Chapter 37 – Largest invasion? No, this is war 3

(Book 2 Chapter 25) Chapter 37 – Largest invasion? No, this is war 3


Eldo called Tetsuya after he had listened to him.

(Tetsuya)「I will remove them. On the other hand, prepare an appropriate reward. 」

(Eldo)「Are you saying…… 」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, I will participate into the defense. Well maybe, I should see the Guild first. 」

Tetsuya left the room as he said that……… From the window.

Meanwhile, at the Headquarters of Adol Kingdom’s Guild, the voices of the adventurers grew heavy as the staff hurried all over.

「Hey! How big is the wave of monsters?」

「You! Come here! Check your stock of potions!」

「What’s the situation of the high-ranked adventurers!?」

「Currently, everyone in the town has received our orders except for one person!」

「Who hasn’t joined yet!?」

「The Rank XXX 『Zettaisha(The・absolute)』!」

「Huh!?The XXX ranked hasn’t answered!? Oioi, that’s tricky as expected. 」

「Misha-chan 1)ミーシアちゃん What happened?」

「Gazelle-san 2)ガゼル In fact ──3)Shortened explanation

「That’s hard. Does anyone know where that person is? I will call him!」

「Y-yes. I think that he is inside the royal palace. 」

「The royal palace? Why is that…… Well, fine, but how can you say k「It doesn’t matter」when you, are still, like, a child. 4)This sentence was really confusing, I believe it’s like mumbling なんでそんなとこに………まあ、いい、行ってk「その必要はねぇよ」なんだ、お前さん、まだ、子供のようだが

Meanwhile, a man who learned that Tetsuya was not following the order of the request, attempted to call him.

(Tetsuya)「Oh? You are the people I was looking for. 」

(Gazelle)「Hey you, what are you talking about? 」

(Tetsuya)「How considerate. Stay aside ossan5)Old man. 」

(Gazelle)「Oi, who is the ossan when you came for 「My nomination request」? 」

However, Tetsuya’s arrival stopped him when he got called ossan.
Tetsuya then talked to Misha and neglected ossan.

(Misha)「Y-yes. Then, your card…… XXX rank!?」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, that’s okay so make it sooner. 」

(Misha)「Y-yes. Please wait a moment. Lumina, go call the Guild Master!」「Yess!」

Misha requested to another receptionist, who was surprised of Tetsuya’s rank, to call for the Branch chief.

(Misha)「Tetsuya-san, with this it’s complete. 」

(Tetsuya)「Hn, thanks. Now, about the extermination. 」

(Misha)「Well, please wait! There is still some time before then, and some distance!」

Tetsuya tried to go out to fight the monster as soon as he finished the order, but Misha stopped him due to to a problem of distance and time. However, have they all forgotten? What is the meaning behind The adventurer rank XXX 『Zettaisha(The・absolute)』. That one of Tetsuya’s subordinate is a Dragon God, the oldest dragon that has now become the strongest of all dragons.

(Tetsuya)「There is no problem. Besides, all the subordinates in my house are excellent. And also……… This is not the level of an invasion anymore, isn’t it more like war? War of mankind against the devils. Or are you declaring that you have summoned the heroes for the war and that this great invasion have nothing to do with it? Devils lead the monsters so that’s common sense. Their titles are bad. Until now the invasions where just a big flood of monsters unlike this one. —– Oops, I started grumbling. Well, at any rate, it’s fine. So let me go, okay?」
「B-but….. 」

「Stop this. 」

Tetsuya tried to explain to Misha but he heard the voice of a woman. Tetsuya looked at the lady of whom the voice came from. —— She is a dark elf.


(Eva)「The Guild Master of Adol Kingdom’s Adventurer Guild Eva・Frykberg. 」

(Tetsuya)「…… Here comes the template. 」


What more, this dark elf is the Guild Master. And Tetsuya thought. The Guild Master is indeed a beautiful woman and that ossan is an old geezer eyeing her…… Unexpectedly, Eva responded to the voice Tetsuya muttered, but she didn’t understand what he was saying.


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References   [ + ]

1. ミーシアちゃん
2. ガゼル
3. Shortened explanation
4. This sentence was really confusing, I believe it’s like mumbling なんでそんなとこに………まあ、いい、行ってk「その必要はねぇよ」なんだ、お前さん、まだ、子供のようだが
5. Old man

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