Chapter 47 – The big four, and the revised pill bugs

Chapter 47 – The big four, and the revised pill bugs

Side : Kovil

Right before my eyes was one of the Demon King’s subordinate.

(???)「Huf… I was defeated how unbelievable. I underestimated you……Me, one of the big fours…」

(Yuki)「Spill something already」

That guy Yuki, he didn’t even let the other party talk to the end. Now, the anti-magic caterpillar was thrown down.

(???)「Gua!? Ki, kisama.1)Kisama means Ba*t*** or Son of aHow about it?I can give you information that you expect.…You and the others…」

(Yuki)「So, speak something already.」

The Anti… so troublesome. I’ll revise it as a pill bug, was thrown down once again.
I was wondering why? It would hurt the dignity of the person if you didn’t hear him until the end.

(Yuki)「Geez. The Big fours(Lol)2)Author wrote it not me promised not to divulge any information. The Pill bug here, we heard about his circumstances, it was an exaggerated story. He was successfully remodeled but his stomach was reduced in the process. It seemed then that he had then escaped toward a place with higher magic power」

Yes, our village here was now in ruin, but almost all the people were left untouched.
When we approached the village, we met with the pill bug, but he didn’t attack for some reason.
Thereupon, since Yuki had the Monster Tamer skill, he started talking…
Here 「Stomach was reduced, moved to a place with a lot of magic. Like this」That’s what he said.
It was an incredibly exhausting story.
Eventually, Yuki began to arrange something for the pill bug, and when they met at one part of the village… One of the big fours arrived.

(???)「Hey you over there!! Come quickly!! At this rate I will get scolded !! Damn, I’m one of The big four but yet you want me to get demoted??」

That guy who came blurted some stupid words.
However, Yuki made it quick.



It was as if I saw a pitfall.
However, it wasn’t one.
Inside the hole there was a strange cage that made the lid to closed as soon as The big four came. He was captured just like this.
For some reason, Yuki said that he added「Skill sealing, magic sealing; Stamina, strength, and agility decrease」
Huh, why was he able to enchant?
Moreover, the sealing system was of legendary level!?
As soon as the pill bug entered in contact with the fence, it curved. It was now shouldering its name adequately.
I was looking at him. Could the big four potentially escape? The revised pill bug tried to break from where it came, almost succeeding…


(Yuki)「Ah, you pill bug. You can try to get out but there’s not even a chance. Come on, come on.」

(???)「Ouch!? Why!? Why does it hurt!?」

(Yuki)「O’ revised pill bug I have a grudge against you. You remodeled yourself, ignoring the humans’ rights… No, are you disregarding the insects’ rights3)There’s a pun here that I can’t reproduce. (or I think it is) Here insect 虫 and disregarding/ignoring 権無, both sound the same: Mushi? Having done so, at least prepare some meals, you animal… No, insect」

Now, the revised pill bugs received Yuki’s magic power.
They seemed to decide that they would follow Yuki.
What a kind of loyal fellows. No, wasn’t this roughly that from the beginning? In the case of a meal, I would also be under control.
At present, the revised pill bug was a lump full of loyalty. After all, when Yuki stretched his hand downward, it became a ball and jumped on the hand.

Yuki said basketball? That’s how he called it.
Because of that, the sharp fangs had been removed since the beginning as they were regarded as a hindrance.
The staple food was magic power. The shell wasn’t magic proof at all. Instead, the shell was more to recover magic which they get from absorbing magical power.
That’s the reason why, when we all shot our magic at full power, it was nothing more but an excellent meal to them.
That’s why they uttered 「The long awaited meal」 when we fired.

Hence now, each time the self-proclaimed big four tried to speak, Yuki threw to hi, the revised pill bug.
But, the revised pill bug when thrown went up like a strange curved ball before falling down. Was that magic?

(Yuki)「Huh? You can change to the size of a basketball but also to the size of a breaking ball? The next slide.」

(???)「Eeeyy!! A strange magic holds me… Gugiya!!」

Oh, it seemed so painful.

(Yuki)「Now, nee-chan and the elder. I will let you choose how to handle them. While this time, it’s a knuckleball」

(Lulu)「…… Let’s see. There is no damage to the people, elder?」

(Elder)「……Yes. There’s no dead nor heavily injured person. At worst, it’s a minor injury. However, the village as you can see…」

Yes! The village was in a terrible state. It would take several months to recover… even I can understand it.
The revised pill bug, this self-proclaimed big four was at first a demonic being with extraordinary strength.
But their knowledge seemed to be inferior than that of a child.
Meal… it didn’t meddle with any of the fairies who gave it magic. I was playing on the back of the small child.
Being just a little bit cautious since it was a small child.

(Yuki)「The problem isn’t just about that. Okay, there’s the big four, but there’s also the Demon King, their leader. We need to think what to do about that now.」

(Kovil)「Huh? Because you think that those insects came here by chance?」

(Elder)「Kovil. Although they came by chance, they still came in the end. He should do something about it. Now, Yuki-san… was it? Although you are suppressing them with your particular magic now, if we were to group when dealing with them, we would be able to outburst with terrific damages. Can you feel it? Yuki-san, even if it’s not as high as you, grouped we still have an overwhelming amount of magical power.」

I understood that. As the Elder said, even if Yuki didn’t come, if we made a group, then we would most likely be able to handle this.

(Yuki)「Even if? If the self-proclaimed big four escaped, what would you do?」

(Kovil)「I know that!! He will report to the Demon King and then, they will take all of our meaningful items… Fubee!?」

(Yuki)「Strike hu? A brilliant success! I will do a pitched ball. No, in that case, can’t we play dodge ball? The face isn’t good. Lulu get ready…」

Thus, Yuki began his throw of the revised pill bug.
Really, to be able to send that to someone…

(Yuki)「It isn’t possible to set him free and I tell you, this place will get attacked again. It would be stupid to reconstruct here. The genuine demon from The big four can follow that one’s footsteps and reach here. Even if they can’t find this fellow, they can still discover this place…. Now you should talk to everyone and find a new area.」

(Lulu)「Let’s see. I think that’s good too. Elder-sama」

Lulu too agreed with it.
… Okaayy. It was good that everyone here was safe, but now they couldn’t live here anymore…
This was so frustrating.
That’s why I threw the big four revised pill bug that was in front of my feet.


(Yuki)「That’s why I told you to protect the back of your head」

And when I threw another one of the revised pill bug…
Flame burst out beside me and covered the entirety of the self-proclaimed big four


The scream of the self-proclaimed big four echoed.
… Ah i didn’t even know its name.
But flames could be seen flying everywhere.

(???)「Ahahahahahaha!! Zargis, serves you right!! What a strange sight for the Demon King! Also , I’ll kill you guys!! It’s an honor to die in battle, be glad!!」

From the depth of the forest, a demon with gray hair and tanned skin was walking.
She had a lot of magical power. But not equal to Yuki.

(???)「You can be happy as well!! You don’t need to seek for a next place to live!! I will turn everything here to ash…」

(Yuki)「Bosch here I am sorry. It’s time for you, self-proclaimed big four, to display some result 」

(Zargis)「Guguya!? Kisama!! Even though I am burning in the fire!! … It’s not hot?」

(Yuki)「No, it should be hot outside, it’s burning firmly. To some extent, isn’t it difficult for you to breath?」

Looking closely, the self-proclaimed big four wasn’t burning.
Oh, I get it now. Because there was a magical seal, skills couldn’t get through the cage.
Then what was he yelling for? Baka4)Idiot?

(Zargis)「Guhaa!! Speaking of which, I’m not out of breath!? Why it it!?」

(Yuki)「No, it’s because the flame is around the cage.The oxygen won’t go away.」

(Zargis)「Take me out!! I will die!!」

(Yuki)「…Eh. You’re a demon? Deal with it somehow. Because if you don’t, your death isn’t now… it will be later.」

(Zargis)「Please get me out!! I beg you!!」

Oh, it suddenly became menial. Adults are the worst.
After Yuki had extinguished the fire with his water magic, the female demon which came from behind was suddenly caught? She uttered a loud scream.

(???)「What is this cage!? Let me out!! Bastard, I’m one of the big four, and my flame is the strongest!! Do you think that you can do this so freely!!」

… Here is also another of the self-proclaimed big four…. It’s already troublesome.

(Yuki)「revised pill bug disorder throw!!」

Yuki too seemed bothered, he once again threw a revised pill bug..
Me too, I threw 2 to 3 of them.

「Kya5)High pitched female sfx!? Bastard, in a woman’s face!! Yah, is it going to leave a mark!?」
「Silence second self-proclaimed big four。Protect your face instead of protecting that stupid big breasts of yours. Let me play with them.」
「No, I refuse!! The Demon King said that my unnaturally big breasts are beautiful!!」

Oh, yes. I wasn’t too bothered because I too was standing high 6)I.E.: she has huge breast for her size.
Instead, she was probably worried herself that she was too huge.
To praise someone complexed is quite the lovely sight.

(Yuki)「Nee-chan I have a suggestion. Here as you can see, two of the self-proclaimed big four are there and quite the important ones at that. Aren’t they fellows who already lived in a Dungeon?」

(Lulu)「Huh!? But to do such a thing, no matter how I look at it, we don’t have the time!? Did you forget our goal!?」

Dungeon? What did he mean? I know that Lulu was in a hurry.

(Elder)「Excuse me. It’s true that we were saved by you, and it’s good and all to say that we can’t live here anymore, but we still need to look for another place.」

The elder meddled in the conversation.
Naturally, even if you said that we couldn’t live here, we still needed to find another place where we could live.

(Yuki)「No no, it’s only temporary. When you find another place, you may move right away. Well, even if it’s weird to say that it’s free of charge, I’m making a place where people can live. In the case you contribute, you will be granted protection. As you can see, the self-proclaimed big fours are already lurking around.」

(Elder)「… It’s okay. A place protected by Yuki-san is more than we could even hope for…. I’d like to talk about this with you for a while, is it okay?」

(Yuki)「Okay but here is a little bit unpleasant.Please wait as we prepare for a place」

Yuki ignored Lulu and advanced the talk.

(Lulu)「Yuki-san!! What are you intending to do!! Don’t I have the right to decide!?」

(Yuki)「Okay okay, calm down. I think it will be done before the fall of the day. No, if it not done too poorly it might be done earlier.」

(Lulu)「Huh? Are you going to push those 50 fairies inside the Marauder!? No, but the round trip will take two days!!」

(Yuki)「Oh, what I showed to you until now was only a trap. Then, what about this?」

Yuki took out a big red ball.

(Lulu)「What!? That’s a Dungeon core!?」

Lulu was surprised. Huh, that’s a Dungeon core?
Yuki was fantastic as expected. Was it really significant to take out a Dungeon core?


(Yuki)「Here. This is a judgment from the Management. To protect the fairy tribe. This is my decision. Lulu’s intention doesn’t matter. Well, I will not let you take the time. Do you know about the gate?」

(Lulu)「…… It’s a passageway between two locations, but it’s a lost secret art…. Can it appear again with your skill as a Dungeon master?」

「It was expensive but still usable.10 000 DP. Oh, it’s a one by one installation. Technically speaking, I purchase the land here, install the Dungeon core and take the furniture from the Fairy tribe with it.」

…Huh? Did I just hear something strange?
Dungeon master? That’s a lie. Because according to legends, it’s a disaster?
A person said to be stronger than the heroes and the Demon King couldn’t be a human like this.

(Lulu)「Can you use the Master’s skill with this body!?」

(Yuki)「No, I only delegate it. You know, I’m giving away some degree of authority. This body is almost like mine, so it’s quite useful. But I can make an underground Dungeon in the place I want one to be. This will afterward become remarkably convenient.」

(Lulu)「… Please do not cover Ritea with underground hole…」

(Yuki)「It will depend upon the situation」

I thought it was a joke until light fallen before my eyes and a Dungeon entrance rose.

(Kovil)「Na, na…」

It made my mouth flutter.

(Elder)「…… I see. The power which could treat the self-proclaimed big four as if they were nothing. Yuki-san… No -sama. Are you a Dungeon Master?」

The elder was also disturbed but unlike me, Yuki answered firmly.

(Yuki)「Elder-san. I’ll not stand much on the ceremony. Because I seem to be very different from the former Dungeon Masters, I want you to know that I will not harm you in any way. Well, I think you understand, but the transfer gate is in this Dungeon. I want you to go there and reach my base. It will be way safer than here. Please do as I say even if you don’t believe me for now. I wonder if you’d agree?」

(Elder)「….. No, if someone had Yuki-san ability, it would be easy to force us. But your attitude shows that you’re caring for us. I believe in your sincerity. Is everyone fine with it?」

By the elder’s words, everyone, including me, nodded.

(Yuki)「Elder. All of the fairy tribe.For believing in who I am, thank you. Because you can go back and forth as many time as you want, you will be able to take any luggage you need. I will go ahead and prepare. Mauve’s company, I ask you to protect everyone.」

(Mauve)「Oh, leave it to me.」

(Kovil)「Hey, Yuki. Now what about the group of self-proclaimed big four? As soon as they heard that you are a Dungeon Master, they became quiet.」

(Yuki)「Oh, ignore them. Besides, they can’t do anything since they are in the cage. They will be treated at a later time.」


And so, Yuki held his head and fell to the ground.

(Kovil)「Eh? Eh? Yuki are you alright!?」

(Doppelganger)「Yes, he’s fine. Nii-san went back to the Dungeon.」

(Kovil)「Eh? Eh? Nii-san? What do you mean? What with your language, ain’t it too polite!?」

(Doppelganger –> Kiyu)「Ahahah, nii-san is stubborn, he doesn’t like discrimination. It’s a bit too late to ask. I’m the Dungeon Master’s younger brother. I’m a doppelganger acting as his double. My name is Kiyu. Habitually, Nii-san is manipulating this body to do various things, but now he went back to the Dungeon to prepare to welcome for Kovil-san and her friends.」

(Kovil)「E, eh , hey. Is it real? Does that mean he has the same figure as you the Doppelganger?」

(Kiyu)「No, nii-san made a different body for me to protect himself so that I remember that we have different purposes. I am the example.」

(Kovil)「…… A doppelganger that is purposely different… Isn’t the Dungeon Master amazing?」

(Kiyu)「So, Kovil-san. Do you not have to sort your baggage together?」

(Kovil)「Oh that’s right.See you.Yuki… no Kiyu is it!!」

That said, I parted from there to pack up. But it seemed that we could go back and forth if we wanted to bring more, I wonder if we would have enough time?

Then, in the first floor of the Dungeon. Where it was true, Yuki was the real Dungeon Master.

(Yuki)「Everyone. After you pass through this gate will be our base. Sorry, but for safety’s sake, the gate has skills and magics sealing. Even if it’s inconvenient, people from the fairy tribe, please go to the grounds and proceed.」

Oh, that’s okay. If you ran wild here, it would be a problem.
Everyone, convinced, went down to the ground. Then through the gate.
When my turn came, and I passed inside… What awaited me was a strange and beautiful location.
The vicinity was surrounded by white walls, a desk in the middle and someone sitting behind.
Some people were giving instructions. I wondered who they were? Residents from here?

「Hai, everyone from the fairy tribe. First of all, go to the desk and fill out your name. Also, is there any injured? Is everyone okay?」

「The person who finished please proceed to the inner part to another desk. We will hand you a temporary identification card. Does anyone with his identification card need to briefly return to bring more things? Please relax at that seat.」

「Does anyone want to drink something? Thanks to this tool, if you press this button a drink will come out.」

Eto, Elf, rabbit demi-human, and human? I was wondering why people from so many different tribes were giving guidance?
One race should be easier to deal with than many.
Also, when I turned my eyes to the side, I saw a small child… She was bigger than me, but I think she was human too.
Working hard, the children were distributing a white round mass here and there.

(Philia)「This is onigiri7)Onigiri are made of rice and have a triangular shape.It’s delicious. If anyone is hungry, please take one.」


One person stumbled in an empty place.


I jumped to support her…

(Yuki)「Philia, take yourself together.It’s alright to do this slowly.」

One man came to support the girl called Philia.

(Yuki)「Uh? Uh, Kovil? Here, eat an onigiri, go ahead.You don’t want to eat one?」

So, the dark-haired man passed an onigiri to me.

(Kovil)「What is your name… Is it perhaps Yuki?」

(Yuki)「What are you saying? Oh, it’s your first time seeing me. This is my actual shape.」

(Kovil)「He, Kiyu is quite childish, but Yuki is quite an adult.」

(Yuki)「Hmm, that was done purposely.」

(Kovil)「Oh, for the journey?」


(Kovil)「I see, I see. Yes, I’m giving you passing marks. You’re a good guy.」

When I praised Yuki; one of the small children kicked him.
It’s wasn’t with much power but still made Yuki display round eyes.

(Yuki)「What is it Labiris?」

(Labiris)「… An affair. Lutz!! He’s cheating!!」

(Lutz)「Haihai, onii-san don’t get carried away. Because she is a woman from the fairy tribe, it isn’t different. Onii-san’s body is one thing, therefore.」

I’m not really sure, but I felt as if Yuki was at a disadvantage.
Whatever. Quickly the ID? I must return to get my luggage.

The big four (Lol) poor revised pill bug.
And the fairies’ troubles.
And then the Dungeon’s profit.
I don’t think a real battle is a front one.
When you include two swords, would two people fight fair and square?
It’s a natural to take an alternate method.

And also about Pokemon.
The movie hasn’t come out yet.
The match isn’t that strong.
I’m exchanging the new Pokemon of the version XY right now.
So if you want to, here’s my friend code 「1977-0110-6342」.
Please if you send a friend code to me do so by the message BOX.
Because I can send them from my home when I log later on.
My best regards.


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References   [ + ]

1. Kisama means Ba*t*** or Son of a
2. Author wrote it not me
3. There’s a pun here that I can’t reproduce. (or I think it is) Here insect 虫 and disregarding/ignoring 権無, both sound the same: Mushi
4. Idiot
5. High pitched female sfx
6. I.E.: she has huge breast for her size
7. Onigiri are made of rice and have a triangular shape

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