Chapter 49 – Training consultation.

Chapter 49 – Training consultation.

side: Yuki, real name: Kazuya Torino

(Ellis)「Everyone please, listen carefully. From now on I will explain about the rooms for 4 people…」

Now, Ellis was with a group of fairies. She explained it to 57 people.

(Naruja)「Wa,ah~, this place is amazing. How did Yuki-san get such tools and knowledge?」

The Elder, Naruja, was impressed after she read all the explanatory (handmade) brochures.

(Yuki)「This, I’m unable to answer it here. Is it alright with you if I get things done with guiding everyone in the village?」

(Naruja)「Oh, I’m sorry. There’s so many unusual things. But it seems serious in various ways, doesn’t it? Is the language you used to speak to me divided into 2 kinds done deliberately?」

(Yuki)「Oh, you noticed?」

(Naruja)「Well, the first side is Yuki-san acting as a Dungeon Master. Now is Yuki-san as a Dungeon Manager. Are they different?」

(Yuki)「That’s right.」

I think the Elder was quite the thoughtful person.
To notice the difference in language that I used purposely. Usually, I would be recognized as a simple and unfamiliar operator.

(Naruja)「Hehehe…Don’t worry it’s fine. The people who don’t know about the side as a Master may be rude at first.」

(Yuki)「Did it show on my face?」

(Naruja)「No, that was my thoughts only.」

While we communicated in such way, time have gone forward and Ellis’s explanations seem over.

(Ellis)「Then, everyone. The room’s description is over. I think it is inconvenient, however, please make groups of 4 people. If some of you are families of more than 4 people, we will provide additionals futons, here.」

Yes, this looked like it followed the made manual properly.
Documentation is important.
In spite of that, when some problem are found we would need to adjust to them accordingly.

(Yuki)「Elder, should we leave for your room? If you wish, I can bring you to a private room?」

(Naruja)「Originally, I wanted to request to live in the same place as everyone but there was Yuki-san’s and the others’ stories so please, give me a private room. However, I want the place to be close to everyone and close to their rooms so that would be good but…」

(Yuki)「Yes of course. We have two privates room here that are made to manage the others 4 person rooms. Let me show you then.」

The current location was the residential district in the third floor.
We could see one building of the training facilities on the right edge of the residential area. And neighboring on the left was a training area.
Actually, I wanted to make something like a three stories building…

(Lutz)「Hey!? Onii-san, even if it’s concrete, it should have a limit! Please don’t make a three stories building just like that! Or that will need a lot of explanations!!」

Lutz and Ellis strongly opposed me.
Because on this continent, and unless you are wealthy or from the aristocracy, it seems like there was no way for a two or three stories to exist.
Especially with the need of explaining the technological strength of a concrete facility to the immigrants. So sadly, there were only one story buildings.

The 4 persons room in the residential district has 2 bed each.
They also came with a living room and a kitchen. Of course, small refrigerators were also included.
The toilet and the bath too.
H~ow can I explain? It’s like a picture which reformed the structure of the school?
We can accommodate about 300 people in one building. In other words, there are 75 rooms with 4 people in each room.
Added to that was a few private rooms for the authorities, well and various things.

While I thought about such things, Ellis’s guidance came to an end.

(Ellis)「Ok, please use this parcel on the right.You can select your favorite room but there will be no change afterward. The winners will be the quickest but if it results in a fight too strong, the access to a specific room can be prohibited. Then, it’s your turn of choice. Ah, and because it was designed for humans we’re sorry if the size doesn’t match.」

After Ellis was done, the fairies bowed and scrambled to choose one of the 4 person rooms.

(Ellis)「After you have chosen your room, please carry inside the luggage that you left at the gate」

I guess that I had to start to advising here too.

(Yuki)「The room for the Elder is here」

(Naruja)「Thank you very much」

Since the number of private rooms was small and she wanted to be near the fairies, the choice was inevitably inexistent.

(Yuki)「Here it is. Now, as you heard earlier it might be inconvenient since it was made for human people…」

(Naruja)「No, it’s fine. Here」

The Elder floated with magic in the kitchen, and stretching out to a glass easily, she took it.
Haa~ how handy.

(Yuki)「You can put your clothes and some of your luggage in this closet. Please use it.」

(Naruja)「It is really useful~. Is there one in every room?」

(Yuki)「Yes, and once the migrants will get here, they will get used to the Dungeon’s life.」

(Naruja)「Hmmm. Aside from this living place, do other places exist?」

(Yuki)「Yes there are. Working area, Entertainment facilities, and so on and so forth.」

(Naruja)「Waa, this is great. Heh, now if you would excuse me. Because I will have to take out my personal belongings…」

(Yuki)「Oups, sorry for being rude. Then I’ll wait outside」

Saying so, I left the room.
The hallway was overflowing with fairies coming from the gate and carrying their luggage to their rooms.
Ellis who was watching the situation caught my attention.

(Yuki)「Hey, Ellis. Is there anything amiss?」
(Ellis)「Well, not particularly. Things are going as planned by Yuki-san’s manual. Without it, I think that I would have gone back and forth without advancing much, and it would be hard to move.」

Inside the manual held by Ellis, there were many items which to check. Thanks to that it was easy to see if anything wasn’t going as planned.

(Ellis)「If nothing else, the toilets aren’t really fit for the people of the fairy tribe」

(Yuki)「Ah, but it’s so bothersome to remake…」

(Ellis)「Yes, if they settle now and if they live here permanently, it will be necessary to make changes…」

(Yuki)「Well, this is still a training place for them. We might want to put this on hold for now and move the later on.」

(Ellis)「Yes. So for now, it’s going as planned inside the manual.」

(Yuki)「Well, even if it’s unreasonable to pack the schedule as much it’s necessary. Tomorrow will be the explanation of the purpose of the Dungeon’s management. Then about the training facilities and finally about how to take a bath. So maybe you should talk about jobs descriptions?」

(Ellis)「So it is. I will describe the different jobs. It is important to remember the purpose of the Dungeon’s Management. And so it is for how to take a bath.

Inside the manual, the plan was divided into 7 stages.

First stage : Control the number of people, create their IDs, attribute a location in the residential area, and explain of how the housing works.
Second stage: Explain how the management of the Dungeon works, describe how to use the training facilities, the bath, and describe the different jobs.
Third stage : Informations about the entertainment facilities and full-fledged explanation about the jobs.
Fourth stage : Tour of the Dungeon facilities and the working area.
Fifth stage : Granting jobs after personal request and a fully functioning start of the training facilities.

The plan so far should be done in a day or so.

Sixth stage : Training period.
Seventh stage: End of the training period, moving to another living area, the people will start acting as a real resident.

The sixth and seventh stage duration is undecided.
Since there was a period for slaves to redeem themselves, the probability of prolonging the time also existed.

(Ellis)「Oh, I see. The time for the slave is different…」

(Yuki)「That’s right. Their schedule will most likely be different」

After we discussed for a while, the Elder came out of her room.

(Naruja)「Sorry, I made you wait.」

(Yuki)「No, it’s fine. Here I should be the one to be sorry, after that I will have to consult things with you, is that okay?」

(Naruja)「Yes, I don’t mind. Nana can I have a minute?」

(Nana)「Yes. What is it?」

The Elder called the accidentally passing by Nana who was together with Kovil for help.

(Naruja)「After this I will have to discuss with Yuki and his people about our future. Please convey to everyone that they have to be quiet and obedient.」

(Nana)「Yes, I understand!! ……. H-uh, are you perhaps Yuki-san?」

(Yuki)「Huh…? Did you understand? I thought you were passed out when I carried you?」

(Nana)「Oh, I can determine who someone is from their magical power!! Th-then, thank you very much for your help!! Your recovery magic was very warm!!」

With a red face, she said her thanks.

(Yuki)「No, wait. But it was Lulu who treated you?」

(Nana)「Yes, Lulu-sama cured most of my injuries. But didn’t Yuki-san kept regenerating me all the while?」

(Yuki)「Oh, it was exposed.」

(Nana)「Even so, thank you very much!!」

(Naruja)「Nana, if you’re done giving your thanks, can you do what I asked you a little while ago?」

(Nana)「Oh, I’m sorry!!I’ll do it right now!!」

As soon as she left, Nana called out to all the other fairies.

(Yuki)「Ellis, what about the others?」

(Ellis)「Right now they are debriefing inside room A from the training facilities.」

(Yuki)「Then, let’s do our meeting there. Is it fine with you Elder?」


And when I reached the training room A with the elder…

(Lutz)「Daaaaaaaaaa! I did not have the time to take a picture! Please push it on tomorrow!!」

(Yuki)「Yes yes, Lutz calm down. Will you have the time to relax and do such a thing tomorrow? Was there any problem with Tori and the others?」

「No problem in particular and the people of the fairy tribe were co-operative.」

「They are amazing. Always flying in the sky with magic. I stumbled upon them sometimes in the city but I haven’t had opportunities to speak to them yet.」

「… my identity, it’s collapsing」

The adults are talking like that, and the children…

「The rice balls that I ate were delicious!」

「They were! Dried eggs were popular!」

「So delicious right?」

Were having a pleasant conversation.
Oh, Herge and Oriel were waiting.

(Herge)「Alright.Good job everyone. In a sense, wasn’t this a good rehearsal?」

(Lutz)「… Onii-san, The night is falling and I’m so tired, I want to sleep..」

(Millie)「For the time being, it’s advancing without problem.」

Lutz and Millie, the representatives, replied.
Well, Lutz said something somewhat different.

(Yuki)「I brought the Elder of the fairy tribe to talk about the future. I’m thinking about talking of the schedule and asking if there is any problem for the fairies. Do you girls agree?」

(Lutz)「I think it’s very good.」

When Lutz answered, everyone nodded in the same way.

(Naruja)「I am the elder of the fairy tribe. My name is Naruja. This time we accepted your help and I can’t explain how high our gratitude is. And then, if you need anything necessitating our co-operation in the future, you can ask right away. We will help you as far as possible. I want to confirm it.」

(Yuki)「Well then, take a seat everyone.I will explain to the elder once.」

Then for about three hours, we talked about the current situation and our policy for the future.

「… I see, a manual and a training book am I right? It’s great. Going as far as to give the permission to use DP shows in truth how you don’t plan to create a monarchy with Yuki-san ruling in the center.」1)Not 100% sure DPの使用権限まで与えるとは、本当にここは、ユキさんを中心とした王政を取るつもりは無いのですね」

The elder understood most of our previous explanations.
After all, it was not half-baked.

(Lutz)「Yes, therefore Onii-san is participating as one of the basic Management. Elder, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to participate in our Management as the representative of the fairy tribe.」

(Naruja)「Rather, I’m the one who wish to join. Unfortunately, if we do something like an election right now inside the fairy tribe, it will go poorly and problems might occur. I don’t know when the next election is, but I would like to be a part of the team until then.」

(Yuki)「Then I’m looking forward to work with you. The next problem we have right now is about the Dungeon’s money. It’s running low. That being the case, we are in a situation where we can’t actually pay you for your labor…」

(Naruja)「About that, we are under some sort of protection. Doing a free service for a while should be no problem. And I think the support from Rochelle will arrive in five days?」

(Yuki)「Yes, that’s the plan. But I can’t make a definitive promise as they are not here yet.」

(Naruja)「I understand, then we should work at the smithing for sometimes and make goods to repay you. This way you can also sell them somewhere else and earn money.」

(Yuki)「Fumufumu, then the next thing is……」

In that way, I discussed of various details.
Current time is 10 pm.
Oh, I wonder if we went overtime?

(Lutz)「Onii-san, you’re being silly, humph!? Push it down!!」

Lutz was offended.
Was I in the bad?
Afterword of the author
About the matter of using too much 「Ellipsis」I received various opinions, so I moved on the activity report and the prolog.

The story of this time is outside of the main story, but the subject is rather realistic Lol.
But I actually enjoyed writing it.
How was this for you guys to read?


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1. Not 100% sure DPの使用権限まで与えるとは、本当にここは、ユキさんを中心とした王政を取るつもりは無いのですね」

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