leader. Tetsuya drew closer to the man, his Emperor flower in hand. And started the interrogation.

(Tetsuya)「Your name?」

(Klap)「Kl, Klap」

(Tetsuya)「Who were you attacking?」

(Klap)「The second princess and the King of Adol.」

(Tetsuya)「Why? Did they do anything to you?」

(Klap)「I, It was a request we received!」

(Tetsuya)「Request? From whom?」

(Klap)「A guy wearing a white robe.」

(Tetsuya)「Tell me more.」

(Klap)「I couldn’t see its face. It’s true. You can believe me! But I heard him say in a low voice 『Duke of Sogeru』!」

(Tetsuya)「How did you knew that the King would be passing by here?」

(Klap)「Th, The one who told us why the white guy!」

(Tetsuya)「Something to add?」

(Klap)「No, I’m not an intellectual! He, hey? Is it good already? Spare me?」

(Tetsuya)「Yeah, I’ll do that.」

(Klap)「 Th-t-thanks」

(Tetsuya)「However, I’ll tie you up.」

After that, Tetsuya bound the man with a rope.Thus, he approached the carriage and opened the door.

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    • What’s good about this novel is that you don’t know of what the next chapter would be made of.
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    • I think he means a cliche scene? A template? Like yknow having to save a carriage that has been attacked by bandits then turns out you saved a very high ranking noble? ?

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