Chapter 22 – Conclusion and the previous gaze

Chapter 22 – Conclusion and the previous gaze.

Have they noticed me?
For a moment I thought so, but apparently I was wrong.
The Goblin on lookout is looking at the outside.

…… I wonder at what?
When I looked outside, there were several new Goblins.

……. Very bad, do they have friends?
Momo and I are getting even more cautious.


But the Goblin on lookout repeatedly threw things at the ones outside.
…… Are they not friends finally?
Do you mean there are different swarms or groups of Goblins?

If you think about it, that might be the truth.
Even humans or animals make groups and quarrels.
There is no reason why it wouldn’t apply to Goblins.
The Goblins are not monolit either.


The Goblin on lookout bark a few times, but the Goblins outside are still ready to enter.
Perhaps from impatience, the Hobgoblin dropped his apple and stood up.
He moves at the entrance and barked in a loud voice.


I was wary there would be the same impact of that High Orc but it was imaginary fears.
What the Hobgoblin did was really just 『Screaming』.

Maybe he doesn’t have the 『Roaring skill』, unlike the High Orc.
…… That’s convenient.

When the Hobgoblin shouted, the Goblins outside reluctantly left the place.
The Goblin on lookout bowed to the Hobgoblin many times.
There’s a complete gap between……. That’s not it!
What am I leisurely viewing at.
This is a chance!
The three Goblins and the Hobgoblin are scattered!


「….. Wan!」

At my signal, Momo and I began to move.


First thing I do is putting the 『Display shelf』 inside the Storage of my Item box.
Even these things can be stored inside the Item box, I already verified it.
The things displayed on the shelf rose in the air and make sound as they’re scattered on the floor.
After all, if you try to store the Shelf it just does 『that』?


The Goblins are raising their voice to the sudden sounds.  Their gazes faced my direction at the same moment.
Then when they saw a human being, namely me, the Goblins were even more astonished.
This is understandable. All of a sudden, the shelf disappeared and I showed up.
Even the Hobgoblin is surprised and have a goofy expression.
Yosh, they’re all startled in wonder!

I immediately take out the stored 『Display Shelf』
It’s a 『Wall』that separate the Goblins and the Hobgoblin.
In this limited place, I can take advantage of the Item box and create a field that suits me.
It took several seconds, but the Goblins are now completely divided.
With this, let’s decide the game at once!

「Momo! I’m leaving that side to you!」


Momo and I split up in two separate directions.
I’m going toward the Goblins still in a daze at the fruits and vegetables side.
As for Momo it’s going to the Goblin on lookout.

I take out the kitchen knife, sweep and pierce at the Goblin in front of me.
With the speed at which I reached the three Goblins, they couldn’t respond to it.

「Giih….. !?」

There’s no time to check if it’s alive or dead.
There’re two remaining…..
The 『Fridge』 and the 『Washing machine』are both taken out over their heads.
The Goblins who couldn’t avoid it soon are buried under my home appliances.
At my first fight, It was demonstrated that they wouldn’t be able to move from under these heavy objects.
With this I sealed their movements.
After that—–.


Moment —– the Hobgoblin broke through the display shelf and its figure appeared.
There’s no sign of the foolish reaction from earlier.
This is the expression of an angry monster whose territory have been stepped on.

「Sorry but—- I don’t feel like hitting you directly from the front. 」

Taking out items from my Item box, I throw them at the Hobgoblin.
Naturally, the Hobgoblin tried to brush them of with his arms.

But that moment 『Goes』boom! The items broke with cracked noises.

There’s liquid inside together with a unique smell scattered all over the face of that Hobgoblin.
The Hobgoblin frowned for a moment and try to wipe it quickly.
But ——

「——Ah?~~~~~hh!!? AAAAAAAAAAA‼??

At that moment the Hobgoblin’s voice couldn’t even raise a true scream.
Groaning in agony, it covers its face.

These guys are called『Water balloon』.
What they have inside is tabasco.

It’s after having lunch with Momo earlier that I made them.
Different than water, it’s way harder to put Tabasco inside but thanks to 『Dexterity』 I managed to do it without a problem.
I’m confident in them. Did you like it?

「~~HH!! Gyaa! GYAAAAAAAHH!!」

The Hob・Goblin in pain tried to swipe the Tabasco off many times but it’s counterproductive.
It’s really painful when Tabasco enter your eyes.

「Although I’m being bad, I won’t loosen my hand….. 」

The Hobgoblin moans while holding down his face, but he doesn’t approach carelessly so far.
In return, I’m aiming at the sky this time and take out the 『Vending machines』.
They were borrowed a little earlier when I walked around the city.
After seeing a bartender-like man throwing one in a young-adult fiction, I always wanted to try.
To appease one’s thirst isn’t the only feat a vending machine is capable to do.
Yes, vending machines are also weapons to fling at your opponents.
Getting ready at a spot where it would hit the head —– Release.

SFX:Gosun!Then a dull sound echoes.

The vending machine knocked the head of the Hobgoblin, he then fell to the floor.


The Hobgoblin screams.
Half of his head was crushed……. Gross.  But he’s not dead yet.

「…… One more time. 」

While holding up against nausea, I throw the vending machine in my Storage again.
The moment I wanted to go at the Hobgoblin, he tried to stand.

「Agah…… Giiiiiiih!!?」

But a 『Shadow』is restricting his leg.

「Nice, Momo. 」

When I take a quick glance, I could see that Momo already knocked the Goblin on its side.
Momo is approaching more and more which strengthens the power of 『Shadow』at every step.
There’s no way now he can avoid this.
The Hobgoblin desperately tries to resist, but here he already has his head half-broken.
There’s no way he can bring his full power out.

Then again, I take out the 『Vending machine』 and throw it at the Hobgoblin’s head.
SFX: Splat, splat.
Repeating the same thing twice, the Hobgoblin rendered his last breath.
A blue magic stone rolled to my feet.

Now remains a cleaning battle.
Momo and I give the decisive blow at the two remaining Goblins whose movements were sealed.

≪Earning experience points≫
≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level 6 to level 7. ≫

The Heavenly voice announced to me a level up.

Yosh, yosh, yosh….. !
Yatta, I did it!

「Yatta….. We did it Momo! We won!」


Seven Goblins and the upper species Hobgoblin.
Given my past record of war, it was one hell of a battle.

It’s good to soak in the lingering victory, but let’s allocate our points for the time being.
Then put some food here in my storage.

「Momo. Do you want to move toward the depths?」


In this way, the battle at the cooperative closes its curtain. It was a great success.
But I, who was in high spirits, didn’t notice.
The battle just now.
The fact that 『Someone watched it』——-.

That person was on the rooftop of an apartment, about a hundred meters away from the cooperative.

「It’s amazing…… To win against that number of opponents….. 」

The eyes peeping through the scope kept staring at the fight at the cooperative.
Unfortunately, there was still some blind spot and the eyes couldn’t see everything. Despite that, they still managed to catch the Shiba Inu using his 『Shadow』to kill a Goblin and the man using a vending machine to kill the upper class Goblin.

「He have leveled without a doubt…… And he also have rare skills. 」

But, the most noteworthy things was before the fight even started.
That man noticed the gaze.
No, he might have felt a sense of incongruity, but it’s still amazing he managed to feel anything from the distance.
After remembering the man’s gaze there was a shudder.
But that wasn’t a tremor coming from fear.
It’s more a trembling of delight.

「There’s other persons like that besides me….. 」

—— A person who actively hunts for monsters.

After muttering so, 『She』left the place.
On her shoulder, she’s carrying a long rifle exceeding the height of her body.


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