Chapter 3 – Checking the status

Chapter 3 – Checking the status

Kudou Kazuto
Level 1
Hp : 5/5
Mp : 5/5
Strength : 3
Endurance : 2
Agility : 1
Dexterity : 1
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 10
JP : 10

Job : none

Unique skill : Precocious.

Skill : none..


I look at the status displayed in front of me.
Somehow, I feel like coming out from a game or an anime.
In front of me is floating a transparent rectangular board with characters written on it.
Are you serious.

Let’s check them one by one.
First is my name.
Kudou Kazuto.
It’s not written with the Kanjis but it’s written in katakana.

Next is the level.
Below are the status.
One digit across the board.
There’s no way to say because I have no target for comparaison, but it’s probably really low right
Below status are SP and JP.
When I thought about what would happen when I stretched my finger to the displayed characters, nothing happened.
Are they just for show?

Under them are some information such as the job, the inherents skills and skills.
The fields next to the job and skill are blank.

The unique skill field display one, 『Precocious』
When I click on it, of course, nothing happens.
But somehow, when I try to understand the meaning behind the word, does it mean that I can grow up early?Or is it going to make some experience correction?

But, why is that I acquired it?

Ah…… Remember.

Desperately, I’m recalling my memory.

―――First suppression in Chaos・Frontier confirmed. First Subjugation bonus will be given.

If I am not mistaken, this is what it said.

…… The first subjugation.

It means that I received it because I defeated the very first monster.
That dog…..
It was said that I defeated or killed it… but it was more a coincidence.

「….. This, is it really an item drop?」

Playing with the purple jewel in my hand.
It becomes a feeling I don’t really understand.

Now, what to do with job and skills.

While thinking it’s still useless, I click on the job field for the time being.

≪―――Please choose your job. ≫


I heard that voice again.
Then, the characters on the status screen change.
An entry appeared under the job.

≪You can choose one of the following jobs. ≫

Citizen, Adventurer, Clerk, Negotiator, shut-in1)Anth: I’m so dead at this job, NEET, trainee monk, cook, rider, spy.

They are my choices?

I’m viewing the items.
Etto….. Shut-in and NEET jobs?

No, when you look at Citizen and the rest, they are classes rather than jobs.

Is that it?
Is it because I always wanted to quit my job and stay at home?

What is a trainee monk?
Was it because of the company?
Well, in a way it isn’t that different from training.
I sharpened it until I removed the limit of my spirit.

Cook…… Well, it’s probably because I cooked for myself or I cooked a fancy dish.
On the occasional days off.

Rider……. Are what? Is it because I got a car license?
But it should be 『Driver』instead, no?
Is that because I killed a monster? I don’t understand the standard.

And the spy.
This is probably because I was often forced to snitch informations about my colleague by the boss.
What a downhearted verdict.
I think this is a bad role for me. But this is what you call necessary evil for a person.
It’s with the preparedness to be grudged that I was doing that role. It was quite disagreeable at the office.

Now, I have to choose from one of these….. It seems.
What shall I do?
It seems there is only one choice available.

As another candidate is Adventurer.
It’s the safest and I feel like it suits this world.

I mean, this is real right?
It’s not a dream right?

「Hum…… 」

Yosh, it’s decided.
Let’s choose the job.

≪―――Selecting the job『Spy』. Requires 1JP. Are you sure?≫

Apparently, JP seems to stand for job points.
You can consume this and choose a job?
Yes yes, it’s really like a game.
JP stands for Job Points whereas SP stands for Skill Points.

This is what I decided, Spy.
This is such a world.
The important thing is to collect information and protection.
For that, I thought this is the best choice.
Still, I was perplexed between choosing Spy and Adventurer.
This is my character.

What? Why didn’t I chose shut-in?
Who would should such a job?
If you are inside a MMORPG and you are making a net character to play with, this doesn’t mean you have to chose that job, it’s fantasy don’t put it the same as reality. Maybe I’ll die.

Because there is no Yes or No button, I reply in my mind.
Is this ok?

≪The job has become spy. Skill『Stealthy steps』acquired. Skill『Observation』acquired. Skill『Improved hearing』acquired. Skill『Covert action』acquired.

Oh, I heard something.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 1
Hp : 5/5
Mp : 5/5
Strength : 3
Endurance : 2
Agility : 1–>3
Dexterity : 1 –> 3
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 10
JP : 9

Job : Spy Lvl 1

Unique skill : Precocious.

Stealthy steps LV1, Observation LV1, Improved hearing LV1, Covert action LV1.

Oh, agility and dexterity raised to 3.
And I received four skills.
This is just what I wished for.
This was the correct answer to choose the spy job after all.

JP decreased to 9.
Since the job is LV1. Maybe I can use JP to increase the level more?

Yosh, we’re getting started.
Let’s try more and more.


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1. Anth: I’m so dead at this job

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  1. I would have chosen monk. Mostly because I used to play Ragnarok. And my side character monk was a chain combo type. I would hot key ” ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAAAA ” to my skills.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Antheor! Liking how the jobs are unique already. Guessing trainee monk has to do with his celibate life. Really curious as to what “advantages” the other classes have now.

  3. I’d rather he picked adventurer, sounds like he’d get stronger stats to be able to fight head-on with monsters

  4. Kudou seems to have given his job choose serious thought in order to properly survive by getting information.
    Knowledge = power
    Thanks for the chapter

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