Chapter 56 – Severe uneasiness

Chapter 56 – Severe uneasiness


side : Lulu

I was wondering if I was smiling properly now?
Was my face overstretched?
This was the most problematic thing.

Well, where were we in the story?

(Mauve)「Thank you!! No way, you saved him, the Holy Woman!! It means that she didn’t die!! I wish that I could return the favor!! If you don’t mind, I’d like you to use us as an escort and return to Ritea with me!!」

(Curse)「We bear endless gratitude to you for saving our disciple whom you knew nothing about. We were feeling really anxious about our disciple. Please let us be added to your escort. Please. Even if we looks like this, we’re famous adventurers. If you ask around, you can hear about various things we did in the past. If you need a little manpower, please use us. 」

Saying that, Yuki-san and Curse-san lowered their heads as planned.
Mauve-san and Raija-san got on their knees silently and lowered their heads.
There was nothing but a feeling of discomfort leaking out from them. They were not the only ones with a feeling of discomfort!?

But of course, we were the only one who knew about it. . .

(Alshtail)「Lulu-sama, these people make sense. They are certainly not a part of this mess. So, Lulu-sama. What do you think about using these persons as your guards?」

The current Holy Woman Alshtail thinking that it was a good idea pushed Yuki-san and the others as the escort.
Yes, Alshtail-sama. In the present situation, it was a good move, when you didn’t know who was your true enemy, to add expert adventurers who clearly weren’t a part of the mess.
Fortunately, Alshtail-sama didn’t turn over our advice. In fact, maybe she noticed something, but she still added Yuki-san’s group to her pieces.

. . . . . . Was it a part of your plan, Alshtail-sama?
And as expected of Yuki-san and Curse-san. . . . . .

(Lulu)「That’s right. As Alshtail-sama is saying. If you do not mind, I would like to hire you as an escort. But not only for the way, rather until we’re done with something. Is that fine?」

(Curse)「To hire us, that. . . . . . 」

(Alshtail)「Wait, we don’t have much in our storage. This can be counted as you being kind hearted to Lulu-sama, isn’t it?」

(Curse)「But . . . . . . 」

(Alshtail)「Don’t you think that we are hungry, that way it won’t be a problem to escort us?」

(Curse)「. . . . . . 」

. . . . . . . Oh please, stop that play already.
What would we do if Yuki was turned down!?
This person truly was arrogant. He couldn’t read the mood. However, we took the road.

(Alshtail)「This Holy Woman of Ritea. Alshtail will hereby hire you as an escort. As Curse-dono said, there’s no point if you can’t move in case of emergency. You said that you are Yuki , right? Your will is a very comfortable thing, that is very encouraging in the present situation. And I think that I want to return the favor, so I would like to hear about your story. 」
(Yuki)「Yes, if the present Holy Woman wants, then we will certainly abide!! I’m very happy and serious for this duty as an escort!!」

Yuki-san looked really happy and told Alshtail.
. . . . . . . Ah, I was going to faint.

(Alshtail)「Lulu-sama, I know that you’re struggling whether to involve them or not. But to break the current situation, we need a lot of hand. I am convinced. . . 」

(Lulu)「. . . No, I will follow what Alshtail-sama says. Now that we’re here, I don’t think that it will be bloodless. In a sense, you can certainly trust them. They are a good hand. 」

(Alshtail)「Yes, I am fortunate that they are adventurers. There’s no reason for them to be linked with the hardliners though. And they didn’t try to attack you as well. Depending on how we use them, we can move favorably. As Lulu-sama said, they are a good hand to have. 」

Dear Alshtail-sama, rather than a good hand. . . . . I think they would merely use a single blow to end everything.
While ending what we had to discuss with her, I suddenly recalled all the things before our current situation. . . . . .

(Mauve)「Whew. Finally returned」

(Kiyu)「I just got back」

We were currently renting a room in an inn. Mauve-san and Kiyu-san just returned.

(Mauve)「We finished all the quest there in one day. But regardless, everything is going as planned. 」

(Curse)「How is it Kiyu. Did you go without trouble?」

(Kiyu)「Well, I managed somehow. Do I look like a newcomer?」

Kiyu-san said so while he held a sword.
Really now, unlike the past, you’re really looking like you’re unfamiliar with the way of holding the sword.

(Raija)「U~n, you look like you have a bit of discomfort. But like this, you should be seen as a newcomer, right?」

(Kiyu)「So it is. But well, the blade really feels atrocious. 」

(Curse)「But, we are training so that you can look like a newcomer. So you can’t show an unadapted sword for your status. 」

Yes, we were currently training Kiyu’s behavior so that he would be seen as a rookie.
In the process, he had to do quests.
It’s a horrible story for the monsters, targets of the subjugation quest.

(Lulu)「Kiyu-san, how is it going for Yuki-san’s group?」

(Kiyu)「It seems that a problem has occurred in the dungeon, it seems that it takes times to deal with it as well. 」

(Lulu)「A problem. . . 」

(Kiyu)「You don’t have to worry it’s fine. Even if the problem is an intruder, they can only shift the training and resume once he’s caught. It seems that I’ll have more details tomorrow. But, we arrived here rather early. 」

(Mauve)「It’s four day with fast horses, and thanks to your direction we made it to this place half a day earlier. You knew the position of our enemies, it helped a lot. 」

(Curse)「With that speed I guess we will reach that place by noon the day after tomorrow. Unlike our opposition, the speed of the travel slows a bit after some time since they have no car. 」

Thanks to the car, we could arrive at this village quickly and directly settle in action.
Seriously, It’s as if Yuki-san went into a lot of places. . .

(Lulu)「Curse-san, what are you planning to do with the car in that direction?」

(Curse)「That’s right. I have to negotiate the matter in detail with Yuki, but the rough plan will not change so let’s explain it to everyone. 」

We gathered as Curse-san said those words.

(Curse)「First, let’s confirm our goal. Not the whole thing, only our goal in this village. Well, do you understand Kovil?」

(Kovil)「Yes, you’ll make Lulu and Alshtail meet each other?」

(Curse)「That’s right. However, there will be an escort around Alshtail. And there will certainly be members of the hardliners amongst them. If we do a poor job when we present Lulu-sama to Alshtail, it might be over before she even notices us. I have to do something about it. 」

(Kiyu)「But, that’s about me, right?」

(Curse)「Yes. But we won’t have to fight at all. That’s how we will make our play. As Kiyu take a serious injury in the middle of a quest, we will take him back to the village. Naturally, at that time, Alshtail would be inspecting the village. And with that timing, she’d be right at the tomb of Lulu. I will then shout something like 「Please someone, save my friend!!」Before Alshtail can make here move, Lulu-sama will come over and saves Kiyu with her recovery magic. To some extent, if she can watch you perform a recovery spell, then you should recognize that you are Lulu, isn’t it?」

(Lulu)「Yes, if she can see a recovery spell, she can understand it easily. 」

(Curse)「Then, if you perform the recovery magic, the people around you should be able to recognize it. And then, after Alshtail will see it, she’ll come and meet with you. So Kovil will then come out and innocently say「It’s nice that you are good-natured but we have to return to Ritea as soon as possible!!」And you can appeal, speaking that the fairies are cooperating with you. After that, all depends on Lulu-sama’s negotiation, but we should be then hired as guards. 」

(Lulu)「I understand, in the process, I can advertise the fact that I’m alive and have Alshtail testify it. If I declare boldly that I am alive instead of sneaking around, does it reduces the chance of me being assassinated. 」

(Curse)「Well, about that. Because of Kovil here, the chances of you being assassinated are really low. 」

(Kovil)「Umm, I don’t really understand, but if anyone tries to hurt you, I will bite him up with Lulu, isn’t it!!」

And now we were at the end of our reunion with Yuki-san and here’s the result. . . . . .

(Guard)「Alshtail-sama, can we leave the escort of Lulu-sama to such a young boy?」

One of the guards of Ritea made a complaint about what we decided.

(Alshtail)「You understand, don’t you? Now that we are inside Ritea, a lot of stupid person are trying to assassinate Lulu-sama. It’s terrible to say, but this young man only has to be a shield. If we can delay for a bit in due time, we can do anything. Alright?」

(Guard)「Indeed, rather than arranging someone that you don’t even know if he is an enemy or an ally, it’s better to make use of a friendly young man who is easy to handle. 」

(Alshtail)「Yes, and that adventurer also has teachers with a bit of capacity. Altogether, they may prove useful. 」

(Guard)「I understand. I’m sorry, I said something unnecessary. 」

(Alshtail)「No, it’s fine. With thi, you can silence the hardliners. Lulu-sama, let’s return to the Holy Country at once. And let’s stop the tyranny of those people. 」

(Lulu)「Yes, that’s why I came back. 」

Dear Alshtail-sama. It was good that you tried to take advantage of him. But it was probably the other way around.
We were now inside the horse-drawn carriage as I was racking my brain over what would happen in the future.

Afterword of the author
This time it’s a short one.
Lulu-sama is safe, and the cooperation with Alshtail is on a good track.
And Yuki also joined the escort as a bullied protector.
Oh, and you should look towards it.
Yuki’s real performance!! It will be perfect!!
By the way, Delille is the one going for it the hardest LOL.


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