Trap 1 : Sushi, ah!!

Trap 1 : Sushi, ah!!
This is an anecdote chapter.
So I thought it was better to divide the leading and the life story.
Besides, this chapter is short.
Please understand.
Sushi, ah!!

side: Yuki, real name: Kazuya Torino

「Olive Flounder!!」
「Well, the fried shrimp nii-sama!!」
「… for me, the stewed soup? It’s good」
「Salmon gunkenmaki 1)!!」
「Big tuna!!」
「Inari sushi!!」

I was now at a sushi shop styled house.
Honestly, I was the one who made it.
Oh, I never worked for a sushi shop nor was I apprenticed to one.
I was missing the times from before when I was still at home, on that occasion, I took the opportunity to try and learn about them, strangely devoting myself to their creation.
Afterward, everyone who ate sushi for the first time heavily praised them.
And now, under the storm of orders, I was earnestly hand-making them……
Yes, in times like that I wanted to beat myself!!

A few hours ago.

「Well, honestly. I’m looking forward every day to our meal time. Onii-san, what will you make today?」

When we got back to the inn with Lutz, we began to talk about dinner.

「It’s about time, we are running out of new ingredients…」
「Is that so.Well, it’s good enough even if it’s something tasty we’ve already had」
「I’m so tired I could roll…Oh, that’s it!!」

I had a very nice feeling as if a light bulb had popped on top of my head.
However, everything would eventually crumble and crash over my head.

「Lutz, go and have everyone gather inside the banquet hall.I will do a few preparations.」
「Oh! Did you come up with some delicious things? Leave it to me.I shall take responsibility and call for everyone!!」

I was caught in the moment.
That’s why, I didn’t notice.

The only one who knew about sushi was me.So the only one who could make them was me.

Despite this, I had already used DP to buy the sashimi knife, the display tank, and the sushi shop? With several cutting boards, nori, and a lot of ingredients, I dedicated myself to prepare them.
The electronic rice cooker I bought was running at full capacity, a lot of cooked rice became a lot of vinegared rice!!

Shari2)Flavored rice used in making sushi
for sure was the very essence of the sushi!!
Oh, people from my homeland, I was sorry. I wanted to tell them.

Well, with such a thing, I was preparing with full spirits.
When I thought about it now, it would have been probably all the better if I had bought them already made with DP.
But at that time, I thought that I had to do them myself.
Because the sushis are the heart of Japan!?

Afterward, the fateful moment came…
Everyone who came to the banquet hall, all looked around me, at the tools I was using.

「Oh? Are you not done with the dinner? It seemed to me that you would complete it in a short while?」

Lutz, tilting her neck, was looking around me.
Fufufu, well, that was the case.
If you didn’t know about sushi beforehand, then even after seeing all the ingredients, you probably wouldn’t want to eat them.
I was about to show them the result of my practice!!

「No, I am ready. Look at this!!」

Somehow, I threw the shari and the tuna together and they perfectly matched each other.
Then, the preparation for a set was ready.
One set was already made for everyone.

That way, I displayed the sushis in front of everyone.

First the basics, Tuna, Porgy, salmon, squid, fat tuna, olive flounder, every kind of eggs with multiple pieces for each sort.

「Well, you didn’t just put a slice of fish on top of rice did you?」
Before your eyes is a small plate of soy sauce along with the sushi… Sushi is the rice with the little slice on top of it. You should eat it infused with the sauce!!」

Lutz took the lead, she cautiously grabbed the sushi and brought it toward the sauce before she ate it.


Pfft, the first seven pieces of sushi disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Only yet Instantly after finishing the service, they noticed that it was over.
Yes, there was still many fillets inside the exhibition fridge…

「O, onii-san.If by any chance…」
「This is the menu.You can order for something you’d like to eat. I’ll immediately shape them!!」

Everyone swiftly gazed at the menu.
Somehow, I understood that I should have done larger quantities, the ones I made weren’t as large as what they wanted to eat.

The early stage was such an overwhelming victory.
First, the promised steamed eggs, the shellfish soup, and the hot green tea!!
At first, I gave their favorite to everyone …

「And, this!?」
「The Inarisushi, and the collection of fried sushi Kaya took!!」
「Oh, ah」
「It’s alright I have plenty.Don’t worry, eat all your fill!!」

When I reached Kaya, she had already eaten so much sushi.

But now the stock was expired, and I had to form others.

「Oh, hey!!」
「Look here!!」

「Yes yes!!」

For god’s sake, will something remain to eat?
I swore to myself that I would never again make sushi alone when I hold the sushi bar.

Oh, how delicious are they!
So high as to lose reason. Lol.


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2. Flavored rice used in making sushi

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