Chapter 36 – Largest invasion? No, this is war 2

(Book 2 Chapter 24) Chapter 36 – Largest invasion? No, this is war 2

(Diethelm)「Oh, that’s right. I wonder if it’s okay to ask for Tetsuya’s help?」

Diethelm made his remark, as he got struck by a good idea. However, that’s how Tetsuya answered when he listened to it.

(Tetsuya)「Eh? Don’t wanna, it’s a pain. Moreover, if you want me to do it, please bring forward a reasonable reward. 」

(Iris)「That’s true, nii-sama is the Emperor God. And a God’s help isn’t free of charge. Also, shouldn’t you be offering something adequate?」

(Tetsuya)「Iris is right. Besides, I am an adventurer and I already received a nominated request. Well, I don’t think I will go. 」

He returned a completely unwilling answer and Iris agreed with it. By the way, the rank order in the head of Iris is 『Tetsuya>>>>A wall that shall never be crossed>>>>Elena>Eldo>Shiri>>>>Diethelm』…… That’s how far her love went.

(Tetsuya)「I mean, shitty King, you should go. You’re strong. 」

Tetsuya said something fairly decent. It is exactly as he said. But being next to the Emperor God, a power beyond human scope, his strength wasn’t really persuasive. Well, there was not only the inhuman Tetsuya, but Glenn as well ch1)Author said ch in english…… Gefun Gefun , Glenn the leader. Even so, the leader, Glenn’s weapon, that oni2)Demon in Japanese j… Gefun Gefun. That cursed holy sword was once used by a hero to slash the King of Sin.

【Daizai Seiken《Sacred・Crime》】
Common name 【Cursed holy sword】
Originally, 【Seiken(Sacred Sword)】it was the uncontested first holy sword. Over the span of time the sword was in the hand of the hero, he slashed the King of Sin. However, the King of Sin that was opposing the holy sword, cursed the hero, and the deadly sins resided in the cursed holy sword. The dwell deadly sins are【Pride(Superbia)・Envy(Invidia)・Wrath(Ira)・Sloth(Acedia)・Greed(Avaritia)・Lust(Luxuria)・Gluttony(Gula)】They were seven, called the seven deadliest sins in the world. Well, when you make a contract, you gain strong powers. But become reckless if you can’t keep control. Also, if there is not a certain level of compatibility, the body will decay the moment it makes contact with the sword.
The sword had the power to strengthen its contractor abilities. The contractor could use deadly sin magic and with the manifestation of the deadly sins emotions when the holy sword is wielded, it could grow even more powerful.
The contractor is Glenn・Von・Kuro3)Kuro also means black in JapaneseHe is the descendant of the former hero, the conformity rate is 394. 2%
The personality of his deadly sins.
Pride… Tsundere,
Envy… Yandere,
Wrath… Hundere,
Sloth… Darudere,
Greed… Selfishness,
Lust… Pervert.

(Elena)「Tetsuya that’s not possible…… Because my father is the King. 」

Elena followed on Tetsuya’s words. Yes, since he is a King, he couldn’t go into the front lines.

(Tetsuya「Well, what are you going to do?」

Tetsuya asked Eldo. But as for the answer he received.

(Eldo)「Tetsuya, can you do it?」

Well, since it was the most adequate answer it couldn’t be helped that he would ask Tetsuya「It’s fine if it’s Tetsuya. Because he is inhuman」when he heard the request he was reluctant. Because, since he is a god, he is truly an outsider.

It’s not that Tetsuya didn’t want to do it. But more than it was troublesome, there was no merit in it.
There might be gold, weapons, power, position. But if you can go easily anywhere and survive without anything else all that is useless. What benefits were there for Tetsuya in that situation? Let’s say it clearly, none. Tetsuya is still soft hearted enough that he wouldn’t let pass something like that since it’s troublesome. But at the same time, he isn’t like a suicidal hero that would rush after a request. To have fun in another world. That’s, however, the main purpose of Tetsuya.

(Tetsuya)「If you want my help, I need something funny as a merit. 」

This was what Tetsuya desired.

However, Tetsuya followed upon his thoughts and he finally realized something. And that was…

(Tetsuya)「Isn’t the template fun?」

He said that.

There was no hero, no main protagonist. So then, wouldn’t it be fun if I became a hero? Tetsuya thought, can your merit be related to your goals? The merit was the fun, there was nothing else related to that purpose.
However, Tetsuya thought.
I am not the main character and I never thought to be one. I don’t like troublesome things.
But, still,「I’m looking forward to the template.」With that final reflection, his thoughts ended.
Tetsuya thus decided.

(Tetsuya)「I will do as I want to do. First of all, let’s enjoy this freaking template!」

If it’s for a template, he can be a hero or a brave.

And he muttered.

(Tetsuya)「Oh, but forgive the troubles. Then let’s change the part with the Demon King. 」

And from here on, according to the Emperor God, the Eiyuutan (Ryoku Tan) 4)Heroic tale (Journey). has finally started.

This was still the beginning.
The hero goes on a journey in search of pleasure.
As a result, you can call it the heroic myth, or the heroic journey, or even both.
This story has just begun.

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1. Author said ch in english
2. Demon in Japanese
3. Kuro also means black in Japanese
4. Heroic tale (Journey).

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