Chapter 48 – A break in the adventure

Chapter 48 – A break in the adventure

side: Yuki, real name: Kazuya Torino

(Millie)「Yes, Naruja-san, is it? Here, this card will be your temporary formal identification. Please put it inside this case so it can be seen from your neck.」

The identifications cards were issued from the last table where Millie sat.

(Yuki)「What do you say about this one Labiris? According to my judgment, I can’t find anything false or lie about the card.」

(Labiris)「Yes, from what I appraised with my own eyes, there’s no lie.」

With Labiris we were checking whether the information used to issue the identifications cards were correct.
After all, since magic and doppelgangers existed we couldn’t afford to let someone pass through.

(Labiris)「But, the identification card? What’s about it already huh? I think that it is an interesting thing. It surely brings some guarantee for later to know which person is who. For the time being, I was able to see the name and the level thanks to the diagnosis of the crystal」

(Yuki)「Next, with a picture attached to the card, it becomes a perfect identification proof. However, without the person’s magic, the name won’t surface.That is to say, to make a counterfeit…」

(Labiris)「The name will not be able to appear. And with the picture, it serves as a double meaning of crime prevention.」

(Yuki)「Furthermore, there’s the date of issue. In the end, the identification is recorded with the date here. An elaborate fake of the identification paper can still be found thanks to this record.」

(Labiris)「… It’s nasty.」

At some point of our conversation, the two of us who faced each other were now looking at the sudden apparition.

(Naruja)「Say, is it okay now to ask you some questions for a bit?」

(Yuki)「Yes, what do you want to ask?」

When we were mostly done with our talk, the elder came and spoke to me.
After she received her temporary identification card, I could say without doubts that she was called Naruja.
But for sure, the fairy tribe was great. The amount of MP for each individual was averaging 1000. But the highest of them all was still Naruja with her 7000.
With an amount like this, she could easily fire any magic and almost unlimited times.
… Amazingly, the absorption rate in DP was one for a hundred per hour. In other words, since the elder went inside the Dungeon for an hour, and I received 70 DP out of it, that’s how I calculated the rate.
Gufufufu, the MS and AC delivery were closing soon. 1)Got no Idea what MS and AC means ぐっふっふっふ、MSやAC納入が近づいてまいりましたよ。

(Naruja)「Any time now all of our luggage will end up here. What will you do with the self-proclaimed big four?」

(Yuki)「Huh? Did Naruja-san understand that I was Yuki?」

(Naruja)「Yes, because I could read your magical power to some extent. But don’t worry, I will keep these words to myself. They won’t ever leak to anyone.」

That seemed to be as expected from someone of the fairy tribe. Beforehand, I spoke to Kovil about this and told her that she could never tell this to anyone.
Because I’m worried, I would still appoint her as a guardian later to prevent anything from leaking out.

(Yuki)「Those self-proclaimed big four huh~ What do you think should be the appropriate thing to do with them?」

(Naruja)「Eh you’re asking for my opinion…. Then excuse me. Since both of them are to blame and they are already prisoners, I think that it is better to deal by death」

(Yuki)「Can I hear the reason as to why?」

(Naruja)「The benefits for keeping them as prisoners are to ask them about information regarding the Demon King. The disadvantages are whether those information are false or if they ever escape from the Dungeon, the damages would be on an extreme level. As for the benefits of killing them, if they are really self-proclaimed Big Fours, then we gain merits for clearing them off someone else’s hand. But if they are genuine Big Four, the disadvantage is that the Demon King’s army will recognize us as targets.」

Hmm, for now I’d like to consult with all the Dungeon’s representatives… It’s necessary to ask Lutz and the others.

「You can kill them at any time. Since that’s the case, I advise to lock them in the Dungeon at once. You don’t need to rush to deal with them. We shall discuss this thoroughly when the time come.」

(Naruja)「Very well. I understand now why you have 「Genuine Administrator」Is it because to have the vision of one person is unwise?」

(Yuki)「Yes, everyone here is helping me. Because I know what I can do alone, it’s important to have them.」

(Labiris)「… I said some careless word because I didn’t notice, but now I’ll be sure to refrain from doing so. Do not make fun of Yuki nor can you laugh of Yuki. Either one and I strike.」

Labiris came on my lap and from that standpoint, she scowled at the Elder.

(Naruja)「I was rude. But never ever will I disrespect or look down on your important person. After all, he is the one who saved all the inhabitants of our village. Please understand this.」

(Labiris)「… Agreed.Therefore, please try to be careful in the future.」

(Naruja)「Yes, I understand」

Arya? Labiris spoke in a really polite manner to the opposite party. Could the Elder be considered a fairly capable person?
Labiris remained still, she didn’t move and her expression was unmoved answering my inquiries.

(Yuki)「And, Elder.If the transportation of the luggage is over, I would like for the remaining people on the other side to come here, please call me when everything is done. This way I can destroy the gate linking to this Dungeon as soon as possible.」

(Naruja)「Indeed, you are doing that to prevent them from knowing that we escaped to this Dungeon, right?」

(Yuki)「Oh, that’s the most important reason, but also to prevent anyone from reaching this place. It is not good to leave too many traces at that place.」

When the Elder left to confirm that everyone from the village was on this side, Kovil proceeded to our direction.

(Kovil)「Hey, Yuki? Can I stay here? But there is the promise I made to Lulu?」

(Yuki)「No you can’t, Kovil you’ll have to accompany Lulu and everyone on the other side. The matters of Lulu are serious in various ways.」

(Kovil)「Alright, got it!! I’ll do my best, leave it to me!!」

(Yuki)「Well, let’s talk a bit until the Elder is done. Kovil I’m sorry, but can you bring Lulu over here for a bit? Mauve’s party will continue to guard the Dungeon’s entrance and the gate. Bring this sake over to them. Because I overexert them a bit.」

To call Lulu, Kovil went past the gate.
Alternately, the Elder came back this way.

(Naruja)「I’m terribly sorry. It seems that Kovil who was with you is now on the other side.」

(Yuki)「Oh, sorry. She went out because I asked her to call on my companion a little while ago.」

(Naruja)「Is that so? It is good then. Alright, all our members, except Kovil, are on this side holding on their identification card.」

(Yuki)「Is that so? In that case Ellis. You can take everyone to the training room A and explain to them how to use the facilities of the apartments.」

(Ellis)「Very well. Alright, everybody. Put your luggage here for a moment and come with me. Because there will be an explanation of how to use an apartment. Is that okay with you, Elder-sama?」

(Naruja)「Yes, we are in your care. Please do as she says. Those tools here are something we have never seen before. Listen carefully to her instructions and don’t bring a havoc.」

After the Elder gave her OK, the people from the fairy tribe followed behind Ellis.

(Kovil)「Hey, I brought Lulu along.」

After everybody had left, Kovil came back accompanied by Lulu.

(Naruja)「Kovil. Even if it was an imperial command from Yuki-san please next time tell me about it. I was worried.」

(Kovil)「Uh, I’m sorry Elder.」

The elder scolded Kovil.
At present, Lulu with a face full of curiosity looked at my side.

(Lulu)「Yuki-san, why did you call me? I don’t think I was needed here?」

(Yuki)「No, that is not it. Here we have characters with a higher position than Kovil. Don’t you want to try to speak with them? Lulu, I think you should depend on the Elder instead of Kovil.

(Lulu)「I understand」

After she consented, Lulu turned to face Kovil and the Elder.

(Naruja)「Do you have something important to ask? Which reminds me, Yuki-san and his group had an objective for traveling. Can you tell me about your motives? If we can help you I will not spare when cooperating.」

(Kovil)「Yes. After all, if you had not saved us, we would be dead by now!! I will keep my promise!!」

(Yuki)「Those are pretty words but what awaits is kinda complex. If you agree to receive my guardian appointment, I will explain to you our reasons.」

(Naruja)「What is the guardian appointment?」

Thus I answered the Elder’s inquiries. I explained to her everything about the Guardian appointment. How it differed from being a slave, the limitations, the privileges, and the fact that she wouldn’t be able to talk about the Dungeon’s strengths.

(Naruja)「Hmmm. If it is not a problem for Yuki-san then it does not matter for me.I would be glad to be bestowed upon your guardian appointment.」

(Kovil)「Me too me toooo!! Then I want to give the Call a try!!」

After they accepted the guardian appointment smoother than I thought, Lulu started her explanations.
Well, Lulu’s explanations here also had the purpose of explaining this Dungeon’s purpose.
Then, right after a short briefing.

(Naruja)「That makes sense. And now I understand why you asked for our help and agree to do so. But I would rather refuse about this case.」

(Lulu)「Well then?」

(Naruja)「Yes. Yuki-san and Lulu-sama here saved our life so it’s natural.I would like to spare nothing to help you but… Not before I can check and weight the Holy Country Ritea. I would like for the people here to avoid to go at Ritea.」

(Lulu)「So it is. If the clever fairy doesn’t want to participate then there’s no need to go further into the talk.」

Both the faces of Lulu and the Elder frowned.

(Yuki)「Let’s hear my suggestion.We can stay in touch anytime with Call. Thereupon the full story can be conveyed to the Elder. Can you create and prepare 3 elixirs and some weapons?」
(Naruja)「Normally I would refuse, do you know that an elixir can sell for 150 white gold? Putting the weapons aside for now, can you tell me for what use do you want an elixir? This is not something that can be handed so easily.」

(Yuki)「If our luck is good, then we won’t need it. Well, there is a high probability that I try one to see if it is the real thing. If they are the real deal, then they will be used to support Kovil and Lulu…」

(Naruja)「So that is like this? To prove that our tribe is trustworthy, you expect us to support Lulu-sama?」

(Yuki)「Something like that. Well, it is only necessary to conclude on some minor details. May you please distribute them if it is okay with you?」

(Naruja)「……. Then it is settled. I understand that Lulu-sama is short on time. But the elixir is a precious thing. This way, I want you to receive at most these two bottles that I carry, and please. In return, I can give you 4 or 5 weapons since we have more of them.」

(Yuki)「How about it, Lulu?」

(Lulu)「Thank you for your noble generosity Elder!! Thank you very much.」

The Lulu who shed tears said her thanks.
That was natural.There was even the possibility of not getting any cooperation if the negotiations were handled poorly.

(Naruja)「Please Lulu-sama raise your face. It is a way for us the fairies to display our thanks after you saved us. But despites the circumstances of this place, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t answer completely Lulu-sama’s hope. Kovil, you have an item box as well, am I right?」

(Kovil)「Yes I have.」

(Naruja)「Then I’ll leave the elixirs and weapons with you. Lulu-sama, I can’t accompany you but Kovil is competent. Be helpful to Lulu-sama.」

(Kovil)「Leave it to me!! The old hags that is raging in Ritea and bullying Lulu, I will drive them all out!!」

And like that, The Elder transferred the elixir and weapons to Kovil’s item box.

(Yuki)「Well then, Lulu and Kovil you can go back to the other side together. Because the times it took to save the residents was quite a lot of time. We will manage here somehow. Kiyu is ready to jump on the car and they started to make some noise over there.」

(Lulu)「Very well. Although it took time of our clock, it was still less than a day.」

(Yuki)「Even then, we’re a day late. It does not change the fact that we are racing against the time. We received help but the matter has yet to be over. I am not at a peace of mind.」

Like that, Lulu became tense and nodded. She then took the gate along Kovil.

(Naruja)「You are kind and strict, aren’t you? If Yuki-san went to the front, everything would be settled in a matter of time. Still, you are helping Lulu-sama to accomplish the deed on her own.

(Yuki)「We have our circumstances around here as well.」

(Naruja)「Would you please tell me about those circumstances later?」

(Yuki)「Yes, of course. For now, let’s gather with everyone.」

At that moment, we left that place.

(Yuki)『Hey Kiyu. Did Lulu and Kovil come over there?』

(Kiyu)『Yes, nii-san. There are no mistakes, the two people are here.』

(Yuki)『Yosh, you can now start the demolition of the Dungeon and the gate.』

(Kiyu)『Huh, but then what about the self-proclaimed Big Fours?』

(Yuki)『Oh, throw them in here. Ah, the revised pill bugs too.』

(Kiyu)『Roger. As soon as it is done. I will take on the demolition.』

Now, we just had a postponement on our trip.
Since Kiyu is on the other side, there won’t be any problem. In the end, my adventure ended in two days?
Afterword by the author
Because there were 3 matters with the readers I went to see the activity report.
I think it didn’t make sense since the activity report was almost empty.
Also, I rewrote the prologue.

For the errors thank you as always.


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1. Got no Idea what MS and AC means ぐっふっふっふ、MSやAC納入が近づいてまいりましたよ。

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