Chapter 84 – Pretext for war

Chapter 84 – Pretext for war
Preface of the Author
I’m sorry.
It was too long so I split this.
The reason why I couldn’t post this yesterday was because of confusion.
I could only see the management screen. And others could connect properly……
Also, thank you for your impressions of the useless goddess and Shera.
Here is a bit of an explanation regarding his disguise.
Chapter 84 – Pretext for war

Side : Shera, the seventh Princess of Galtz.

Now, I’m completely ashamed of myself.
It happened when I tried speaking about the divine protection I received from Lilith, in front of the King.
I had completely misunderstood that I was the only woman who would be able to support danna-sama, in accordance with the words from the Goddess.
Also, because I didn’t understand that talking about the Goddess’s messenger would bring risks for danna-sama.
Because I am a concubine, I had to understand it after a while!!
I was getting too carried away because of Lilith’s divine protection.

(Seraria)「… Ano, you don’t have to lower your head that much?」

I was in front of Seraria-sama, bending my upper body as an apology.
If I had finished making that mistake at that juncture, it might have ended up in war between the three countries.

(Shera)「No, it truly was inexcusable. I only properly thought about it after Lulu-sama explained it to me. Although the lacking me received divine protection, I was too rash. 」

(Seraria)「It’s fine. Even Lilith-sama hadn’t thought about such potential retributions, such a reaction was normal for Shera to make. Besides, you couldn’t have known that everyone else on our side, namely Yuki and his wives, had all received the protection as well」

(Shera)「No, I only knew that danna-sama was going to be the one saving this continent. I think, an apology like this is natural. 」

(Seraria)「…… I-is that so?」

Oups, I made the same blunder.
How could I possibly get danna-sama to forgive me now?
No matter how you look at it, at the previous meeting it was all acting, he doesn’t actually hold such favor for me.
I think it is wonderful that he protects the ignorance of the young.
However, since we aim to save the continent, we will need talented people and such blunders simply aren’t good enough.
As for me, I think such persons are definitely needed1)Chill: in other words she doesn’t see herself as such a talent.

(Shera)「Uh, Uuu…… 」

Poroporo, tears are swelling up….
Uuh…. I can’t stop my tears, because of the disappointment i feel towards myself, I betrayed the mission Lilith-sama had given to me.

(Seraria)「Umm, dear. One of your wives is crying. 」

(Yuki)「I can see. 」

The voices of Seraria and danna-sama.
Ah, I guess he would say that I’m not necessary right about now.

(Yuki)「Shera, it’s fine. You are indispensable to our objective. 」


What do you mean?
I’m nothing but an ordinary Princess of some country.
Moreover, when such a child doesn’t have any value, they will simply be disposed of, married off or similar.
Despite that, danna-sama said he needs me.

(Shera)「Wh-why? Even though I have bothered everyone so much and blundered at every possible chance … 」

(Yuki)「I wonder if you can try to not only hear, but also comprehend what I said?」

(Shera)「…… Ah. 」

Danna-sama needs me.
He doesn’t need my title or my body and he wants me to grasp why I’m needed.
With told like this it truly means that he really needs me, the person Shera.
Somehow my thoughts went like this.

(Yuki)「The important thing is to learn diligently. Everyone makes mistakes. I think that the most important thing, is that we reflect properly and think about why something went wrong and learn from it to prevent the same thing from happening again. 」

(Shera)「… Yes, I guess that’s right. 」

(Yuki)「I think that Shera will be able to properly capitalize on the newfound knowledge next time, in case you do, then you’re a very praiseworthy person, don’t you agree?」

(Shera)「…… currently at least, I’m a useless person, so please treat me well. 」

It’s exactly as Lilith-sama said.
This man will surely save the continent.
Someone who can find the importance in meaningless things.
A wonderful person that doesn’t lose to power, fortune and desires.

Therefore, I suddenly noticed something.

(Shera)「Ano, Yuki-sama. Excuse my asking, but how exactly did you manage to get recognized by Lilith-sama?」


It seems that his wives also noticed what I said.

「Which reminds me, I did notice dear, didn’t you say that you became a Dungeon Master? Why did you use “became”?」
「Yes, I also heard it from onii-san. What on earth does that mean?」

The sights of everyone centered on Yuki-sama.

(Yuki)「Hum, oh, my previous introduction was a lie. Sorry. Would you have believed me if I had said God transported from a distant planet to this one and changed my race??」


I believe it, but everyone has a subtle look for some reason.
What’s the matter?

(Yuki)「Why I could recognize that useless Goddess, since I was moved to this world by her. 」

(Lutz)「…… Let’s see~. If i was told this back when we first met, I would have probably looked at onii-san as if you were crazy. 」

Everyone nodded silently.
Eto, somehow, don’t you all think that you are disrespecting a God here?

(Seraria)「However, with this I’m convinced. Yuki does have too many different technologies and his knowledge is too abstract, so i had always wondered why he didn’t just return to his hometown, since that must be paradise or something.」

(Lutz)「Also, onii-san was referred to as the one who would save the continent. ~」

(Yuki)「….. Ah~, well about that. In fact it’s a lot more reckless than it sounds. 」

(Seraria)「Ara, dear, everyone here doesn’t say anything about your irresponsible manner of speech. I believe you’ve already showed us more than enough of how reckless you can be. 」

Seraria-sama intensely stared at Yuki-sama.
What were his results so far?

(Lutz)「That’s right onii-san. You made this Dungeon, saved He-2)Was about to mention Herge Seraria-sama, bought us to make it possible for people to live here, we have been hospitable and now, a lot of people are living inside the Dungeon. You have also saved a lot of lives. 」

(Lulu)「It is as Lutz said. Danna-sama smacked my opponents because I was chased. He repaired my broken heart and showed me the joy of living again. He even avoided the war I was desperately trying so hard to avoid. We all believe in you danna-sama. 」

When she said that, everyone joyfully nodded.

(Yuki)「Thank you. You say that, but in the end, it was only possible because of everyone here. 」

Yuki-sama said somewhat shyly.
I don’t know much of anything, so I didn’t understand much. But going by the general flow, Yuki-sama has not run a dictatorship, but rather ensured that everyone had been involved, at least one way or another, has had a say since the beginning.

(Seraria)「However dear, you seems to have accumulated a lot of military might. But what will you do to save the continent? Are you going to raise a flag3)declare himself as an independent country? Are you going to delete Galtz and Rochelle?」

Seraria-sama made a self-evident remark about the sacrifices needed to found a country which seems like it will be necessary in the future.
Galtz… Was Yuki-sama going to remove it?
Even I understood that someone cannot save the continent by staying locked up in a remote place forever.
To save the continent, is to unite the continent.
Nobody has been able to do it. Unless you complete unbelievable feats, this continent won’t be saved.

(Yuki)「Eh, no. That’s too troublesome, I’d totally die. 」

Yuki-sama said that in the most tiresome way ever.

(Lutz)「Etoo, onii-san. Then, how are you intending on saving the continent?」

I noticed that the one speaking is of the same kin as me. Lutz-san is a rabbit woman. That person asked an obvious question.

(Seraria)「Wasn’t the reason why you gathered human resources not expressly for making your own country?」

Seraria-sama was also puzzled, her head full of curiosity.

(Yuki)「 To be honest, If I wanted to seriously go to war I could have done so long ago. But I don’t want to do something as troublesome as dealing with grudges and dragging up the living standards again afterwards. This place, I especially built it in a place I could safely and quietly live, why you ask? Because I simply don’t want to throw my life to the winds. 」

(Shera)「However, Yuki-sama. Then how do you intend to answer your promise with Lilith-sama?」

While I was listening to Yuki-sama, I began pondering something……

(Yuki)「Yeah~ I will explain it from the beginning. Then you will understand why I created this Dungeon city. Yosh, Shera. Do you know why or how war occurs?」

(Shera)「Why does war come to pass?」


I took a short breath before I answered.

(Shera)「Wars basically, are fights over sought after lands, resources and capable persons. Currently countries hold some kind of right for any given plot of lands. Even if there’s a powerful monster and no one can do anything about it, the area remains as some country’s land. Originally property was something someone decided without permission from anyone else, but then this fictional border became very important for a country and was thus, with enough time, turned into fact. Additionally the more lands you own, the more people you can feed and ultimately the stronger your country. In other words, making and protecting a country, is like settling disputes over land with neighboring countries at all times. The easiest way to manage the competition over lands is war. 」

(Yuki)「Yes yes. What about you Seraria?」

(Seraria)「I agree with Shera. Even so, if we were to raise our own flag, we would be taking away this land from Rochelle and even if my Father and my sister know that they would lose, they would still be forced to send troops. 」

Yes, in short, the more land there is, the richer and more powerful the country becomes.
Well, indeed, until the end, order isn’t always firmly managed and in certain ways disadvantages start appearing when the country grows beyond a certain point.

(Yuki)「I understand, Fumufumu. After all this is such a place. 」

(Seraria)「Dear, what do you mean by that? It sounded like you wanted confirmation for something. 」

(Yuki)「Ou, as expected of Seraria, one of my wives. 」

(Seraria)「Today is a good day, dear your behavior is very dere4)nice/lovey dovey/kind etc. today.」

They smiled at each other.
Oh, I’m so jealous. 5)Urayamashii desu

(Yuki)「Then, have you all heard and understood why wars happen?」

(Riel)「Eto, Yuki-san. I’m sorry, but I’m a little slow-headed. The previous conflict and the civil disturbance of Ritea weren’t about scrambling for land…… 」

(Yuki)「Your head isn’t particularly slow, that’s a good question. You’re listening to things you don’t understand. Riel is a capable person who can learn properly. Then, the previous conflict and the civil war in Ritea were necessary fights in order to keep the country. 」

(Riel)「Keep the country?」

(Yuki)「Yes, as you know, the higher ups such as the King and the Holy Woman aren’t the only high ranking people in a country. There are also other people who have their own policies and agendas and play their cards accordingly. Such troublemakers could be a minister or someone from the army. 」

Yes, a country has a King at the top of its function, but he alone can’t run the country.

(Yuki)「Some people don’t like the country they are in. If you look at it the other around, from inside the country, the highers ups such as the Holy Woman or the King are meaningless for base functionality of a country. That’s why to help keep the country in their grasp, they need to show that the country is alright the way it is. 」

He’s exactly right.
Not only words, but actions are needed too.
Both are needed to be both a good ruler and to be viewed as such by the populace.

(Yuki)「The war between Galtz and Rochelle hasn’t been explained in detail to Shera. But basically, Ritea tried to assassinate Herge because she was a holy woman. As for Rochelle, they tried to invade Galtz in order to pick up land and people. As for Galtz, they executed retaliatory actions to defend themselves and the people of their country and to quell the anger of the people who died. Then for Ritea, for their justification they sent the Holy Woman of Ritea to take the hearts of the people. The opposition however tried to relieve the refugees. 」

(Shera)「Uh……6)Editor note: WE NEED A MEDIC, THERE’S FRIENDLY FIRE OVER HERE Chill: Please state the nature of your medical emergency Face: WHOA TENSKY LEFT A NOTE?!?!? i think we need more than just a medic

(Yuki)「Well, to put it simply Loire7)That corrupt minister took advantage of Rochelle and the holy woman Herge to invade Galtz. He also had backing by Ritea since they wanted to remove the non-Ritea holy woman. The whole thing spiralled out of control and nearly ended up in all three of them going at it. With this kind of situation on your doorstep, as a civilian, would you feel safer if there are more troops to protect you?」

(Riel)「Oh, I see. I got it!! 」

(Yuki)「However, what if you don’t think there are enough of your country’s soldiers? Then you might leave the country? What do you think?」

(Riel)「Yes I understand. 」

(Yuki)「After you continue with that train of thoughts, there are those among the civilians who would think that it would be dangerous to remain inside the country. Rioting and escapism from the country would start happening, as the public starts trying to improve their own situation. 」

(Millie)「Ah, Crack-san’s party was trying to force that. Ritea is no good」

(Lulu)「Uguh8)Editor note: the medic that also got hit Chill: Tis is costumer service, ello my name iz muhammed al rizzali, what iz ze nature of your medical emergency? Face: i wonder if her watermelons breasts bounced when she took that hit!! 」

Oh Lulu-sama was holding her chest.
… Well as far as I heard about this case, it’s related to the previous scandal.

(Yuki)「Then moving on from that, if you want to strengthen your country, you should have no problem to hold the newly acquired lands… but actually it would not go so well. Or rather, apart from the 4 greatest countries, it would come down to a national level problem? What do you think?」

(Riel)「Why is that? When you gain more land, your power should rise proportionately too, shouldn’t it?」

(Yuki)「Riel, if it grows like that, then the management becomes a serious deal too. Riel should understand, don’t you help the police? Wouldn’t it become more difficult if the number of subordinates and the area to be guarded increases?」

(Riel)「Uh, yes. Recently I am very busy. 」

(Yuki)「In the case of a country it would be much larger. Even contacting others would prove difficult, due to distance and lack of face-to-face. 」

(Riel)「Uwaa. 」

(Yuki)「That’s why, the size matters. And in regards to this the 4 greatest countries are reaching the limit. Even if they are able to handle bigger, there are still greedy people who suddenly flare up in the far reaches of the country. When there is distance, the corresponding time to respond to something is also delayed. The wider the country, the harder it will be to deal with. 」

(Seraria)「Oh, that sort of thing…… Are?」

(Yuki)「What’s the matter?」

(Riel)「But you know, Seraria. Regardless of the distance, can’t we contact each other using call ?」


Those who knew the meanings behind Riel’s words, including myself, couldn’t hide their surprise.
That’s right, the skill for contacting others was also added when we received the Guardian Appointment.

(Riel)「Also, if you make a gate Yuki-san, can’t you immediately go to the place where you created the gate in an instant?」

Upon hearing further words from Riel-san, everyone was stunned.
With Yuki-sama, the country would be capable of going beyond the limits of what current countries have reached in size so far.
You could also contact and move an army in ridiculously short times.

(Seraria)「Dear. You can make it happen a continent where all countries are one!! 」

Seraria-sama says that.
I can feel my blood boiling.
Now I understand it, If it’s Yuki-sama we’re talking about, any injustices and any problems can be dealt with immediately.
An ideal nation which could unite the continent.

(Yuki)「No, calm down. I don’t intend to make a country. 」9)Anth: will that be for you to decide? lol

Our excitement started calming down with Yuki-sama’s words.
Oh then say that first, well i suppose he sort of did.
For what reason are you leading us like this, then?
Afterword of the author
Alright, the purpose of Yuki in this continent has become clear.
「Does not make a country. 」
What is the meaning behind this answer?


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References   [ + ]

1. Chill: in other words she doesn’t see herself as such a talent
2. Was about to mention Herge
3. declare himself as an independent country
4. nice/lovey dovey/kind etc.
5. Urayamashii desu
6. Editor note: WE NEED A MEDIC, THERE’S FRIENDLY FIRE OVER HERE Chill: Please state the nature of your medical emergency Face: WHOA TENSKY LEFT A NOTE?!?!? i think we need more than just a medic
7. That corrupt minister
8. Editor note: the medic that also got hit Chill: Tis is costumer service, ello my name iz muhammed al rizzali, what iz ze nature of your medical emergency? Face: i wonder if her watermelons breasts bounced when she took that hit
9. Anth: will that be for you to decide? lol

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    The only way this is possible is with the Dungeon…and descendents. History and tradition is a tapestry of successive generations moving from past to present to future.

    He’s not out to create a new world so much as give thie existing world a new option.

    It’s a highly speculative view on things, but this guess, for me at least, explains some of his actions so far. He’s laying a foundation and guiding the world in a direction clo ser to a new i deal of what peace and prosperity means with the Dungeon at the center for now.

    It’s a very high risk, high reward gamble though if that iis his plan… and a VERY long term one. Something only a Dungeon Master and those under Guardian Appointment could even hope to achieve! He’d definitely need kids then…!!!

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      With Yuki’s gifts and knowledge, he could easily, almost with no real effort take over m9ost this continent already if he wanted. Most spectacular is his ability to raise talent.

      It took barely a month to raise his wives to broken levels of OP.
      He could vanquish whole armies with traps alone.
      He beat a Demon King… with a slime, a SLIME!

      He saved Kingdoms, tens of thousands of lives with paradise, averted a three way continent scale war AND got himself a harem and the blessing of TWO Gods here…

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