Chapter 32.5 – Mjolnir

(Book 2 Chapter 20.5) Chapter 32.5 – Mjolnir
This is the story behind the story

〓Northern european god〓

「Humm, fufun. Mjolnir today…… Good!」

This is the world where the north European god gathered. They were the god from the myth called Norse mythology. A man with red hair, eyes with a gaze burning like flame, was sitting in a corner. He was the god of thunder from the Norse Mythology. And currently, he just stared at his hammer, Mjolnir.
This tall man was Thor. He was strong. Certainly handsome. But his only affection was toward his weapon. For that reason, some of the other gods called him as hentai(ikemen).
So Thor was simply loving his weapon. But an incident occurred at that time.

《Buki shoukan(Summon・Weapon) Kiminari Tshuchi1)Lightnigh hammer(Mjolnir)》!!! 』


「Wow! Huh?Mjolnir?」

Yes, it was Tetsuya’s “Buki shoukan” that summoned the weapon. Tetsuya summoned Mjolnir for the only reason that he wanted to punish Diethelm. And now, Thor’s Mjolnir was gone.

「Gusu…… Mjolnir…… you, how?…… Gusun」

Sitting on the floor, he started to cry. Everyone, look carefully. This is the God of Thunder, Thor.
That moment lasted until Tetsuya was done with Diethelm.

After what Mjolnir came back to Thor.

Iya, fuuuuuuuuuUUU!!! Mjolnir —– houray!! 」

He then became crazy. When he found that the reason Mjolnir disappeared was Tetsuya, he tried to erase him with lightning. I believe you already know the result.

Afterword of the author
Thor-san… You were such a person.
I respect you a lot!

Therefore, the strongest God of the Norse mythology came out. I perfectly wrote about his figure too.

If you want me to take out some of the other gods in that way, please tell me in the comment. 2)Tl: Lol, this author is mad 3)Editor: This author isn’t perfect?


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1. Lightnigh hammer
2. Tl: Lol, this author is mad
3. Editor: This author isn’t perfect?

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