Chapter 51 – Rookie adventurer

Chapter 51 : Rookie adventurer


We were now inside the town Killis. Gathering information and necessary supplies for the future.

(Raija)「Yuki, can you hear me?」

(Yuki)『Ouh, I can hear you』

(Raija)「It’s for our periodic report. As planned, we reached Killis. For the moment, we have decided about an inn and are gathering information on our own.」

(Yuki)『Roger. Incidentally, was Kiyu exposed?』

(Raija)「If he becomes exposed I won’t say that it went “as planned”」

(Yuki)『Well, that’s right. I will now proceed to register Kiyu as an adventurer. I believe that Kiyu will manage it skillfully regardless of what happens.』

(Raija)「Please do. We will attend to his protection from in front of the building, otherwise, if we do it officially it might draw attention as is. Also, if you show Kiyu’s skills poorly, it will bring trouble. By the way, how are you?」

(Yuki)『Ah, that’s… a bit of a long story. I’ll inquire of our matters later.』

After what the call got cut out.
But, this skill “Call” is really useful.

(Lulu)「What’s the deal?」

(Raija)「Hmm, Yuki seems to gather information by himself」

(Lulu)「I see. In the end, we need to rely on his strength.」

Losing power, Lulu-sama dropped her shoulders.
As a matter of fact, I already know that I am powerless. But, there was no need to continuously repent on it.

(Raija)「Lulu-sama, there is no reason to feel down. Even if I am an adventurer, I can’t do anything on my own. Of course, Yuki can do it. Therefore he lowered his head to a lot of people in order to cooperate with you. I think that Lulu-sama should have more confidence in herself.」

(Lulu)「That thing, probably… 」

「The important thing on our hands now is to think about how we will move from now on. To us adventurers, in order to survive, we can even eat rotten meat or stir muddy water. However, in certain situation, you simply cannot do that as the only result would be death.」

(Lulu)「Then, now what?」

(Raija)「I don’t know, I’m not used to betting with the life of others. But Lulu-sama, did you rise to the status of a Holy Woman without borrowing anyone’s power?」
(Lulu)「No, that’s not it. By now, I have depended on many, many people.」

(Raija)「And now it’s just the same. We and Yuki are also ones amongst many. Don’t you think so? That Yuki honestly wants to help you? When the hope is poor, that’s especially the time that you have to try your hardest to be successful. It’s easy to understand, right?」

(Lulu)「Yeah… that’s true. Why is that, towards Yuki-san, I have an inferiority complex……」

It’s because your abilities are way different.
It was like comparing yourself to something perfect. So the feeling is pretty normal.
Still, I think there was room for you to overcome Yuki at something.
No, this is the same for me. And I didn’t think this because I had an inferiority complex.

(Raija)「Whew. Wait, it’s funny how you are hesitating. I told you, you are not me. You have things to do Lulu. And I’ll back you up until I die. So work hard until we’re done.」

Like that, the time for Yuki to fill in slowly came out.
This conclusion was easy to reach since he was coming to our place.


As soon as he entered, Yuki threw two coins.
Lulu-sama and I received them.

(Raija)「Is this a normal copper coin?」


(Yuki)「Oh, keep it without using it. When the time comes, I’ll let you know of its use.」

(Lulu)「What do you mean?」

Lulu-sama was wondering over Yuki’s words.

(Yuki)「Oh yeah, wake up Kovil.」

After that Kovil got pulled by Yuki.
Because we didn’t want her to stand out too much she got buried along our luggage.
I think it was inconvenient but Kovil seemed to understand and she didn’t say anything about it.
Unlike the first fairy we met, she’s like the type who can think firmly.

(Kovil)「M…? Oh Kiyu, meal?」

(Yuki)「Unfortunately, I am Yuki. Here, a special doll sized skewer for you.」

(Kovil)「Waa, thank you!!」

(Yuki)「And, besides. Take this, it’s something like a talisman.」

(Kovil)「Munch Munch, what is it? It’s just a coin. What use does it have.?」

(Yuki)「Use it as you like. In the midst of a battle, to buy something to eat, or to use as a trump card that’s your choice.」

(Kovil)「Huh, it’s a gift from Yuki right? I will take good care of it, I’m not using it.」

(Yuki)「Oh, whatever. It’s like that. Did you understand Lulu?」

Lulu had a question, so I turned around…

(Lulu)「Well, do you mean by myself?」

(Yuki)「You see. You can throw this to blind someone or to draws attention. Or you can make it important just like Kovil and take good care of it. Or you can use it in emergency situation for affordable items. It’s not always necessary to use money as money. Especially for you Lulu. You will be in the most dangerous place. That’s why I’m recommending you to have some non-standard items to use as weapons.」

(Lulu)「…… Yes. Understood.」

Lulu-sama thoroughly gazed at the coin she just received.

(Yuki)「So Raija, you should have various skills at your disposal, I suppose?」

(Raija)「Of course. Otherwise, if I can’t use my spear I wouldn’t be able to stand my ground, even less than an amateur. It’s standard to train in a secondary armament. Well for Yuki, it’s not enough.」

While we had an idle talk, Curse and Mauve finally came back to us with the information they collected.

(Yuki)「Oh, now everyone is here. And that’s a lot of information we have gathered.」

(Mauve)「There is a lot of people in that direction.」

A lot of information are available to us freely because it’s already being said out loud by lots of people.
Yuki smiled, he seemed to be thinking the same.

(Yuki)「Well, I already have some informations here ~.I’m looking forward to any new information ~」

(Mauve)「… Are you Yuki?」

(Curse)「I guess. Kiyu will never talk like that.」

(Yuki)「Jackpot ~ Well, why don’t we listen to Mauve’s explanation for starters?」

Like that, Yuki urged Mauve to talk.

(Mauve)「Ok, then let’s start. First, Young Miss Lulu was attacked by surprise on her way home by demons and killed. As for the corpse, it seems that it was in a state so painful that they decided to do the cremation on the spot. As a proof, the strange thing is that someone from the escort survived somehow and brought out the Miss personal belongings. Then, it was supposed that the attack was the handiwork of the Demon King. Well, it seems that Yuki had the right guess.」

(Yuki)「Skillful as expected, but… so boring1)as in the scheme being so obvious, not the info. So, where is the place that Lulu was considered dead? In any case, is there a village close to it?」

(Mauve)「I don’t understand why? It would seem that it was the case. The place is in the center of the Holy Country Ritea. Near a village that is close to the town Killis.」

(Yuki)「It’s easy. To have Lulu killed they had to have witnesses to some extent.「This corpse seemed to be Lulu’s」.The truth is, even if you scream that, no one is going to believe you. Even if you are a soldier of Ritea, that’s unlikely. That’s because, for a soldier of Ritea… They rather die fighting with honor than report information.. 」

(Mauve)「Indeed, that’s not enough to convince Lulu’s sect, or any other forces right? In that case, with someone dressed like Lulu-sama and looking like her to some extent, it was possible to impersonate her. And the corpse happened to be in the sight of the village.」

(Yuki)「Because of such a thing, even if the opposing factions don’t believe this, most of the populace do. In other words, even if the real Lulu comes back…」

(Mauve)「She will be handled as a fake?」

(Lulu)「Wow, what is that about. I’m coming home!!! This is the place where Lulu lives!!」

Kovil, who heard the story now, came to cuddle with Lulu.
It was strange because they are two women and our group was mostly composed of men.
Like this, it seemed as if we were all friends.

(Yuki)「Well, it’s fortunate that not too much time passed. If we happened to be a month from now it would be troublesome. The opponent has yet to perfect his hand at play.」

(Curse)「But that doesn’t change the fact that we are at a disadvantage no?」

(Yuki)「That’s true, their plan isn’t complete yet. It’s in a state where they can say that the operation was successful. Only a matter of time before that’s the case.」

(Curse)「What is important now is to find how we can spread the news that Lulu-sama is still alive. And attack the center of Ritea.」

(Yuki)「Then let’s talk about it again after I hear information from you. Mauve, are we done with your information?」

Yuki was asking Mauve just to be sure he didn’t overlook anything.

(Mauve)「Yes, we’re roughly at the end. Aside, if it’s the capital of Ritea then what should remain is Alshtail … right? The heir of the Miss was very sad, she might still not believe in the Miss’s death.」

(Yuki)「Hmm. Lulu, what about this Alshtail ?」

(Lulu)「He’s right. Even in better or worse her heart is still shining with enthusiasm to help other people. She lacks experience somehow, so I’m a bit worried regarding her.」

(Yuki)「Well, if Lulu said it, it should be so.」

(Lulu)「Ugh2)Dispirited sfx

(Yuki)「If the information brought out by Seraria didn’t change, then you can assume that the information regarding Alshtail didn’t change. Well then Curse, what information did you bring?」

Curse made a very interested and grinning face.
Well it’s funny because it is unusual to see him like this.

(Curse)「Roughly, it’s the same story as Mauve-san. Yet, I managed to earn more detailed information about Alshtail 」


(Curse)「She is likely to visit the village where Lulu-sama died. Under the pretence of confirming the things Lulu-sama was wearing at that time. For the diehards it’s a blow they’d want to stop, don’t you think? I can assume this without doubt: They will provide something fake.」



Yuki and Curse were looking at each other and they started laughing.

(Yuki)「This capital city of Ritea, I believe that it’s going to be troublesome to reach the innermost part…」
(Curse)「Yes it’s true, especially finding the last places…」

(Yuki)「Can they think that Lulu crossed to another country in order to invade?」

(Curse)「Of course there is still the country Rochelle. Therefore, it is okay for the hardliners to send Alshtail to the village, make her confirm Lulu-sama’s death and make her the next holy woman. Even if the village is in the neighborhood it needs 4 days by horse nonetheless. Alshtail left 10 days ago approximately. She shouldn’t be close to the village yet. That’s why the other side is completely careless.」

(Yuki)「Indeed, and we have a very convenient vehicle here.」

(Curse)「Yes, a vehicle with incommensurable speed…」



That’s not good, it was looking dangerous!
A set of two men with a cunning mind.
Things weren’t going to be done half-heartedly.
In each other embrace, Kovil and Lulu were trembling.

(Yuki)「So, what’s the plan?」

(Curse)「That village right. The level of the villagers is so low that the level of monsters lurking around is low too, to the point it is referred as a training ground for new adventurers.」

(Yuki)「Well, you know me. I already had the idea of being a rookie adventurer.」

(???)「Me too.」

(Curse)「Well then, to train a newcomer, it’s not unnatural to go at this village for training, no?」

(Yuki)「Yes, let’s do the quest properly. It’s better to do it the good way and stay legit until the end.」

(Curse)「Good, procedures are important.」

Like that, two men stood from their chair and walked to the door.

(Yuki)「Hmmm. Curse you come with me. Also, I need either Raija or Mauve to come. This should be enough for a guarantee.」

(Mauve)「Ah, yes, I’m coming.」

Mauve blurted something and ran after Yuki and Curse.

Yuki came back after a while, with his new status as an adventurer.
As scheduled by Curse, he received the village’s beginner quest.

But the face of Mauve wasn’t exactly in a good shape.

(Mauve)「I’ll never become a statesman ever. It was the first time I saw something that creepy…」

After asking what he saw, it looked like there was a problem with how Yuki and Curse interacted.
There was no problem with the story I heard.
But the problem lied between Yuki and Curse.
So if you hear it from Mauve…

(Curse)「Please excuse me, I want to register this child as an adventurer.」

(Lady at the desk3)It’s obviously a lady, I dare you to object)「Yes let’s do it. It’s Curse-san!? Mauve-san too!? What happened to Raija?」

(Curse)「Nothing, Raija is relaxing at the inn.」

(Lady at the desk)「I see, that’s good. Curse-san, is your party from the country Galtz? I heard that your country and Rochelle were at war…」

(Curse)「Well, we survived. So, please, I’m here to register this guy?」

(Lady at the desk)「Ah. I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. Please fill here.」


(Lady at the desk)「Eehhh, you can write properly. Curse, is he your child?」

(Curse)「…… He is a victim of the war. After I saved him, somehow I became attached to him. His muscles aren’t bad so I brought him here.」

(Lady at the desk)「… It was hard on you, no?」

(Yuki)「… No, because Curse-san and his party helped me together. That’s why, I want to become strong just like them. I want to be able to save people just like they saved me.」

(Lady at the desk)「It’s so rare nowadays for a child to be serious like you. But you can’t be unreasonable. That is forbidden. Listen carefully to Curse-san and you’ll be able to live firmly. Your wish, I’m sure you’ll realize it someday.」

(Yuki)「Thank you very much!!」

It seems that Mauve stopped to listen at that point.
…… Yeah it gave me goose bumps…
Yuki, you are changing too much.


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1. as in the scheme being so obvious, not the info
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3. It’s obviously a lady, I dare you to object

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