KYNE – Chapter 25

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Antheor

The twenty-fifth chapter of Heroic tale of the Emperor God Hero’s《Ryokou Tan》 is out!

That was a long time since I last translated a chapter of KYNE, feels refreshing as always.
Damn, I had two or three good laughs while translating this chapter!

I edited this chapter myself, errors might hide in the chapter, I’m counting on you to spot them.

A little note about this chapter.
The author used Mahou and Madou and I somehow translated Madou as Magical. But in this chapter, I think that Black Magic fit the context more. Feel free to give me your thoughts. Or your knowledge to this little one.

Enjoy the chapter 😉

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Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 25 – Black Magic

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  1. Great job and thanks for the chapter. Its been a while… I thought you dropped it or something… Please continue translating

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