Chapter 33 – Adol’s strongest knight of the 『Knight of the white wolves』

(Book 2 Chapter 21) Chapter 33 – Adol’s strongest knight of the 『Knight of the white wolves』






「Father, we will never forget you. 」


「Please your Majesty.  Leave this to us and his Highness Eldo.  You can go to sleep peacefully. 」


「Yes, leave it to me. 」


「Venerable father, thank you for everything. Please rest in peace」


「Hey!I’m not dead! What are you saying! Does everyone want to kill me now??」


Earlier, after Tetsuya had sent Diethelm out of sight.  Eldo who had heard a sound came into a room where he found the dead body(not dead) of Diethelm. Now at the other edge, Tetsuya was preparing to hold the funeral.


「After all, do we need a herse and a monk?How about that way?Ah, but it should be better at the church?Then it would be better to bring the Christ along…………  Ah but if we do that the Buddha might tag along……… 」


「Oi!Tetsuyaaaa!! Tell them, I am not dead! 」


「Oh, what should we do really! Why don’t we simply throw him away?」


「I got ignored! I don’t know what you are talking about, but that sounds really evil! 」


Well, even if I said preparation, he was just mumbling to himself some arrangements. Meanwhile, Diethelm was obviously ignored. Nevertheless, the prayers of the Prime Minister and the others were good.

But each for their own reason.


Eldo………  Because the reason his stomach ached was gone.

Prime Minister…………  Because the reason his stomach ached was gone.

Queen……….  Because her daughter became happy. The last one was more interesting.

Elena……  Because she could marry Tetsuya.


Next. There was two of the hard-working people that had been injured at the door.  But no one bothered with them. Just one finally did. That was Tetsuya.  He made some medicine to give it to the two unconscious men.


「Your Majesty! You have safely returned! ………  Your Majesty! What has happened! What is that injury! ?Mo-more importantly!

Healer! Healeeeer!! !! 」


「Please calm down, headmaster! You can use the number one Recovery Magic! 」


「Tr- true! 『Please, answer my command and give me the strength to recover this person 《Joui Kaifuku(High・Heal)》 』uuuUUUU!!! 」


「—- eh?」


「You must be lying! The recovery isn’t working! After all, I am useless! ?」


「Please calm down Headmaster. You made the casting wrong. Besides, we’re talking about his Majesty.  With his level of resilience, an injury of this degree is nothing.  (He merely has the whole body paralyzed)」


「I see, I am relieved! 」


While they were in the room, a sweltering man with glasses came inside. The old man looked at Diethelm.  He was crying.  He incanted recovery magic as he cried. Well, although the aria was wrong.  Even so, Megane-kun1)Megane (眼鏡) is the Japanese word for eyeglasses.  Weren’t you a little too merciless to your King?


Tetsuya who had never seen these two people, whispered to Elena that he wanted to know their whereabout.


「Say, Elena, who are they?」


Being whispered to the ear. Elena could only react one way.


「Fuee…… ///」


Her whole face was dyed red. The queen was grinning.

As Elena was frozen, Tetsuya asked an explanation of Eldo.


「『ar alzz@ pjdt*§′@ΦΣΜΦεёпм трэщ §Φм§Σ?』」2)(Так кто эти двое?)


In dragon language. By the way, Tetsuya could speak: Dragon language, ancient Dragon language, ancient language, Elven language, ancient Elven language, ancient animal language, spirit language, and finally a special language of the Gods. Baiyun was also deep blue.  3)I don’t get this reference バイ〇ン〇ールも真っ青だ。

And of course, since he didn’t know Dragon language, Eldo couldn’t understand.


「I don’t understand what you are saying Tetsuya. 」


Eldo answered.

However, an unexpected situation occurred here.


「『Φрр @Μэтп* ΦΦΦрпΦ§Σэё ёёεр УМЗИЩШ чщщч ьрсых йежзйд┌э шючр мпЮХ』」4)(Эти двое члены сильнейшего отряда Королевства, 『Рыцари Белых Волков』. I am sorry, its just message translated from dragon language to Russian.)


「Wa, mother! ?」


Yes, the queen had answered Tetsuya’s question in dragon language. Why was the queen able to speak dragon language? That’s because of her tribe. Queen’s tribe.  She was a descendant of an ancient dragon tribe 《The Dragonewt》.  The Dragonewts were called a superior race.  And the queen was of the second lineage.  The strongest amongst the Dragonewts.


According to the information the queen gave on the two people, they were from the strongest troop of the Kingdom.    『Knights of the White Wolves』. And he was said that the headmaster had a strength equivalent of a rank X adventurer.


「Eh, really」


Muttered Tetsuya, when he turned toward the headmaster with pleased eyes.



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References   [ + ]

1. Megane (眼鏡) is the Japanese word for eyeglasses
2. (Так кто эти двое?
3. I don’t get this reference バイ〇ン〇ールも真っ青だ。
4. (Эти двое члены сильнейшего отряда Королевства, 『Рыцари Белых Волков』. I am sorry, its just message translated from dragon language to Russian.

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