Chapter 73 – To make use of reflecting

Chapter 73 – To make use of reflecting.
Preface of the Author
This time the reason behind the monsters rampage is revealed.
To make use of reflecting.

side : Ellis

Today I was in the Adventurer’s District and we gathered at the Adventurer’s Guild.
We had finished our assigned work, so we could just relax as we monitored each of the Dungeons. I’m looking forward to how the Dungeon I built will turn out.

(Lutz)「Calm down, I can actually hear someone going doki doki1)Sound of the heart


I was leisurely having a chat with Lutz and waiting for everyone else at the Guild.
Finally, almost all the immigrants have finished being processed, so we could at long last let that matter out of our hands.
It seems that we will need to increase the number of people in the government office. Thankfully since we have trained some of the immigrants from Rochelle as identification issuers and checkers, or teachers for the training school, a lot of the issues should be dealt by them. Once things calm down a little and are running smoothly, we would like to get some of the new people from Ritea working on issuing the identification papers.
No, actually an entire month has already passed so maybe the sooner the better.
That also means that we’ve already had a few chances to try.
Mou, the first and second batch of immigrants have already moved to the residential area and are self-sufficient.
It’s approaching the time for the third batch of immigrants to graduate from the training school and live in the residential area, where they can start working…

(Lutz)「We also diligently did our jobs after the defensive battle. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, and we worked hard on the new Dungeons. 」

Lutz and me started reminiscing about the time after the end of the defensive battle.

===== Jumping backwards in spacetime =====

(Seraria)「Yuki!! Seriously, what on earth were you thinking? If you made even one mistake, the whole army would have been wiped out and you would have died!! 」

After she finished negotiating with Alshtail-sama, Seraria-sama came back and seriously started shouting at Yuki-san.
However, Yuki-san who was on the receiving end had a relaxed expression.

(Seraria)「Are you listening!? The monsters under Yuki started rampaging!! Do you understand?! I gave the command to annihilate the enemy in front of us and they still listened!! The monsters under my command listened to my commands properly… Why? 」

Yes, the monsters under the command of Seraria-sama didn’t run wild, they kept their discipline and fought in a calm and orderly manner.
As one would expect from Seraria-sama. She narrowed her eyes as if she noticed something.

(Seraria)「…… Yuki . You did it on purpose, didn’t you? 」

(Yuki)「No no, I didn’t. It’s because Aslin cried. 」

(Seraria)「I know about the official reason!!  But the timing was too good and it wasn’t truly chaotic. 」

(Ellis)「Etto, what do you mean? 」

I didn’t understand Seraria-sama’s reasoning, so I asked for an explanation.

(Seraria)「…… in regards to the monsters going out of control. Even if Aslin didn’t cry, Yuki would have somehow made them go on rampage anyway. Officially, they ran out of control. But in reality they could still follow orders. Even though he said they went wild, they didn’t attack us nor did they attack each other. They firmly annihilated only the enemy. Otherwise, why would the monsters in this frame of mind listen to my commands …… 」

(Ellis)「Yuki-san, I have a question? 」

(Yuki)「No, the direction you are thinking is wrong. In the first place, can you even put complete beginners under Seraria’s reckless command? 」

(Seraria)「Guh, that is….. 」

(Yuki)「But, that doesn’t change what Seraria said. The monster’s running wild was deliberate you say? But if that’s what happened, then the monsters under me also started rampaging. They wouldn’t listen to my commands anymore and wouldn’t behave in the way I taught them to. Do you think I implemented that too? 」

When he said that, I couldn’t say anything back.
On the other hand, the enemies were annihilated as the result.

(Yuki)「Well, don’t get depressed. In fact, the loss was 8 slimes and 8 goblins. It’s very insignificant. 」
(Lutz)「Hou… 2)Not sure of what あう means, surely something like ouch. EDN: It’s more like a “is that so” or “that’s interesting” or “go on I want to hear more”

It seemed that most of those deaths were from Riel’s unit, so hearing this made her ears droop.

(Yuki)「Considering this was our first battle, it was a success. But, as Seraria said, the army should still have been able to receive commands and stay in order. Even if you’re strong, if you can’t cooperate, there’s still the danger of being outmaneuvered, surrounded and then crushed. I’m sorry but, no matter how we look at it, this war is not going to be the last one. I think that you all will be asked to appear on such a battlefield again. This is why we had to gain as much experience from this somewhat safe stage. Because of this, I wanted to use this opportunity to teach you about how to command and keep the monsters in line. I’m. Sorry. 」

Yuki-san said that and he lowered his head.
… That’s not fair.
With such reasons, I had nothing to say anymore.

(Yuki)「From now on, there will be many immigrants arriving from Ritea. And if the monsters under each representative can’t be kept in check, it will bring a lot of trouble. I want you to understand that. 」

(Lutz)「…… This time it was a crushing victory. By the end, I had successfully given out an order … thought I don’t quite understand why it was successful. Besides, this lack in ability didn’t originate only from me, it was from your poor leadership as well. Because Yuki has already gone over the reflection of this matter, it’s already over. So let’s let the sleeping dog lie. 」

When Seraria-sama was told like this, she fell flat on the desk.

(Yuki)「Are you okay Seraria? 」

(Seraria)「…… You’re noisy. After all, my dear, isn’t everything in your palms. 」

(Yuki)「Don’t sulk like that. Let’s take some time off and play. With everyone. 」

Because we are all feeling a little down, Yuki-san meddled.

(Ellis)「But, how did Seraria-sama detain the monsters at that time? 」

I asked in order to help Lutz understand how to order the monsters correctly.
But, at that time, all I could see was the monsters suddenly roaring and rushing out.

(Seraria)「Uh? simple no? I told them to not leave their post without permission!! I just gave out a command. 」

(Ellis)「Uh, is that all? 」

(Seraria)「…… You all couldn’t even do that much. 」

(Ellis)「No, I have no excuses. 」

(Yuki)「This is reality Seraria. They are all superior individually, but their commanding is another thing entirely. Perhaps when the monsters ran out of control, they were dumbfounded? 」

(Lutz)「It’s just as you say so onii-san~ It happened so suddenly after all. 」

(Seraria)「I was wrong. But this incident was also a good experience, wasn’t it?  You have started to learn a bit of the method from Yuki. But there’s still many things to do on the frontlines. 」

(Lutz)「To give out commands is quite troublesome desu yo ne~」3)ED: Ohh i sympathize so much :’D, i’m always struggling with this in WoT

(Seraria)「I was able to do it quickly and accurately. 」

(Yuki)「Well, that’s because you are from royalty, so you are already educated and used to things like this. No, or perhaps this is just Seraria’s talent? 」

(Seraria)「Ara, are you praising me? 」

(Yuki)「Of course, you were a great help. 」

(Seraria)「Thank you. 」

===== Jumping Forward into spacetime4)It took me quite some times to guess it was a jump in space time =====

After returning to reality Lutz had a somber expression.

(Lutz)「To be honest, what happened simply made me feel depressed. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, at least Seraria-sama was helpful to Yuki-san. No, actually even now she is doing a lot of things for him. 」

(Lutz)「That’s right~, we are depending on onii-san now and because of that we became too self-conceited. There is no limit for such a thing. 」

(Ellis)「Yuki-san also teaches us other cultures everyday. 」

(Lutz)「Onii-san does work desperately hard, but he has bad sight 5)As in : dense. 」

(Ellis)「Thanks to that, we are now full of fighting spirit. 」

(Lutz)「In hindsight, there were a lot of futilities. I’ll also exert myself more from now on. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, starting with the review of the Dungeons. 」

Like that, when I was happily talking with Lutz, people rapidly gathered.

(Riel)「Yahoo~ Aren’t we the first to arrive? 」6)I don’t think I ever mentioned it. But Riel says “Boku” a boyish way to say “I”

(Tori)「Ellis-san, Lutz-san, you arrived earlier. I see. 」

(Kaya)「… For lunch. Did you even eat anything? 」

The beast girls trio entered……

(Seraria)「Fuu, although we have the transfer fields, we should still walk if time permits, right? 」

(Delille)「Hey Seraria, that would be a problem. 」

(Kur)「Delille-sama, it can’t be helped. Because of what happened lately, she didn’t really have any opportunities to practice… 」

(Seraria)「Kur, if you such a thing in front of Yuki again, I’ll cut your neck. 」

Seraria’s Army also started trickling in.

(Aslin)「Vilia-chan, let’s change—–!! 」

(Vilia)「Good day Aslin, I arrived here first. 」

(Philia)「Get off my nii-sama’s arm! Hiro!! 」

(Hiro)「Anii said it was fine. 」

(Labiris)「… Popular huh, Yuki. 」

(Yuki)「… Says the Labiris who’s already on top. 」

Yuki seemed to be adored by children as usual.

「Eto, is the medical room operational? 」

「No problem. There are skilled people under the leadership and education of Herge-sama and Lulu-sama. 」

「Well, if there are any issues we will contact you with Call, so don’t worry too much. 」

Herge from the medical room also arrived.
Oh, she’s called Herge in public as well, but since she has changed her appearance, thanks to a technique of disguise, she was considered as a different person who happened to have the same name.
Now then, everyone has gathered.
When everyone grouped up and began talking, Millie brought over two members of the Adventurer Guild.

(Millie)「Is everyone here? Hmm… Yes, looks like all of us. Let me introduce these people once again. These two people are the head of this Dungeon’s Adventurer Guild. Guild master Rock-san. And vice Guild Master Kina.

(Rock)「Many thanks to all the representatives who kindly received us. 」

(Kina)「Ple-please treat me well!!」

In that way, the masters bowed their heads to us.
So, why was Naruja-san together with Millie and the members of the Adventurer Guild?

(Naruja)「Because I have been entrusted with the duty of supplying the items related to the Dungeon, I am with the Guild this time. 」

(Ellis)「So it was something like that? 」

(Naruja)「Yes, interesting, isn’t it? We will be handing over the items we’ve made to be the treasure of the Dungeons.」

As they were speaking in that manner, Seraria-sama stood up from the sofa and gave her greetings.

(Seraria)「We don’t have to introduce ourselves to you again, do we? Then, Rock-dono, Kina-dono, I’m grateful to you for joining our Dungeon. With that, we should now have a good relationship with the Adventurer Guild on the outside7)as in public view. 」

(Rock)「No, this matter is also really helpful for the Adventurer Guild. It’s really convenient when you are able to make a Dungeon yourself…… 」

After the greetings between Rock-san and Seraria ended and she had returned to her seat, the door was suddenly smashed open.

(Mauve)「Wait a minute Oi!! How on earth did we end up as explorers?! 」

Oh, I forgot about Mauve-san’s party.
I mean, they didn’t help with the basic management and they were just relaxing every day at their homes, the Adventurer District, or the Inn.
Yuki-san was convinced to let them off the hook after he heard about the role of Mauve-san’s party. But there’s still something which wasn’t quite satisfying him.

(Yuki)「What are you saying? Until now you have not been working while relaxing here, please work properly on this job. 」


(Yuki)「You are an adventurer of the great Rank 8. Exactly what we need for the assessment of the Dungeons. 」

(Mauve)「But what did you mean when you said that we had to dive into your Dungeons?  Does that mean the ladies made them? 」

That’s right.
Mauve-san’s party would go into our Dungeons.

(Millie)「Well, since your party is under the protection of Guardian Appointment, you should be able to rate the Dungeons safely and diligently? 」

(Yuki)「Don’t worry there. Mauve’s party is the best pick to capture my Dungeon. 」

(Mauve)「Geh! ? 」

Oh, there are six teams making Dungeons.
And there are 8 Dungeons.
With this, two of them would have been empty.
However, Millie made one with the cooperation of the Adventurer’s Guild with the objective of training new adventurers.
And as for the last Dungeon… Yuki-san made it.

(Yuki)「Don’t make such a disgusted look. It’s a proper Dungeon. It’s perfectly possible to capture it. Well, try your best. Since you are under the Guardian Appointment, there is no need for the safe mode of the Dungeon… So instead of using stun guns, more normal weapons like spears will be used. I believe it should be easy to assess? 」

(Mauve)「Idiot8)Baka!!  I had a look at your Dungeon’s materials and troops and it’s nothing even remotely safe!!  The average level of the monsters in the first Floor is 20! ?  50 in the tenth floor!!  And once you reach the thirtieth floor it’s around 120!! 」

(Yuki)「You guys are also level 100, so do your best! 」

(Mauve)「It’s impossible!!  At least allow us a few stun guns!! 」

…… Please do your best.

(Ellis)「By the way, what about the safety level of the other adventurers? 」

When I asked that, Rock-san nodded and explained to me.

(Rock)「We received a return ring from Seraria-sama, for this one-time event only. I told them to give priority to the evaluation, so that we can write a good guide. Of course, there is still a possibility of them dying. But thanks to the ring, I hope that it can be lowered as much as possible. 」
(Ellis)「I understand」

(Seraria)「Rock. Have you already explained everything to the adventurers? 」

After I received my answer, Seraria-sama wanted a confirmation from the Guild Master.

(Rock)「Yes, I already allocated each of them to a Dungeon. Now, we are only awaiting your permission to act. 」

(Seraria)「Then, I will give you my permission. And while they’re assessing our Dungeons, let’s talk about how the Adventurer Guild will handle the Dungeons in the future. Because I don’t think our Ellis would be satisfied with only one inquiry. 」

Thus, as Seraria had given her permission, the adventurers started to capture each Dungeon while we patiently awaited their explanation.

Oh, an alarm is ringing, meaning that an intruder has entered our Dungeon.
I’m looking forward to it.
Author’s afterword
Here was the reason for the monster’s rampage.

And the appraisal of the Dungeons has started!!
To be frank, I don’t know if I’ll write the story from the adventurers pov or the teams who built the Dungeons.
Ah, And Mauve, Amen.


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References   [ + ]

1. Sound of the heart
2. Not sure of what あう means, surely something like ouch. EDN: It’s more like a “is that so” or “that’s interesting” or “go on I want to hear more”
3. ED: Ohh i sympathize so much :’D, i’m always struggling with this in WoT
4. It took me quite some times to guess it was a jump in space time
5. As in : dense
6. I don’t think I ever mentioned it. But Riel says “Boku” a boyish way to say “I”
7. as in public view
8. Baka

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