Chapter 19 – Encounter with the King

(Book 2 Chapter 7) Chapter 19-  Encounter with the King.

(Tetsuya)「Sorry for intruding. Are you alright?」

After Tetsuya had knocked at the door of the carriage, he opened it and looked inside. What he found was a 15 years old blond haired blue eyed boy and a little girl around six years old.


(Tetsuya)「Owa!Don’t do anything rash!」

In front of him, a maid with brown hair held a dagger. Tetsuya dodged the attack and talked to the maid.


(Tetsuya)「Good evening. I killed the guys who wanted your death」

(King)「I.. see. Thanks, you helped greatly.」

The man bowed to Tetsuya.However, the maid didn’t remain still and kept attacking Tetsuya further.

(Maid)「Apologize immediately for making his majesty bow! Shh! Respect! Ei!」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, Let me introduce myself to you. I am referred as Tetsuya Kanzaki」

(Maid)「Shh!Respect! Ei! Ei! Ei! You didn’t!」

(King Diethelm )「I am Diethelm Walen Emberg, Lord of Adol. And here is my daughter…」

(Princess Elena)「Elena・Walen・Von・Emberg Desu ///」(TL: /// mean that she’s blushing)

(Maid)「Shh!Respect! Ei!」

(Tetsuya)「By the way, his Majesty the King? How about calling out to this maid?」

(King Diethelm )「Oh, hey! Sasha stop!」


(King Diethelm )「No But, stop!」

(Maid)「……Got it.」

When Diethelm told her to stop, Sasha halted her attacks against Tetsuya. However, she was still relentlessly looking at him. Perhaps for Sasha, Tetsuya was merely a foolish guy that made the King bow. Nevertheless, Elena had already noticed Tetsuya’s handsomeness since a little while ago, but he wasn’t aware of it. Was he thickheaded?

(King Diethelm )「Sorry about her. Also, no need to be polite and use honorifics.」

(Tetsuya)「I will gladly do that. What is it, Princess? Do I have something on my face?」

(Princess Elena)「N, no ///」

The conclusion: Tetsuya was an idiot.

(Tetsuya)「From now, what would you like the Knights to do? Many of them survived there. You should prepare for the night.」

Tetsuya asked the King.When that happened, the King instead asked something to Tetsuya.

(King Diethelm )「What will you do after that Tetsuya?」

(Tetsuya)「Hum, me? I will go home.」

(King Diethelm )「Ah, not like that.I wanted to ask about tonight’s camp」

(Tetsuya)「Nothing, that’s why I will go home. Well, since I want you to understand. Come outside. I’ll show you.」

(King Diethelm )「Alright」

(Maid)「Your Majesty! It’s dangerous! We don’t even know what does this person actually want or who he truly is!」

Diethelm readied to go out after Tetsuya answered his question. He wanted to see by himself. However, Sasha didn’t agree with that. She stopped the king and said ills things to Tetsuya.

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13 Replies to “Chapter 19 – Encounter with the King”

  1. Haa… that is what I feared. He is too laid back being a god! And what the hell is wrong with the King? Your maid is attacking someone and you only react after being asked?

  2. another good novel but destroyed by author fetish..
    not that i’m insulting japanese author.. but too many author from japan always has this style on his/her novel..

    masochist ahahaahha

  3. The story still going to nowhere xd and why is the maid acting like a child jesus Christ you translator-san just keep up the good work im out I cant read it anymore.

  4. reading again this chapter because I felt I missed something important. I repeat. Very important. Literally a V. I freakin P.

    I knew it. There’s really a 15yr old blonde boy with the Princess and King, pressumably the Prince.

    He literally got brushed off(vanished) afterwards.
    Existence denied.
    Notice him Steel-senpai~

  5. Thanks for the translation.

    You know I’ve been binge reading this story up until now but… this is a fucking joke. There was some semblance of a story up until he fell off the cliff, but now this is obviously just the author venting out to inflate his own ego and say “I don’t give a fuck about the world because I can do whatever the hell I want! And no one can do anything about it!” An obvious attempt of the materialization of the author’s inner desires sums up this web novel (which is not worthy of being called a novel in the first place).

    That is seriously the impression I get from this story, no I can’t even call it a real story anymore because this is the equivalent to a third grader’s one paragraph short-story for class. That is what this is and I can’t stand to read something like this anymore.

    P.S. I’m sorry for if those who enjoy this story were offended, as an avid reader who’s read a variety of novels, I could not help but get ticked off at reading this novel. In the end I felt the need to vent out myself. But I only do so because I feel that yet another potential story has been unable to show just how great it can really be if only the author actually tried.

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