Chapter 28 – Henceforth the car!

(Book 2 Chapter 15) Chapter 28 – Henceforth the car!

(Tetsuya )「Can I eat cookies?」

(Iris)「Go ahead, Nii-sama!」

Tetsuya and Iris were eating sweets while watching the scenery on the deck. Diethelm was looking at them from far away but he was, as always ignored. Then, Iris started to call Tetsuya as Nii-sama, and being an only child, Tetsuya was happy to be called this way.

『Tetsuya-sama, we are slowly approaching the landing point.』

(Tetsuya )『OK, allow the landing』

『Roger that!』

When the two people were together, Tetsuya received a call from an operator of the 『God of death Iron hearth』After that Thanatos landed.

(Diethelm )「Tetsuya-dono, why aren’t we going with the ship?」

Thanatos landed, well not exactly close to the castle. He made the whole crew, the representative, and the imperial guards go down. After a sight, Tetsuya answered the question.

(Tetsuya )「Wouldn’t we get attacked if we were to go with the ship? They would say that it is a new type of demon. And even if this doesn’t happen, some struggle might happen with the nobles. Like who built it. don’t you think? I might respect you a bit if you don’t talk about 『Thanatos』. Assuredly I will kill you otherwise. Below, a part of your family will come, Diethelm. Or at least a small faction of the nobles would come out.
But you don’t have to worry since we’re not going there by walking.We will take this Magic car(Based on Tetsuya’s standard). Come, come on」

Tetsuya ended his explanations and went in the car, and this car(・ ・) was made as a passenger one, or almost. Spatial expansion and so on had been done.

Several tens of minutes later, the party arrived at the royal capital.
Finally here!The Royal capital!
I got the feeling that Tetsuya will be arrested!

About Tetsuya’s status on earth.Here’s the answer of Tetsuya’s blanks in book 1 chapter 3.Tips: it’s something that’s unlikely to happen on earth.And this status is something close to his strength on earth since status didn’t exist there.For example, MP is to show the magical power but here it’s to express the willpower and the mental strength.By the way, the breathing technique used by Tetsuya and his family isn’t taken into account.

Kanzaki Tetsuya Age 16
Sex M
Human (After death deification)
Lv. 183
HP 98500/98500
MP 1000000/1000000
STR 530
AGI 210
VIT 350
VIT 950
[Skills] [Body technique Lv. SSS+][Swordplay Lv. SSS+][Spearmanship Lv. SSS[Archery Lv. SSS+][Axe art Lv. SS][Weaponless martial art Lv. SSS][Stick art Lv. SS][Gun technique Lv. SSS+][Body strengthening Lv. SSS][Magical body strengthening Lv. G][Breathing technique Lv. B][Parallel thinking Lv. S][Thoughts acceleration Lv. SSS][Concealment Lv. SSS] Unique Skill
[Limit Break] [Kanzaki slaughter style]
[Martial art][Fighter God][Supreme leadership][Supreme blade][Supreme fist]
[Overlord of intimidation] Divine Protection
Ares, Mars, Taishakuten etc.
The following is his current status
Tetsuya . Kanzaki Age 16
Sex M
Tribal God Lv. ???[#Emperor God #Transcendental Deity {Almighty God / God of Magic}] Jobs : Emperor God, Transcendental Deity {Almighty God / God of Magic}, Hero
Status healthy
Lv ???
HP error/error
MP ∞ (Infinite)
STR error
AGI error
VIT error
INT error
[Skills] [Ultra magic precision Lv. EX][Ultra domination aura Lv. EX][Ultra hiding ability Lv. EX][Body strengthening Lv.EX][Magical body strengthening Lv. EX][Demonic armor Lv. EX][Monster Tamer Lv.EX][Chantless Aria][All attributes resistance Lv.EX][All abnormal status resistance Lv.EX][Reduce the feeling of pain Lv.EX][Parallel thinking Lv.EX]etc.
Unique Skill
[Limit Break] [Kanzaki slaughter style]etc.

[Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. EX]Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. EX][Ultra thought acceleration Lv.EX][All thing creation][Time halt][Every skill acquisition][Every magic acquisition][Perfect learning][Divine vison][Magic consumption 1/500][500 fold magic offensive ability][Level-up required value 1/500][Exp x 500][Status manipulation][Life manipulation][Heaven and earth manipulation][Transformation][Almighty brain][Overpowering God][Maximize skill level][Ultra skill creation][Magicraft(New)][Magic creation(New)][Endless Magicraft(New)][Magicraft God(New)]etc.

[Skill creation][Magic creation][Creation][Yggdrasil
Authority Lv. EX][Follower attribution]etc.
[Apex of all attributes(fire, wind, water, soil, ice, lightning, light, and darkness)] [Holiness attribute] [Darkness attribute] [Soul attribute][Grant magic] [Restoration magic] [Barrier] [Attributeless (ancient, summons)] [Sublimation all attributes (fire, storm, ice, rock, thunder)] [Dragon] [God] [Dismantling] [Nothingness] [Spacetime {time x space}] [Dimension] [Gravity] [Transition] [Meddling fate] [Reincarnation] etc.
Emperor God, Transcendental Deity(Almighty God x God of Magic), Emperor God Hero, Strongest Hero, Creator of magic.


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