HDUH – Side Story – Trap 8

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Tensky, Chillnova
Quality Checker: FacelessEntity The Degenerate
Meme finder: Antheor

The side story Trap 8 is out, Enjoy!


Hello everyone, here we are with Trap 8, there will also be chapter 79 and the pictures from book 3 a bit later since we reached enough distance in the story for them.
Yeah I know, I’ve no excuse for not being around lately.
Well, I translated a few chapters in the meantime so I guess it’s fine?

Regarding KYNE… I have no words about this guy who tried to take over the project without my consent without waiting more than a day after contacting me and then gave it up.

Hey, you, psst. Yes I’m whispering to you. How about joining our sect on Discord.?


Access the chapter by clicking the link below :

Trap 8 – Children are always growing.

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