Chapter – 6 End of the seal

Chapter – 6 End of the seal

Tetsuya woke up only a few minutes after the fall. On his back was a scar who wasn’t there before.

(Tetsuya)「Where is this place? It should be the bottom of the Dungeon… Who would have thought that a place like this existed here? And why is my wound healed? Look like I still have a scar left…Huh? Was it the kind of scar which would never disappear, like to remind of a grudge? And what will I do with that sword like thing」

Tetsuya was looking around him, talking to himself.

(Tetsuya)「My belongings… I have nothing useful. Both my mana and health potions broke. Will I be okay with only this sword…? Because it’s not a Katana, it will be hard for me to use… Well, let’s go」

After Tetsuya had checked what was in his possession, he went on the right path, out of the two ways in front of him.

(Mad Bear)「GuuurrrRRRrrrraaaaa!!!」

The end of the road where Tetsuya traveled had a small room.And inside that room, was a brown Bear with red eyes.While Tetsuya was trying to advance slowly on the right path, he got noticed.And,

(Mad Bear)「Gwaaaaa!!!!」

Fortunately, after Tetsuya got caught by the bear 《Berserker》, he was only blown to the side.The Mad Bear《Berserker》 advanced slowly toward TetsuyaTetsuya while looking at him, tried to open his mouth.

(Tetsuya)「Gu….aaa….the end …. Damned! *Haaaahaaaa*… how did it come like this…*Haaaahaaaa*… was it the fault Shinozaki and the girls…?No, It was different. Hoshina and the other… It was their fault…*Haaaahaaaa*….What I had done to them…? Was it because of status…? Or should I blame the fact that we were summoned here? No, it was not like that… It was because I didn’t show any power… One of the things told by my father was… You should always demonstrate sufficient strength.
Damned! Will I regret? No, I will not… Because I need to live in order to regret… Even so… That guy, Hoshina… He is the only one I can’t forgive…
*Haaaahaaaa*… Look like he came to pick me up…」 (*Haaaahaaaa* gaspings SFX)

Tetsuya closed his eyes.
And waited for the Sharp claws heading toward him…..However, he never received the hit.

(Mad Bear)「Gwaa……」


(Tetsuya)「The ……?」

The pain didn’t come, even after a long time.Tetusya who wondered why was opening his eyes cautiously.
A wolf harboring a great holy like silver-white fur bit on the neck of the Mad Bear 《Berserker》 right in front of him.
After that, The white wolf went to the way Tetsuya was coming from earlier while dragging the Mad Bear 《Berserker》.

「What… What happened just now…」

While he murmured, Tetsuya was trying hard to think of the next course of action, but his brain was not properly working because he was bleeding too much.

As the result, he kept going the same way he was going before.Tetsuya leaned against the wall, trying to advance.

He went all the way without encountering any monster. And what Tetsuya saw at the end of the road was a dead end .However, he still managed to notice something.

(Tetsuya)「What is it? This door…」

A door was visible. If it were any other person than Tetsuya, he would say that nothing was here.They would certainly say that『There is nothing like a door here《・・・・》』to Tetsuya. And Tetsuya would understand that he was the only one able to see the door.
But no one was here except Tetsuya. And because the Mad Bear 《Berseker》 injured Tetsuya, he only wanted a safe place to be able to sleep and think.

(Tetsuya)「Even if I keep wandering like this, I’ll just die.I probably won’t regret even if I die」

After that, Tetsuya put his hand on the door, with the thought of opening it.

(Unknown)『Checking the element. User is valid』

When Tetsuya entered the room, it felt like it was at home. Was it Tetsuya’s house? He walked around, trying to find some potions. And after a short while, he managed to found one.

『Emperor God☆Super special !』

Was written on the bottle.

(Tetsuya)「Is that an elixir? A kind of medicine often seen in Fantasy. And what the heck with this God and his naming sense… Well, I should just give it try」

Emperor God☆Super special !

Remove all abnormal status. Recover every injury.Awakening of (Special) power.

(Tetsuya)「Remove all the abnormal status… Could it possibly remove the seal? Anyway, I will know After drinking」

Thus, Tetsuya had drunk 『Emperor God☆Super special !』. It tasted like Cola.

*Sound of Heartbeat *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!

『The release of the seal is confirmed. Not yet awoken. Beginning of the awakening process…』

*Sound of Heartbeat *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!

『Awakening status ……50……60……70……80……90………………………100%。Beginning to alterate the body』


*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!
*Dokun *!

『Cutting the awareness for safety』

Screams rose from Tetsuya’s body and his consciousness drifted away from him.

『Body modification status…5……10……15……20……25……30……35……40……45……50……55……60……65……70……75……80……85……90……95…96…97…98…99……………100%. End of the body alteration.End of the awakening』

When the modification ended, Tetsuya displayed some changes. Firstly, Tetsuya became taller, from 180 to 185 cm. And secondly, his right eye turned into a golden color.
He now exactly became like he should have been when he was transferred to this world.

Tetsuya . Kanzaki Age 16
Sex M
Divine race[#Emperor God #The one who transcend Gods{Almighty God}Lv. 10] Job Emperor God, Hero
Status healthy
Lv 1

HP error(Can’t display)/error(Can’t display)
MP ∞ (Infinite)
STR error(Can’t display)
AGI error(Can’t display)
VIT error(Can’t display)
INT error(Can’t display)


[Ultra magic precision Lv. EX] [Ultra domination aura Lv. EX] [Ultra hiding ability Lv. EX] [Body strengthening Lv.EX] [Magical body strengthening Lv. EX] [Demonic armor Lv. EX] [Monster Tamer Lv.EX] [Chantless Aria] [All attributes resistance Lv.EX] [All abnormal states resistance Lv.EX] [Reduce the feeling of pain Lv.EX] [Parallel thinking Lv.EX]etc.

Unique Skill

[Limit Break] [Kanzaki slaughter style]etc.

Special Skill

[Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. EX] [Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. EX] [Ultra thought acceleration Lv.EX] [All thing creation] [Time halt] [Every skill acquisition] [Every magic acquisition] [Perfect learning] [Divine vison] [Magic consumption 1/500] [500 fold magic offensive ability] [Level-up required value 1/500] [Exp x 500] [Status manipulation] [Life manipulation] [Heaven and earth manipulation] [Transformation] [Almighty brain] [Overpowering God] [Maximize skill level] [Ultra skill creation]etc.

Special skills

[Skill creation] [Magic creation] [Creation] [Yggdrasil library Lv. EX] [Magic deification] [Follower attribution] [Magic climate alteration]etc.


[All attributes magics(Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Light, Dark)] [Holy Magic] [Dark attribute Magic] [Grant magic] [Barrier magic] [Recorvery Magic] [Lost magic(Ancient times, Summoning] etc.

Unique Magic

[Sublimation of all magic(Fire, Storm, Freezing, Rock, Thunder)] [Dragon magic] [God Magic] [Dismantling magic] [Void magic] [Space time magic] [Dimensional magic] [Transfert magic] [Fate magic] [Reincarnation Magic] [Spatial magic] [Gravity magic]etc.

Title Emperor God, Emperor God Hero, Strongest Hero

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