Chapter 128 – What happened at the bargain. (Circumstances of the persuasion)

Chapter 128 – What happened at the bargain. (Circumstances of the persuasion)

Side : Lutz

Well well this is I, Lutz, and onii-san’s wife. As it appears I got stuck with eliminating the Demon King.
No, it’s not disagreeable.
For the sake of onii-san and the children who we will give birth to from now, nothing is impossible.

I’m a cute rabbit girl and I’m confident in my charms. 1)Face: I think she does have a Full “charm” if you know what i mean”
Of an ordinary birth as a villager, as a child I admired the merchants that came and showed us the outside world. Then I grew and I became an adventurer and a merchant traveling across the continent.
Well, I was truly kawaii and that led me to meet many strange men insisting to spend time with me.
In spite of that, I’m very glad that I didn’t yield and my blossom wasn’t broken before I met onii-san.

That’s with this special feeling that the kawaii Lutz, yet without much military achievements, is loved a lot by her onii-san.
I was chosen as a member to be part of the Demon King’s subjugation.
Now that I’ve heard the reason, I cannot see any reason for objections.

The reactions from the Rulers of each countries when I was selected was very amusing.
While caring for the weapons I remembered the scene.

Eto, it was around 3 days ago.
Liliana had come and after that she delivered her circumstances and we elaborated a strategy.
Seraria had to convince the rulers from the three countries if I remember well.

(Seraria)「Now, I’m going to disclose the information we have heard. This is something very urgent. Stay put and listen till the end. 」

Under the invitation of Seraria, the rulers of the three countries gathered promptly at the inn.
When they were summoned, the two dads were drinking and the Holy Woman was taking her third bath.
There wasn’t any reason for their presence, apart from relaxing that is. ~

(Seraria)「I’ll convey the interview we had with the Demon shortly. She confirmed an invasion led by the hardliners’ faction into Rumel. Since it all started one month ago, that is also the reason why we couldn’t contact Rumel. 」


(Seraria)「Might be a trap, I can’t deny the possibility. But at the same time, I can’t doubt the person who saved my imouto2)Imouto = younger sister. Watching the circumstances as Rumel is isolated, there’s no point here to shed false information. 」

It was interesting.
For the simple reason that we announced how Herge was saved.

(King Rochelle)「Se-Seraria, can you tell me that again?」

The King of Rochelle knows the circumstances of Herge but couldn’t announce it publicly.

(Lowell)「Is that true Seraria!! Herge is safe!!」

Galtz and the rest were bewildered. Lowell-sama, she was at a complete loss.
That tells how much fondness she has for Herge.

(Alshtail)「W, well. That. 」

But the Holy Woman Alshtail-sama was the one who couldn’t comprehend. Her country had supposedly assassinated Herge-sama.

(Seraria)「Herge, you can enter now. 」

(Herge)「Yes, chii ane-sama. 」

Voices were heard and Herge entered.
On the spur of the moment, aside of Rochelle’s force, all the mouths were agape.

(Seraria)「Well, I think you might be confused, but you can understand the circumstances from my explanations. Now you can also guess about my plan. 」


The countries gathered and they received a summary of the situation.
These brief sentences they received made them understand the gist of the situation as they returned to a serious look.

(Aria)「This is right, Seraria. It’ll become a splendid plan to announce the revival of Herge here and make a play out of it with Liliana-san, is that what you willed to make?」
(King Galtz)「Seems about right, with Herge wanting to save Rumel herself, this would testify the truth of the information. 」

(Alshtail)「These are information provided by an individual. You would normally shoo them away, but in that case it would benefit the other party from the Demons. There is no advantage for the Demon tribe thorough. She’s even ready to die for it. 」

Aria-sama, King Galtz and the Holy Woman agreed after their minds connected to Seraria’s words.
Listening to these words, the leaders of the retainers from each country also consented.

(Seraria)「I’ll give you the details. She is a person from the peace faction and wants us to march toward Rumel all for the sake of peace. Here you can easily see if we should, or should not, kill someone from the peace faction. 」

(Higil)「…… It’s reasonable. It would be a suicidal act to leave the opposite faction’s main force roam freely. 」

That super siscon Higil finally composed himself.
No, wasn’t he similar to onii-chan, an excellent joint chief?
The strong impact left by Shera and the dogeza-scene was unforgettable.

(Sharl)「But still, if they want to suppress the peace faction, they would need a substantial numbers. That’s where we should poke our nose. Seraria-sama. 」

(Seraria)「Yes Sharl, you’re right. This time we wanted to take advantage of the discord to march for Rumel, but on the other hand, I want to honor our previous alliance on the contrary. 」

As such, we could strike quickly on the hardliners attacking Rumel before the 3 countries would be aware of the fact.
But if we do that, we will end up attacked from all sides.
Once we got ahead, we’d be forced to defend ourselves.

(Teak)「This chance is an opportunity we shan’t miss. But how should we reinforce Rumel? The hostilities started a month ago already, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are close to the Royal Capital by now. 」

The heir from Galtz, Teak, judged calmly.
But this wasn’t possible anymore.

(Seraria)「We will send reinforcements to Rumel but they won’t make it in time. My husband sent a flying monster for recon. 」

(Alshtail)「What do you mean? No way, Rumel!!」

Hearing the same words before I had thought the exact same thing.
But the reality is different.

(Seraria)「Dear, that picture?」

(Yuki)「Understood. 」

That picture was projected in the middle of the conference room by onii-san as per asked.
The picture shows the city facing the Demon King in Rumel.

「Is this the front between the Demon King and the city Astral in Rumel?」

(Seraria)「Yes. 」

(Alshtail)「But, th-this is….. 」

Yes, from the sky, nearly thirty thousands soldiers were aligned in front of the city.
Their armors weren’t matching so perhaps there’s adventurers mixed within.
On the opposite side was an army feeling the ground far beyond what could be seen.

(Seraria)「According to the information brought by Liliana, the army sent by the Demons is numbering three hundred thousands and what’s facing them is only thirty thousands soldiers. It’s a rate of 90% more. 」

「Three hundred thousands!?」

(Alshtail)「If so, Rumel is no longer….. 」

When Alshtail said so, the scenery moved from picture to video.
The army of demons across the land disappeared in the blink of an eye.


What made the army disappear was a giant cut. A large-scale art that called forth a slash made of light from what seemed to be a sword.

(Seraria)「And this is why Rumel doesn’t need reinforcements. The heroes who Rumel summoned held the front. We don’t recommend you send reinforcements the wrong way simply for the sake of battle achievements, that would bring problems. 」

(Sharl)「I s-see. From what you said, our best course of action would be to kill the Demon King. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, at this rate Rumel will push the Demons back, and take the head of the Demon King themselves. Only the three countries and Weed know that they are a friendly nation. We shouldn’t be foolish enough to let useful people die. 」

This is how we persuaded the rulers.
But as I recalled onii-san’s words, I could still see what released the projectile of lights which eradicated the army of demons on the screen.
The lights came from tanks.
Weapon of war from the world of onii-san.
There was a full row of them, with two thousands units.
Able to shoot continuously and with higher performance than the tank we use.
Who is the hero able to handle a tank operation of this scale?

After that I recalled the name of the heroes from Rumel that Lulu was able to learn when she was still the Holy Woman.

One is a man: Akira Yuuki3)This Yuuki (ユウキ)have 2 U you’re not misreading the name compared to Yuki(ユキ). .
One is a woman, Hikari Alus Luxen.
One is a woman Nadeshi Yamato.

They are the three heroes Rumel summoned.
But there was another person involved in their summons.

Tadanori Tanaka.
He seems to be a friend of onii-san, an expert of battles in contemporary warfare in the other world.

And then according to onii-san, the weapons Tanaka is using are inspired from that.
A powerful strength that can annihilate a three hundred thousands sized army.
It looked as if the thirty thousands fought but in fact they just destroyed the remaining scarce enemies.
Even the heroes dedicated themselves to kill any remaining demon after the strike from the tanks.
Now the person who Weed has to be the most wary of is onii-san’s friend…..

The world is tough, isn’t it?

I have to comfort onii-san.
Afterword of the author
Soon, they’re sure to recognize each other at their encounter, Yuki and Tanaka.
As for Yuki’s failure, it ended with the annihilation of the Demons lol.

However, the battle in Rumel won’t be described in this novel Hisshou Dungeon.
Tanaka will be the main character and I’ll write it sometime.
However, the ability of Tanaka might be understood after this.


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References   [ + ]

1. Face: I think she does have a Full “charm” if you know what i mean”
2. Imouto = younger sister
3. This Yuuki (ユウキ)have 2 U you’re not misreading the name compared to Yuki(ユキ).

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