Chapter 21 -Assassinating the Goblins

Chapter 21 -Assassinating the Goblins

Hiding myself, I move along the wall until I reach the cooperative.
At this point, the whole building is under the scope of 『Search』.
I can understand the movements of some Goblins inside to some extent.
It’s really an useful skill.

「….. One in the vicinity of the register, two near the meat section and lastly four Goblins and the Hobgoblin near the groceries section. 」

I could remember the arrangements of the different places beside the counter.
The Goblins aren’t moving much from their respective spots.
Is it meal time for them?
Being at the meat section, they must be eating meats.
So the guy at the register is on lookout?

The number of Goblins are seven.
With the Hobgoblin they are 8 in total….
This is the largest group we ever faced.

「But, it’s a wall we must overcome someday….. 」

「Wan. 」

We have continued our hunt of lone Goblins and Zombies, the so-called small fishes. But there are limits.
We need to improve our level and experience, at some point we must confront stronger monsters too.

….. It might be greedy to say, but if we had another nakama present I would be more comfortable.
Momo and I are a great combination for close to mid range.
If there was someone who could do long-distance attacks our rate of survival would be much higher.

「Well, I’m asking for too much so it can’t be helped. 」

Right now I have no choice but to rack my brain on how to use our potential.
For the time being, it’s a battle against Goblins.
There are two entrances to the cooperative.
One located near the vegetables and another one near the side dish section.
If you go in, it’s generally from the grocery section.
If I go there, it’s best to shave the number of Goblins one by one until I can reach the Hobgoblin.

However, close to the two places I can enter, there’s a register with a Goblin on lookout.
If I try to enter, he’ll soon find out.

「Throw a stone and draw its attention? Then enter the store within this gap of time. 」

「Wan. 」

Momo nods too. 1)Anth: Author did this more than once, but the particle “Mo” is used to say “Too” “With” or “As well” and author then often says “Momo mo” which is a pun I can’t translate in English. Another info, Momo means peach in Japanese.

「Well then, Momo. We will follow the usual strategy, cast your『Shadow』 on me. 」

「Wan. 」

When I asked Momo, it sinks in my shadow.
This is the new skill Momo acquired.

The ability to lurk or hide inside the 『Shadow』of others.

Even if it stay inside a shadow, I can steal hear what it say and it the voices coming from outside.
Then form the lurking state, it can still manipulate its Shadow to some extents. Furthermore, if it manage to tie to another shadow with 『Shadow manipulation』, there’s a good usage of the skill which allows it to get out from there.
But 『Coming out』is the only thing it can do. When entering the Shadow, there’s a restriction that it has to be from mine.
Thanks to that the breadth of our tactics widely spread.

Before I get into the action, I verify that Momo has completely entered my shadow.
『Soundless movements』and『Awareness isolation』are used and I immediately move to the entrance and lay down.

「….. Hm?」

What? Just for a mere instant, I felt as if a strange line of sight gazed upon me….. ?
Looking at the Goblin at the register, there’s no way he would have noticed me.
There is no sign of monsters or people around.
『Hostility perception』and『Search』are showing no reaction.
…… Was it all from my mind?

No, better not be careless and let my guard down.
I must brace myself.
I throw a stone to the Goblin’s opposite direction.

「…… Gii?」

The Goblin on lookout points towards the sound.
—— Now is the timing!
The instant when the Goblin inclined to that side, I immediately enter the cooperative store entrance.
The increase in my agility to three digits showed its power to the fullest.

After entering, I quickly hide myself within the shade.
It’s okay, he hasn’t noticed me.
The Goblin on lookout finished looking at the noise? Whatever, he tilted his neck.
The infiltration is a success.

「First of all, the two Goblins at the meat section. 」

From the area where the vegetables are, the Goblin at the register is fully visible.
Compared to that, the two at the meat corner are in a blind spot from the two other areas.
Making the full use of『Search』I travel through the different counters.
There are articles scattered everywhere on the floor so it’s difficult to walk. But with the help of 『Soundless movements』there isn’t even a sound.

There’s a corpse left at the area of the side dishes.
It’s a man’s corpse.
There was no evidence of the corpse being devoured, but he got considerably beaten.
Do Goblins eat people?
While thinking about that, I’m approaching the two Goblins at the meat section.
The Goblins didn’t notice me, their mouths are full of raw meat.
They seem to be completely off guard.

「….. Momo. 」

The signal was sent and Momo confirmed his position from within the Shadow by showing its face.
The Shadow quickly extended, and the movement of the two Goblins are sealed.


The Goblins showed a surprised expression, but it’s already too late.
With a swift movement, I reach close to the Goblin and penetrate its chest with the kitchen knife.
Maybe my ability to concentrate increased, but the blade got sucked inside the Goblin’s chest.
Whoush, stabbed to death.
The two Goblins became small pebbles in no time.

≪Earning experience points≫

「…… Here. 」

Somehow, I made a catch and grabbed the two pebble before they could reach the floor.
Without any moments delay, I’m now heading for the fruit corner.

「Gii, gigii. 」
「Gyahgyahgya. 」

From the gap of a shelf, I’m looking at the appearance of the Goblins.
They are eating vegetables or fruits while laughing together.
And, the troublesome Hobgoblin is sitting on the stand cross-legged, munching at an apple.
….. They haven’t noticed that their friends have already been killed.

I’m still staring at the situation and one of the Goblins stood up.
Is he going to the meat corner?
This is a chance.
Making sure he is far enough from his friend before Momo restrains him with 『Shadow』.
Whoush, stabbed to death


The Goblin died without understanding what had happened.

≪Earning experience points≫

Yosh, with this it’s one Hobgoblin and four Goblins remaining.
It’s a good pace.
If we continue like this we may perhaps manage to do it.
That’s what I was thinking, but at that same moment.


The Goblin on lookout at the register suddenly screamed.
Other Goblins turned his way all at the same time.

——–H, It’s bad.
Have they noticed me?


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1. Anth: Author did this more than once, but the particle “Mo” is used to say “Too” “With” or “As well” and author then often says “Momo mo” which is a pun I can’t translate in English. Another info, Momo means peach in Japanese.

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  1. I’m thinking the guard goblin noticed whoever had observed Kudou without hostility earlier.
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  2. did anyone notice Kudou, but it wasn’t any of the goblins, I think it was someone from a distance that none of Kudou’s skills could notice

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