Chapter 68 – Protect the important place

Chapter 68 – Protect the important place

side : Ellis

(Seraria)『Tell the whole army!! March forward towards the enemies and begin the main battle!! After we start. 『Annihilate』at your own judgment!!』

Seraria gave out here instructions.
Now then, we were reaching the final battle.

(Ellis)「Now the time has come for the right wing to join the main unit and the left wing at the front and crush our enemies!!」

After my speech, the 140 members of the right wing began to move forward.
Our troop was mainly composed of monsters and a few volunteers.
Although they had met us for a period of only 2 weeks, some of the immigrants from Rochelle showed their will to protect the Dungeon and offered their cooperation.
That was 30 people, merely 10% of our force but very encouraging.
It was a pity that most of the 30 people were men, they were taken out from the workers. A few women still volunteered, however.
These volunteers would be taken into the military of the Dungeon after this fight.

Originally, the different members of the representatives with our increased levels were enough.
We accepted uniformly the participation of the volunteers.
We had the future of the Dungeon in mind.

(Lutz)「Now, all of the volunteers. Your role is to follow and assist the monsters. It’s because they are stronger for now. 」

Lutz spoke to the gathered volunteers.

(Riel)「Because everyone had only raised their levels in the compulsorily training in the Dungeon, your skills are still lacking. Your status are stronger than the enemy soldiers, but that doesn’t mean you are stronger than them. Leave that to us. 」

Riel also explained with a very cautious voice.

Yes, we weren’t the only ones who had leveled using the functions of the Dungeon.
Of course, we had the priority so we first leveled to 100. However, the volunteers also reached up to level 40.
Level-wise, they were similar than the soldiers.
But as Riel said, their practical skill couldn’t catch up to trained soldiers at all. An enemy soldier could defeat someone with up to half his level more1)meaning 1,5 times higher lvl.

We had to firmly protect each and everyone who tries to defend the Dungeon.
This wasn’t a match, you could lose your life in this fight.
They were the people who would bear our future hereafter.

(Kaya)「… Ellis. The enemy’s left wing is catching us. 」

Kaya informed me.

(Lutz)「Notice to each unit!! The right wing led by Ellis will annihilate the enemy’s left wing!! Centering around the representatives, we will shave the enemy to prevent their protuberance!!」


The war cry rose.

(Ellis)「Lutz, Millie, Tori, Riel, and Kaya. It’s forbidden to be unreasonable. Because we can’t foresee the worst, we must prevent losses without saying defeat. Please keep your calm. 」


Each representative would soon begin their respective fight as we would engage the enemies.

(Ellis)「Delille-san, by any chance. Were you waiting for us?」

(Delille)「I am boiling. Because I was told that I had to hold back these hands of Mine as much as possible. I will follow you Ellis. 」

Delille who was with the main unit joined with our forces.
We were almost like a set of ironclad walls.
However, the impatience in my heart wasn’t going away.
Even though Lutz and the others were now high-leveled, how high was their strength in reality?
It had already been confirmed that attacks could be negated by the Guardian Appointment.
But my anxiety wasn’t willing to disappear.
What if we were caught? What if the Guardian Appointment wasn’t effective against our enemies?
Such ideas went back and forth in my mind.
I’m mainly acting as per Yuki-san’s instruction, and he had already thoughts of how to handle many countermeasures, but still, my anxiety wouldn’t wane.
Had he always fought the enemy who came to the Dungeon carrying such feelings?
Honestly, Yuki-san’s traps were more than enough to one shot the invaders.
But Seraria-sama had another thought in mind. She said something along the line : It will be troublesome if they don’t see the power of this place.

This place would also be a relay for the immigrants and they were defending that themselves. We could also display the might of our representatives as the fight would be centered around us.
This fight was necessary in many ways.

「Oh, Ellis. Should we signal to the volunteers unit in the back to load their bows?」

(Ellis)「Ah, okay. Bow squad, prepare!! Aim at the back so as not to involve your ally!! There are plenty of opponents, you’ll definitely hit. Shoot!!」

Our allies released the string of their bows at my signal.


We could hear screams coming from our enemies.

(Ritea’s commander)「What!? Since when monsters can gather and use bows!? First, catch up with their vanguard!! Second…… 」

The cry of the commander echoed from the back.

「It’s a success!! Riel killed the enemy commander!!」

When Riel heard the voice of the enemy commander, she rushed through the battlefield at an unbelievable speed and killed him in one slash. She could achieve that thanks to her new level.
But, Riel stood out.
She should get surrounded by enemies now!?

(Ellis)「Can someone help Riel!? If left alone she risks….. 」

I contacted the other representative with the radio.

(Millie)『Leave it to me!! I, Millie, am coming!! Millie’s corps is catching up to Riel’s corps!!』

Millie who was near Riel’s corps joined her and they began to fight as a dual party.

(Ellis)「Can you hear me Riel!? Millie is going to support you, so try and join with her!!」

(Riel)『Okay, I got it. Yotto, but I seem to manage somehow?』

(Ellis)「Don’t be stupid, I told you that foolish actions are forbidden!!」

(Riel)『Sorry, sorry. 』

Riel seemed to be surrounded, but at the same time, she seemed to have a lot of room available.

『Tori here. The enemy is retreating. Let’s push forward!!』

『Kaya here. Merging with Tori. The troops opposing me were almost destroyed. I will join and cooperate with Tori. 』

(Ellis)「Understood. How it’s going Lutz?」

『Lutz here. Millie’s and Riel’s had left a nice gift to the enemies. They are both somehow competing war potential. Here we are fewer than our enemies, it looks like we are at a disadvantage in the long run. Oups, here!!』

Currently, both Millie and Riel broke through their vanguard. They were holding the center.
Tori and Riel would soon annihilate half of their vanguard.
Lutz was holding on the remaining half.

(Delille)「Oh oh, ye are holding well. Ye clashed a thousand people with a hundred. Lutz isn’t really playing an active part in the suppression, but Millie and Riel have something among their sleeves. 」

Actually, the enemies in front of us were about twice our size.
20 people for each representative? Animals? The opposite side chose to divide their troops with stability in mind.
So even if they were a thousand foes, 300 people were in the vanguard, 500 people in the center and 200 in the back.
While I was having such thoughts, Delille watched Millie and Riel closely.

(Delille)「Can thou see it?」

(Ellis)「ah, there are many enemy soldiers so it’s hard to see. But it seems that they are falling behind. 」

I couldn’t reach them with my eyes.
But from the radio……

(Millie)『Everyone, go away from the magic circle!! I will shave off the surroundings!! Doke doke- ——–!!!!』

(Riel)『Seriously, I don’t understand why I was scolded. I won’t have someone else do that in my stead. Well, I’ll never go easy on opponents attacking our Dungeon!!』

The troops in the center focused mainly on defense, the two girls were able to defeat the nearby opponents.
Mou, the center was already in a state of melee. The bow couldn’t be used anymore.
We had to break the vanguard as soon as possible……

「Eeeyy!! You’re having troubles against a female of the rabbit beastman. ! Our opponents are just 20 goblins!! And our team received damages nonetheless… What a failure!!」

On the place where Lutz was holding, a bearded self-important person was shooting his mouth.

「At the very least capture that female!! If you do things well, it will be worth it!! If you look closely, isn’t she beautiful… huh?」

The man was strangely looking at her chest.
A spear was deeply stabbed on the ground.
Someone then jumped onto the man’s horse.

(Lutz)『Hahahaha. Even if you are falling in love, it’s just gross. 』

Voices echoed from the radio.

(Lutz)『Seriously. When I was an adventurer and a merchant, the thought of selling my body had already crossed my mind. But now it’s impossible. My heart only belongs to one person, onii-san. 』

As Lutz declared, a head and a torso fell apart to the ground.

『The surroundings are quiet. Lutz took out the enemy general!!』


Yosh, with this our victory against the vanguard is almost settled.

(Ellis)「Can you hear me Lutz? Before you destroy the enemy vanguard, you have to recommend and see if they decide to surrender. 」

(Lutz)『Eh? We’re not annihilating them?』

(Ellis)「Yes, those who are running away. But no the ones who don’t show hostility aren’t our enemies. 」

(Lutz)『I see. Are they living witnesses?』

(Ellis)「You’re right. Even if we win beautifully, someone still has to tell Ritea. 」

(Lutz)『Okay. After that, I have to watch if they want to surrender?』

(Ellis)「Please. 」

After that, more than half of the enemy vanguard survivors threw their weapons on the spot when Lutz recommended to surrender.
The remaining half retreated to join the central troops. Well, that wasn’t even 30 people left.

(Ellis)「Tori!! Kaya!!」

(Tori)『Roger, extermination!!』

(Kaya)『I’ll do it. 』

The two joined Millie and Riel after they caught the fleeing survivors.

(Ellis)「Riel, Millie, what are the damages? Everything okay?」

(Riel)『For me, three goblins have been killed. Seven can’t continue the battle anymore. 』

(Millie)『No fatal casualties here, but it’s impossible to continue the fight for 5 of them. 』

(Ellis)「Riel you lost half of your troops!?」

(Riel)『Oh, you don’t need to worry Ellis. The two of us are going crazy here and the enemies can’t contain us. That’s why, I don’t have the time to report. 』

(Ellis)「Okay, maintain the current situation. Tori and Kaya will soon join you. Cooperate and annihilate the center of the opposite side. Because I’d like to avoid exhaustion, declare that you won’t attack if they surrender their weapons. Just like Lutz disarmed some a while ago. 」

Now, let’s break the center of the left-wing.
Since the rear unit is basically here for support or recovery, they won’t go to battle.
Our current damages are lighter than I expected.
It was fortunate that our opponents didn’t receive support with arrows from their rearguard.

Sand seemed to detach and float out of Riel’s fighting zone.
It was like they were heading for here.

(Ellis)「Ano, Delille-san. Do you know what that is?」

(Delille)「Uh? Hou, do they intend to attack our back line with this detached unit?」

(Ellis)「……. On a plain where we have a free view?」

(Delille)「Don’t say that. They have already noticed that they are being suppressed. And as things go on, they won’t be able to hold down. On the opposite, if they capture Seraria they can do what they want freely with the Dungeon. Look, isn’t that what Mine talk was about. 」

(Ellis)「Ah, I understand. If they capture Seraria they can enslave the Dungeon?」

(Delille)「Yes that’s it. Well, Seraria isn’t even the real thing. 」

Delille-san seemed happy as she looked at the enemy’s detachment.
The separated battalion seemed to be aiming at the center led by Seraria.

「…… I feel sorry for our opponents. Even in the meager change, they broke the center, they absolutely couldn’t capture Seraria. 」

Guardian Appointment, ring of return, and various things.
But I couldn’t stay on the sideline.

(Ellis)「Delille-san. Can you please do something about them?」

(Delille)「Well, is that okay?」

(Ellis)「I’ll join the push. Well, there are the bows as well. 」

(Delille)「I like that. Because they are volunteers don’t let them die. Well, I’m heading to do what thou asked. 」


That way, Delille flew away and crashed into the enemy cavalry.
Yes, she was a Demon King.

(Ellis)「Well, let us chase too!!」

When I issued my order…

(Riel)『Riel here. The center of the enemy’s left wing, crushed!!』

(Millie)『There is no crushing. Tori captured the leader of the enemy center. Millie’s corps is annihilating the enemies that don’t want to surrender. 』

(Kaya)『… Kaya here. The enemy’s rearguard has already joined the enemy’s central team. 』

(Lutz))『Well, their judgment is accurate. If your enemies reach the center, outnumbering them is a good option. Oh, Lutz here. Now joining the others. 』

(Tori)『Eto, what should I do with this guy?』

(Lutz)『I think you should cut his head off. 』

(Ritea’s general)『Bu-but, I surrendered….. 』

….. Mou, it looked like the battle was almost over.

(Ellis)「We are open minded and request your surrender. Even if Seraria-sama chases after the opponents who fled, she won’t cut someone who surrenders. Don’t make a mistake. Because we came here to beat our enemies. An opponent who surrender isn’t an enemy. 」

Well, let’s regroup with the remaining enemies at the center and the right wing. Let’s destroy them.
Ah, but if we were this early, maybe Yuki-san had already finished?
Afterword of the author
Seraria doesn’t slash the enemy who surrenders.
But when someone surrenders, he also has to consider various things.


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References   [ + ]

1. meaning 1,5 times higher lvl

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