Chapter 15 : Mass production of Holy Women

Side : Lulu

Herge-Sama, Seraria-Sama and their retainer Oriel widened their eyes upon seeing my appearance.
(TL : After she took off her hood and her glasses at the end of the last chapter.)

(Oriel)『Lulu-Sama!? Wh,why on earth would you be in a place like this? What happened inside the Holy Country Ritea?』
(Seraria) 『Hold on, Lulu dismissal!? Wait ? What happened inside the brains of the Higher-ups?!』
(Herge) 『Lulu-Sama, someone like you got dismissed? How can it be?! Such foolishness!!』

The three of them were heavily surprised upon knowing my dismissal.

(Lulu) 「Yes, I’m not a Holy Woman anymore as per the will of the Higher-ups. The title I used to have is now merely a name. You can say that it’s the cause of the current discussion.」

Everyone became silent as I said so. However, this man was able to swiftly break the silence. Who is he really?

(Yuki) 『Up to this extent, I can read the situation. Although I got a few questions to ask… Is it really possible to mass produce Holy Women?』
( TL : 「」Is used for Lulu’s group. 『』 Is used for Yuki’s group. Remember, Mauve can contact Yuki with some kind of “Phone magic”)

The Air froze at the sudden and impudent question. To mass produce Holy Women like they were mere livestock can be seen as an evil and blasphemous act incurring punishment.

(Herge) 『Yuki-San?! You can’t!! To speak about such heresy to someone like Lulu!?』
(Seraria) 『Yuki, this definitely can’t be ignored!! Herge-sama and Lulu-sama are people who bear the name of Holy Woman and holds the hopes of many. To even consider mass producing them!!』
(Yuki) 『No, this is a matter of fact. Look, isn’t there someone who can prove it here?』

The man called Yuki denied them firmly… Holy Woman should be a unique existence… But, in fact, we are three of the same kind present here.

(Seraria) 『… Lulu, as the one now entitled with the name of Holy Woman, she is serving under one of the Three Great Noble Families?』

As expected of Seraria-Sama, she’s sharp. Even if you can’t see it when she’s around Herge-Sama, it’s not like she never thinks after all.

(Lulu) 「Yes, it’s as you said Seraria-Sama. The one bearing the name Holy Woman is 「Arushtell-Sama」. The eldest daughter of 「Literuason」, one of the Three Grand Nobility 」
(Herge) 『Such a prideful young mistress, she might not understand all of her responsibilities, but she should be doing a great job as a puppet with her alluring body.』
(Lulu) 「…I agree although she’s not a bad person. To qualify as a Holy Woman, One must have enough willpower and brings an appropriate amount of effort.」
(Seraria) 『The qualifications to become a Holy Woman? Listening to you, Lulu, she is not deserving of her title!』
(Unknown(Lulu?)) 「…」

I can only offer silence as an answer. If Arushtell-Sama were able to grow a little more… she might be able to stop the situation this time. No, I should not push the responsibility upon someone else… I must do my best.

(Mauve) 「I am sorry, I already know about this Young Lady and the fact she is a Holy Woman since I already saw her during my time as an adventurer, but what are the Three Great Noble Families?」

Mauve-San, after only listening since the start, asked this question. To know about the Three Great Noble Families is unlikely for an adventurer who belong to another country.

(Lulu) 「The Three Great Noble Families from the Holy Country of Ritea are three well-known families due to their contributions to the foundation of the country.」
(Herge) 『The Holy Country of Ritea is a religious state. The Holy Woman, although she has the power of healing, it’s only an appearance. The one holding all the power in politics are The Three Great Noble Families.』
(Mauve) 「I see.」
(Seraria) 『The right person for the right job. The Holy Woman settles the heart of the citizens, meanwhile, the Three Great Noble Families manage the country. But there is always an exception. Lulu over there can be considered a special case within the history of the Holy Women. Taking into consideration the fact she got bestowed her Holy Power directly from Lilith-Sama, she is of an even more outstanding status than Herge.』
(Herge) 『Tha…That’s right!! Lulu-Sama has always been my goal Yuki-San!!』

(TL : Basically, Herge is the one holding on Lilith’s blessing, and Lulu knows about it, but since Herge herself and Seraria don’t know about it.. Frankly, it was hard to understand and the Author didn’t do anything to make it clear.)

(Yuki) 『Iya, it is a matter of mass production after all… Although you’re from a successful generation, can you explain the feelings of someone who successfully inherited the name of Holy Woman? Oops.. I once again changed the subject. Lulu, can you please tell us about the conclusion?』

That’s right. Let’s move the subject for the next time I’ll aboard the subject of the Holy Country of Ritea. Because the previous matter was not explained yet.

(Lulu) 「Certainly. This matter was performed by the Holy Country of Ritea to ensure Herge-Sama’s death.」
(Herge) 『!? What do you mean!?』
(Yuki) 『The problem lies within your nickname as Lilith-Sama’s Holy Woman.』
(Lulu) 「That’s right. It’s mostly due to the jealousy of the Higher-ups. Even though it was a bad situation if we think about the uneasiness of the population.」
(Yuki) 『However, I didn’t suspect that the scheme was planned by the Holy Country Of Ritea before hearing the story from Lulu. Herge becoming a Holy Woman has certainly made them lose a lot of face.』
(Lulu) 「Although it might be fine if more than one Holy Woman were born in their country, if they were to be born in another country…] (Seraria) 『It’s a great problem, something one the line 「who is the genuine one ~?」 would be spoken by people. In fact, For Lilith-Sama to descend should not be a matter for a religious Country isn’t it?』

After Seraria-Sama said that, everyone closed their mouths. As they received all the new information, they displayed a face full of thoughts.

(Yuki) 『I now understand the circumstances. On the other hand, they were one step behind.』
(Lulu) 「As soon as I learnt about this matter, I directly escaped the country and Came here in order to save Herge-Sama. But she was already missing. Altogether with Seraria-Sama, they already got kidnapped. I did not know what to do anymore. I did not think that this matter would be later on associated with the assassination of the Royal Family.」
(Yuki) 『Let’s see… It might be a blessing in disguise. We can send Mauve and his party to advise and guard the King.』
(Mauve) 「I did not think that this young lady I found within the Town Centre could be the Holy Woman from the Country of Ritea.」

Still, I really wanted to know who is this person called Yuki. This place is full of unusual and important persons, but his behaviour is exceeding my expectation even further.

(Yuki) 『So how about you get started already? Actually, if not for you being in this place, this country was already virtually done. The King of Rochelle and Princess Aria was it? Don’t worry, Herge and Seraria are safe here.』
(Lulu) 「Hue!?」

I couldn’t speak, the words couldn’t go throughout my throat. What!? Who is this person, really??

(Aria) 「I was being rude. I am called Aria ・ rasu ・ Rochelle. For saving Herge and Seraria, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「This one is the sixth generation of Rochelle. Should I say as expected of you? This one heard from conversing with these guards, this proposal came from thou.」
(Herge) 『Onee-Sama! Otou-Sama!! I, Herge, is safe!!』
(Tl : Otou-Sama refer to her father, the king).
(Seraria) 『Onee-Sama, I am glad that you are safe. As for this damned Old Man, he should die already. Getting bitten by your own subordinate in your sleep is the worst !! Think about the hardships we had to endure here!!』
(Yuki) 『I was the one who suffered the most this time, bastard Seraria!! The only things you did since coming here are sleeping and eating!』
(Seraria) 『Geez… I take baths too.』
(Yuki) 『That’s not what I am talking about!! Seraria, are you doing this on purpose? Should I beat your head in shape?』

(Tl : Patience is justice!)

He is quarrelling with the Princess in front of the King without even using honorifics, how… how strong are his nerves? Mor, Moreover shameless… Huh aaa!?

(Aria) 「Ara, Seraria found herself a good gentleman. For someone to be able to talk to the like of her, isn’t something common. Wasn’t it actually only Herge and Me before? … You used to beat them all.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「You can ask Seraria about their relationship later. This one wants to know first. Who are thou? Lulu doesn’t know and Mauve’s Party won’t tell me. If you don’t tell me now, this one will be troubled.」
(Seraria) 『Wait !? Onee-Sama, between us there is no such…』

(Yuki) 『Waaa, Herge, Oriel, please help. As for who I am …』
Finally! He will reveal who he is! As for who he is…
(Yuki) 『I’m a pitiful Dungeon Master involved by incident in this event.』
Someone who can defeat a Hero or the Demon King, someone who has the power to destroy countries, someone called a disaster.

(Aria, Lulu, Mauve and Sixth King of Rochelle ) 「EEEEEeEEEeeEeeeeeeeehhhh!!」

The three of us, inside the inn, all raised our voices in surprise. Even his Majesty joined us with a strangled shout.


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