Chapter 75 – Experiencing Wanwano

Chapter 75 – Experiencing Wanwano1)Wanwano means Dog/doggy or Barking!
Author’s preface
It’s the longest ever
I’m sorry, I wanted to set out the mechanism of the Adventurer Guild.
Experiencing Wanwano2)Wanwano means Dog/doggy or Barking!

side:Rank 7 Adventurer Orvik3)オーヴィク

I’m an adventurer offering my services to special commissions, well, somehow it turned out differently from how it was supposed to be in the beginning.
It seemed that I had talent.
It is said that it’s supposed to take a lot of time until a beginner adventurer rises from rank 1 to 4.
The main reason is in order to rank up to rank 4, one must not only subjugate monsters, but also fully clear a “bandit extermination” commission.
There are many ordinary and easy ways to raise your reputation enough, to rank up to 1 or 2. Such as doing ordinary tasks and helping in villages and towns.
After you have done enough of that, you can finally go out and get rid of monsters.
From rank 2, the subjugation of monsters begins and an adventurer usually learns how to fight, by fighting goblins, slimes, kobolds, caterpillars and the like.
Well, if you think that you are capable enough, you also may search for stronger enemies., but this won’t help you much with the Guilds evaluation.
Officially the only benefit is selling the monster’s materials, so your rank doesn’t rise, though they do tend to at least favour you for it.
Well, I think that this rule is well thought out.
This prevents rookies with lower skills from getting lucky and reaching a rank that doesn’t suit them.
Ranks are not only a proof of strength, it is also a way to trust an adventurer.

And just recently, I had reached a high rank, the seventh, in a short period of just 3 years as an adventurer.
It might look like just a number and even if anyone could rank up a few times, reaching rank 7 as an adventurer in practice is actually way harder than you might think.
As an example, take the thief or bandit extermination of rank 4. Since they are humans and not monsters, it can be very difficult to deal with. On occasion they know their own weaknesses and take countermeasures for them. So there are varying levels of attentiveness, because of that, it can be a very unpredictable commission.
Many rank 4 adventurers become injured during these commissions, immediately putting an end to their career, or in extreme cases, lose their life.
In short, even though a bandit is a condition to rank up, they are not classified like monsters, so it can hold an unknown degree of difficulty to fight one.
If all the adventurers could kill a thief each time for a rank up, the adventurers from the country wouldn’t be able to do it anymore4)as in they run out of thiefs to subjugate?

Obviously, the difficulty to rank up to 5 is even higher.
This is achieved thanks to a high ratio of successful requests, your reputation in the surroundings, your personality and more. Naturally, the contents of the requests also become more difficult.
There are many things that are taxing mentally, or misleading, such as searching for specific items inside a Dungeon.
Additionally, the strength of monsters is nothing compared to what you had to fight previously, so troubles arise due to the monster’s abilities.
If a party on the level of beginners met an entity like a monster of rank 5 class, it is very likely that it’d result in a total annihilation.

Rank 6. It is the rank I had up until a month ago.
This is a rank that needs even more achievements than rank 5. Once further evaluations are completed by the guild, one can attempt a specified quest. Upon completion one would be awarded with a rank up.
That’s where nominated requests come in handy.
Well, one could also receive a nominated request in the lower ranks, but those ones are a lot more confidential.
These special quests are also more likely to be a fight against an outburst of monsters.
This rule is also done well.
But telling something like that would make the surroundings panic if released to the public.
The Guild usually knows when an outburst is about to appear thanks to the frequent investigations.
After that, there’s the danger of the numerous Dungeons.
These are painful places, even for adventurers of rank 6.
Although the Dungeon is a place where fortunes lay, it’s far too easy to forget that it is a place of unprecedented, yet natural disasters.
Before you notice, you’re surrounded by a swarm of monsters, some floors more so than others.
Dangers such as that need some meticulously planned countermeasures, trusted teamwork and more than anything, experience, which also means that there is a deadly first time.

Oh, and also,
in the same way that adventurers are ranked, Dungeons are as well.
I heard that the Dungeons received them since adventurers specialized in Dungeons.
A Dungeon’s rank tends to be higher than the adventurer’s in it.
Certain monsters and floors require special conditions to challenge them.
That’s why, adventurers of rank 3 could enter a rank 6 Dungeon.
It is hard to say whether that’s a good thing.

Higher ranked adventurers are good because of their judgment, their communication and their awareness of their surroundings.
In general, it was also in accordance with the trust from the inhabitants who are settled around where they operate.

When the rank of a Dungeon is high, you need to be especially cautious of traps and surprise attacks that are particularly high in numbers and also awareness of how strong the monsters are.
Let’s just say that their fighting ability needs to be high.

The only Dungeon I’ve gone into was rank 5.
That’s primarily because there are no higher ranked Dungeons around.
It was the only available training Dungeon so I had ranked there. 5)like Leveling but for Ranks
This is one of the reasons I stayed there, to rise as an adventurer, but the other is because it’s easy to get good quests and fame in a Dungeon.

And just recently, I became rank 7.
To get this high, it’s as much chance as it is skill.
Well, truthfully, the only attainable rank for normal adventurers is 6 at best.
To rise above that, you need to take a leadership role against an invasion of monsters.
Moreover, just taking the lead isn’t enough to rank up, you also need to have distinguished service in the battle.
In my case, a group of nearly 200 monsters assaulted the place I had set up as my base. Even if I had sought reinforcements from elsewhere, they wouldn’t have reached the place in time.
In the end we managed with the local knights, adventurers and volunteers.
At that time, we weren’t even 100 people in total within our main fighting force.
Volunteers 6)Militia had also joined, so it was quite disadvantageous not only in quantity, but also quality.
With my rank being 6, I was able to gather the adventurers who were in my vicinity and decided to protect one of the flanks……
Against the offensive of double the number of opponents, our main force was inferior.
The adventurers were also outnumbered, and unfortunately, one of the adventurers who was my subordinate fled.
It was hard, but we managed to deal with our sector, we then hurriedly flanked the exposed enemies side to relieve the main force. They then used the opportunity to move the wounded away from the front and had them recover.
Thanks to that time’s achievements and praise, I was recognized as rank 7.

I don’t know how to reach rank 8.
Mauve is one of the adventurers that are called rank 8 heroes, people who joined the defense. But his is a story of heroic proportion.
At that time, the owner of a town moved most of its force away for a Bandit subjugation and as a consequence the town was left nearly undefended.
The timing was truly unlucky, a horde of monsters suddenly appeared and there was no lord to provide guidance, let alone enough forces to oppose. The Adventurer Guild decided on a basic strategy which focused entirely on evacuating the civilians.
One of the very few adventurers who participated in that defense and successfully earned enough time for the escape was Mauve who was hailed as the hero of the defense.
Regardless of the overwhelming disadvantage, he had gathered as many adventurers as humanly possible, raised their morale to the limit and pushed back a group that was nearly four times greater than there were defenders. Thus he protected the town.
And the town i was in struggled when it was twice as many. He is a person worthy of respect.
I wanted to meet him someday, but alas, due to the Demon King’s machinations that one time, it was reported that he had died in the internal strife of the country.
If he was alive, I would like him to tell me many great stories, but information is very confusing and I can’t find his tracks.
Well, it’s only been 3 months since the declaration of the end of the war.
At least one year will probably be necessary for everything to calm down.

I have no idea of how to reach rank 9 or 10.
If rank 8 was a hero who made critical contributions to defending a town, would a rank 9 or 10 be on par with a Demon King or a country?

(Rahlie)「Hey, Orvik, what’s wrong?」

(Orvik)「Oh, sorry. I am a rank 7 adventurer right?」

(Rahlie)「Fufu, you are worthy of being an adventurer. I guarantee it. 」

Wondering why I looked unfocused in front of the quest board, my party member Rahlie called out to me.
I met Rahlie on my way back from a subjugation, she was inside a horse-drawn carriage that was attacked and I ended up saving her albeit late. Many people had already died by the time I arrived.
There were a few survivors. And Rahlie was one of them, though she was a slave.
there was some good luck as the coach of the carriage had survived, but the slaves couldn’t keep going.

In general, slaves look pretty bad, be it poor, unkempt, or just dead in the eyes.
The thing is no one wants a worn-out slave.
So slaves usually at least receive the bare minimum clothing and shelter.
Some slave merchant are good, other are bad. The bad capture from other countries and sell illegally. The good buy willing people. These people usually sell themselves to merchants to provide an immediate monetary injection to the family in times of emergency.
For the latter merchants, they have a hard time surviving since competition with the “Bad” is fierce and they often starve to death.
What they do can be seen as a good deed from a certain viewpoint.
The merchant I helped was the latter type, and the slaves had all willingly become slaves to help their families.
The merchant was a gentle person, he treated the slaves nicely and although it was a bit narrow, he provided a place for them to sleep, enough food, and simple clothes.
I was late at that time and since the good merchant would need some immediate cash to tend to everything that happened, I decided to buy a slave in order help. So I bought a pretty girl named Rahlie as a slave.

The pricing of a slave varies, but the merchant said it was 7 golds for Rahlie.
According to my previous earnings, I could gather 7 gold coins by doing roughly 10 difficult quests.
How should I say it, as many as 10 difficult quests are not easy to come by, so you know how much money I had7)ED note: nope, we don’t.
In this region, elves, fox people, and rabbit people are a white gold coin each. Well, they are pretty cute though.
Oh, it that was only regarding female slaves, but male slaves that can battle are also very popular.

Honestly, after establishing my contract with Rahlie I got quite carried away. I indulged in a man’s desire frequently.
Thanks to that, a rather difficult period ensued where i had low funds, but Rahlie stayed by my side, smiling.
And once Rahlie became able to sustain herself, I freed her from slavery.
This was also a way to show her my gratitude.
It’s because I thought about how I repeatedly held her tightly in my embrace every evening and she, without voicing any complaints or wishes, kept up with all of the dangerous things I did just to satisfy my desire.
Despite all of that, Rahlie is still with me.
She told me that she wanted to follow me of her own will and on that occasion, she honestly bawled her eyes out.
In between now and then I have made other friends and thus we have caught up with the present.
My new friends have talent, but their strong point is their honest feelings.
But since I am the leader, there seems to be some degree of respect and therefore distance in accordance with the dignity of my rank.

(Orvik’s party member)「OOi8)Ooi or Oi おおい is a familiar means of calling out to someone in Japanese Orvik! The Guild Master is calling us!! 」

(Orvik’s party member)「Hey, even if it’s good hanging around with Rahlie, pay attention to the time and place!! 」

The other members of our party called out to us.
These two people have a relationship just like Rahlie any myself, and after they heard our story, we partnered up together ever since.
Because we are all together, our job is less dangerous.
There was no risk of pregnancy thanks to a magical medicine, but I have already told the other couple that I want to settle somewhere and dedicate myself to a nice, warm family.

The Guild Master has called us for a request.

(Rahlie)「Huh? Wait a just a minute! The Dungeons are DIY!? And you want us to assess them?」

We all jumped in surprise after we heard that, our eyes flickered.

(Guild master)「Have you heard the story about the late Holy Woman Herge from Rochelle? The one about her successfully conquering and then assuming control of a Dungeon?」

(Rahlie)「Yeah, however I also heard that Herge was killed shortly after because of the Demon King’s plan… 」

Rahlie managed to make a retort.

(Guild master)「Well, that is a fact. However, the rulership of the Dungeon has been handed over…… 」

After that, we heard the rest of the story.
Herge’s older sister, Seraria, inherited the authority over the Dungeon.
She can use the functionalities it has and has tried a wide variety of things, such as establishing a new mode of life with immigrants and cooperating monsters. Apparently that’s possible ….
She’s even made things that go way beyond the common sense of what a Dungeon is, like a founding a vast city inside the Dungeon walls. One such ridiculous plan is to make specialised Dungeons inside the Original Dungeon for adventurers.
How ridiculously unreasonable.
A Dungeon inside a Dungeon? Specialised for adventurers?
However we have been told what the obvious benefits are and we also understand well that if this Dungeon District were to function correctly and as planned, then tremendous profit and prospects will arise and the future of many people will expand exponentially.

(Orvik)「I understand, I accept the request. 」

(Guild master)「Thank you. In order to gather effectively before departure, the meetup with the other adventurers will be three days from now, so I ask you to prepare accordingly in the meantime. 」

(Orvik)「There will also be other adventurers?」

(Guild master)「Oh, i assume you know that Seraria is nicknamed the war goddess?」

(Orvik)「Yes, she even has a special class and is on a much higher level. 」

(Guild master)「That’s right. So she’s decided to create 8 Dungeons in order to provide a suitable training ground for the military and adventurers. 」

(Orvik)「8 of them! ?」

(Guild master)「Yes. We’ve already received some basic documents on the Dungeons such as a map and the features, but most of them can’t be judged with common sense. That’s why, we intend to send two teams to each of the 8 Dungeons in order to explore and determine what the rank of the Dungeons should be.」

(Orvik)「Understood, if it’s like that, then we have quite a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. 」

(Guild master)「Right. Because of that, we would like you to recommend some adventurers to us. If they are referred to us from someone as powerful as a rank 7 adventurer, they will surely go the extra mile. 」

(Orvik)「Are you sure? You want to give such an important task to us?」

(Guild master)「Come on. If it’s rank 7 adventurers, then currently only you are available in the Adventurer Guild of Ritea. Well, even though I say that, recommendations will be limited to a minimum of rank 5. Honestly, we have even called out to the notorious ones of rank 6. No, it would probably be more accurate to say we’ve already called out to all the members of rank 6. 」

(Orvik)「Ano, how many rank 6’s does Ritea currently have?」

(Guild master)「Well, in total it’s about 70. But not all of the parties can participate, some are already in the middle of longer commissions. So long story short, 8 teams have decided to participate. 」

Indeed, so in that case, maybe those people should come……

(Orvik)「I currently have a rank 5 adventurer in mind. May I?」

(Guild master)「Yes, please go ahead. 」

(Orvik)「How about Tanaka-san who leads the heroes from the country of Rumel? They are fairly strong, and there is no problem with their mentality. 」

That would be a perfect job for the heroes of Rumel, who were summoned from another world.
And I think, that Tanaka-san is even stronger than the regular heroes.
Even if some people laugh at him because he’s「Level 1」, he doesn’t try to hide the fact.
But in my opinion, his individual combat ability is already above rank 7.


Back when I was once leading a team to exterminate the ogres in Ritea, there were a lot more of them than the intelligence we were given and to top it all off, the ogres had a Tempest ogre leading them.
The moment we realized this, I was thinking of breaking out in one direction and running away with our tails between our legs……
Suddenly, the sound of explosions echoed and the Tempest ogre splattered in the blink of an eye and the other ogres quickly followed suit.
The person who appeared after that display was Tanaka-san, leading the heroes.

(Tanaka)「Excuse me. I thought that it was a dangerous situation so I forcefully helped. Of course, since I did this without permission, you can take the materials of the monsters here. 」

「Hey! ? How can you snipe so precisely when there are all these obstacles in the woods?!」

「…… As usual, it’s amazing. 」

Sniper? But Tanaka-san didn’t even have a bow.
Was he a magician?

(Orvik)「N-no. It was helpful. Thank you very much. I am Orvik. An adventurer. 」

(Tanaka)「…… I am called Tanaka. 」

(Hikari)「My name is Hikari9)Probably a man, Hikari speaks using Boku. 」

(Nadeshiko)「I am Nadeshiko」

(Akira)「My name is Akira. And this is… 」

In that way, we introduced ourselves and parted ways.
Later, I heard that they are heroes, indeed that’s a title fit for their capabilities.

(Guild Master)「Ah, the noble Tanaka can’t join us on this one. It’s a confidential matter between the countries Rochelle and Ritea. Tanaka is actually a heavyweight in the hierarchy of Rumel so we don’t know how reckless they might act if they hear about the Dungeon. If we manage this poorly, it may even up as a diplomatic incident. 」

(Orvik)「Oh, so we are in that kind of relationship. 」

Well then, they cannot receive this quest.

(Guild Master)「Well, that’s unconfirmed, but I heard that the heroes of defense are coming to Ritea. In fact, it would be even easier to found the second team if they are to accept this request. 」

(Orvik)「Is that true, they were ok?!

(Guild Master)「Ho ho ho, the heroes of defense are still popular. Well, I’m still looking into it for now. For the time being, I would appreciate it, if you started with your preparations. 」

(Orvik)「Ahh, sorry. Understood. I’ll take my leave. 」

After we finished preparations for departure, meeting up and traveling to the Dungeon, we saw something amazing.

「It’s a lie… right? Is this really a Dungeon?」
「There’s a sky… 」
「Also there’s trees and a river… 」
「And in the field over there there’s an orc! He is working hard in the field! ?」

The truth that appeared in front of our eyes was that there is a Dungeon right beneath the cathedral of Ritea. And there’s even a transfer field connecting to Rochelle.
But, that was only the beginning.
I’ve been told that when we reach Seraria’s Dungeon, there would be buildings, shops, and a so called Super Lutz. Which common sense do they think can catch up with this10)ED note: the common sense of otherworld of course 😀 ? There are also a number of rare items.

While I was busy being dumbfounded, they started the explanations of the Dungeons.

(Guild Master)「On this occasion, these people have also accepted to participate in the quest to assess Dungeons. Everyone knows them. The rank 8 heroes of defense!! 」

「「「Oohh!! 」」」

The members of the Adventurer Guild became noisy, I also came back to my senses.
Was he talking about the Heroes of defense?
The first… perhaps he’s the one who carries a spear, the light spear Raija.
The second looks like Curse, the sage who holds a wand.
And the last one … The strange man I had spoken with, the sword user and leader Mauve!!

(Mauve)「… Well. That’s impossible…… to us… It isn’t fun….. !! 」

「…… No………. right? …… Then……. 11)they are not hearing what they are whispering amongst themselves properly I am expecting great things from you!! 」

「That’s absolutely not possible!! 」

「Don’t deny it!! 」

「Hasten up!! 」

(Guild Master)「Eto, excuse me, Mauve-dono. Could I ask you to make a greeting?」

「Come on, go. 」

(Mauve)「To Hell with that!!  Later on I’ll absolutely drink some good sake!! 」

It must be an acting.
Everyone was smiling at Mauve-san’s performance.
Well, is this the behaviour of the hero of defense? 
※Wrong. Rather than acting, he was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

(Mauve)「… Okay. Uh, well, I am called Mauve, one of the heroes of defense. However, that doesn’t matter. You have all suffered and fought against death, to come to be where you are now. Trust in yourselves. I don’t think there’s much of a difference between you and me. 」

Everyone quietly listened to his words.
Heroes truly are different after all.
Good people who don’t use their power arrogantly, truly believe in equality and therefore are always careful and nice.

(Mauve)「I heard that all of the adventurers here have been individually selected. I think that you are already aware but I’ll still say it. Although it’s an assessment, it’s perfectly possible to die if you make even one mistake!!  Never let your guard down!!  Those Dungeons are made by filthy, crafty characters… It hurts! ?」

As he said that, a woman of a noble family came behind him.

(Seraria)「I am the lord here you know? Whose personality is filthy and crafty? Well, I sympathize that you’re lamenting over our Dungeons. But don’t say anything that would tarnish their image. 」

The Lord?
So this means, she is Seraria-sama12)apparently in the raw they did refer to her as Seraria before and only now they called her “-sama”! ?
When everyone realized, they immediately fell to their knees……

(Seraria)「Please raise your heads. We have asked you to come. It is our side that should be lowering their heads instead. I want to show you my gratitude for this time’s support. Thank you. 」

That said, Seraria lowered her head.


Then after a simple explanation, we joined with another team and then we received the guidebook on our assigned Dungeon.

(Orvik)「Now, how do you intend to move?」

「We’ve received a strategy guide!!  Seraria-sama bowed her head just like that. If we do our best here and memorize it, there’s fame, money and glory as a reward!! 」

The team that joined me is Rank 6, but they seriously couldn’t keep their calm.
It seems that he is excited since someone from royalty bowed their head.

「We may be inferior, but we will go first!! If we are very lucky, Seraria-sama will choose her suitor!! 」13)a suitor is someone kind of like a boyfriend, but with a concrete prospect of marriage

As they said that, the team laughed and charged into the Dungeon.

(Rahlie)「I wonder if they’ll be okay?」

We all had the same thought as Rahlie.

(Orvik)「… Well, there is no need to study the guide for the first floor… 」

I managed to squeeze those words out and entered the Dungeon after them.
This Dungeon, as Mauve-san had warned, was very unusual.

「…… A wide meadow. 」

「You can see a forest with a pathway down the middle in the back. 」

「For the time being, I can’t see any monsters. 」

We instantly formed a circle as we took our first look into the Dungeon.
It’s a defensive formation we assume every time we transfer somewhere for the first time.

「…… Where do you think the stairs are that lead to the bottom?」

「That’s… the guide says further in the back.」

「… Where in a meadow is the back…… 」

Yes, this floor isn’t a maze and no matter how hard one looks, one could only see meadows and woods.
Is there even a “back” here?

「Anyway, standing around here won’t get us anywhere, so let’s head for the back of the forest. Since it was so glaringly obvious why not try the path we saw?」

「Yes, I’m ok with that. 」

「Might as well since there’s nowhere else. Even if we were to get surrounded, it should be easy enough to retreat as long as we progress carefully and check our surroundings, also there’s the emergency transfer. 」

「I have no objection. 」

After that, we proceeded along the path. There we met a few kobolds and animals but since they are monsters for beginners, we defeated them easily.

(Orvik)「The first floor has kobolds, that’s honest. 」

(Rahlie)「Oh well. It’s a necessary thing for beginners. 」

(Orvik)「That would normally be the case but this time there are some special circumstances, if you paid attention to the introduction to the Dungeon you would know that that is a misconception. 」

(Rahlie)「Eh? What’s up? Do these Kobolds have special abilities? Aren’t they at best capable of beating things with a stick? Orvik, could you please fill me in? I’m afraid i missed it.」

Rahlie missed it? Well, it’s okay. This doesn’t usually happen.

(Orvik)「Because Kobolds look likes dogs, these ones have been made to act like them. They have feelings of friendship and a strong awareness of territory. Since their noses are good, they will quickly smell blood, especially if it’s of their own kind. Once they notice that their friends are dead, you have to deal with quite the numbers. Well, the same is true of the goblins. Honestly, now that I think about it this would be common sense if not for the category “Monster”. I mean they don’t usually care too much about their comrades being killed, isn’t that a little strange? 」

(Rahlie)「Oh, I see. Normally it would end when the ones immediately in front of us die, but not this time. We’ve already made noises and killed a few, isn’t the situation pretty bad?」

She’s got it. I suppose an unexpected enemy reinforcement might come after they heard the noises. Well, it shouldn’t be too bad. In nature, the herd won’t move that much unless something extraordinary happens. And also because Kobolds and Goblins are weak demons. 」

While we discussed such things, we started hearing and feeling vibrations coming from dead ahead.

「… What is it? An earthquake?」

「No, this resembles the sound of a horde moving. 」

「Eh, a horde you said… That means… 」

「Look!!  Those are people right, no way! ?」

From the back of the path, the adventurers who charged ahead of us, are running in our direction.
Two of the six are being carried off on the other’s backs.

Appearing from behind them, was of course, a horde of roughly 100 kobolds.

「「「Wanwano!!  Wanwano!! 」」」

「…… I can hear very specific noises. 」

「I’m becoming unsteady. 」

「What should we do? That herd looks pretty riled up, should we ready ourselves to sustain injuries?」

「I think that it is better to withdraw quickly. There is no meaning in fighting that and consequently getting hurt on the first floor. 」

I agree with what that girl, my partner, said.
They made a mistake.
There should be no need for us to meddle with them.
But why haven’t they used the return ring?
No wait a second, it could be that they completely panicked and forgot about it. If that’s the case then rank 6 is a bit …

(Orvik)「… I intend to withdraw, but first I will tell them to use the return ring. For that reason, Rahlie please use an AOE spell to buy me some time. 」14)Area of Effect or also Wide scale magic

(Rahlie)「… Seriously, if they forgot their rings, are they truly rank 6! ? Isn’t that a beginners mistake?」

(Orvik)「…… I understand, but please hear me out. Lives depend on it. 」

(Rahlie)「Got it. Then I’ll start chanting. 」

Rahlie quickly completed the chant and unleashed the magic.

(Rahlie)「Fire storm!!! 」

A whirlpool of flame was formed and the kobolds within its reach were sucked in, then rolled around on the ground and then died.
However, since their numbers are ridiculous, the kobolds who were safe, simply changed course and moved around the fire storm.
But that still took time.

「「「Wanwano!!  Wanwano!! 」」」

「He-help us!!  Save my friend!! 」

(Orvik)「Use the ring!!  The return ring dammit!! 」

「Ah! ?」

He looked like he had really forgotten, despite this being reported directly from the Guild Master.
While I thought in that way, those who were running away disappeared in a matter of seconds.

(Orvik)「Yosh, they escaped. 」

「Orvik, we have to hurry!! 」

「Oh yes!! 」

And so, we ceased our search after just one hour and returned to the guild.
When we got back, the wounded were receiving treatment from Lulu.
Oh, wait a minute, was Lulu-sama also here?
What a luxurious treatment.

「Excuse me. You are the team that dived into the same Dungeon as this party right? May I ask you what happened?」

Although we intended to report the situation to the Guild Master, a different person called out to us first.

(Rahlie)「Eh, isn’t it Tori!? Riel too!? Why are you in this place! ?」

Rahlie let out a voice full of surprise as I also noticed it.
Their appearance has made leaps and bounds in the really good direction, but this is indeed the face of Tori and Riel.
Both of them are adventurers of rank 6.
Recently, we lost contact though…..

(Orvik)「Huh? But the two of you weren’t with us on the ride here. Did you come in later?」

(Tori)「Eetto, Orvik. Rahlie, please calm down and listen….. 」

(Riel)「The Dungeon all of you entered was made by me Riel, Tori and Kaya!! 」

(Kaya)「… Thanks. 」


Riel was crazy as usual, but to think that she would become someone of this level of importance?
Author’s afterword
What do you think?
This is the mechanism of the adventurer guild of this world.
Oh, don’t mind too much about Tanaka.
When it comes to Torino (Yuki), this will be a contest of end of century proportion.
They won’t face each other for the time being.

Afterwards, quite the quantity of Wanwano gather!!

Editor’s afterword
What a rude bunch for not calling the titles of princess and Saint properly.
But what should you expect from adventurers who were most likely born as peasants.


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1, 2. Wanwano means Dog/doggy or Barking
3. オーヴィク
4. as in they run out of thiefs to subjugate
5. like Leveling but for Ranks
6. Militia
7. ED note: nope, we don’t
8. Ooi or Oi おおい is a familiar means of calling out to someone in Japanese
9. Probably a man, Hikari speaks using Boku
10. ED note: the common sense of otherworld of course 😀
11. they are not hearing what they are whispering amongst themselves properly
12. apparently in the raw they did refer to her as Seraria before and only now they called her “-sama”
13. a suitor is someone kind of like a boyfriend, but with a concrete prospect of marriage
14. Area of Effect or also Wide scale magic

12 Replies to “Chapter 75 – Experiencing Wanwano”

  1. Interesting chapter. I liked it.

    Totally different perspective too.
    It was rather refreshing, and really made you feel like the main cast felt like outsiders.

    So, this world had “summoned Heroes” too… interesting.
    Ah, but Hikari is generally a girl’s name and in fiction, girls using “boku” ad their preferred personal pronoun isn’t that unusual. Plus the generic hero setup is a ratio of 2:2 even split between guys and girls… normally anyway.

    Being an Adventurer and ranking up seems slightly tougher thhan I expected huh…

    But… Dungeon Master vs Hero, huh?
    …I feel sorry for those poor Heroes.

    Ah, n thx 4 the ch!

    • This specific dungeon master already defeated a group of heroes [heroes of defence]

      I’m betting, the transported heroes would be the ones crying when they visit this dungeon master [crying from nostalgia of their original world!]

      • Well, he did beat Mauve and co… but I mean Summoned Heroes are usually 2 ranis above the norm, minus those handful of uber monsters who just break the rules by breathing.

        But Yuki, a Summoned DM, picked by a Goddess vs Tanaka and friends, a Summoned Hero out to prolly beat the Demon King.

        Two summoned badasses fighting would be a good fight you gotta admit.

        But yeah, Yuki would most likely SLAUGHTER them.
        1. Defeated Heroes AND a Demon King… with slimes, just slimes… that’s it.
        2. Converted said Heroes and Demon King into his followers/wife(in the case of the Demon King)
        3. Manhandled invasions with BOTH Rochelle’s AND Ritea’s armies without breaking a sweat.
        4. Saved TWO Holy Maidens, marriied a Princess, saved tens of thousands of refugees, fairies and slaves….
        5. Toppled the conspiracies involving said Holy Maidens and Princess.
        6. Built a thriving paradise for everyone else, provided they obey the laws.
        7. Raised military forces that equal a whole nation’s army that can be counted to be less than 1/10 of Ritea’s invading army… with near a dozen of them being OVER level 100!

        …Yeah. Yuki is more of a Hero than the “real” Hero is… A fight between them would, right now, be a pointless one sided slaughter. And…the girls… The girls alone would simply kill anyone who threatens Yuki, Hero or not.

        Lol…this isn’t funny. Yuki is almost too damn broken an Mc… and he just us3s his head!

  2. Error??
    I decided to buy a slave in order help -> I decided to buy a slave in order to help

    Thanks for the treat.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, man what a funny bunch of adventurers, they forgot about the dangerous place they are and went thinking about replacing Yuki.

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