Chapter 8 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool.

Chapter 8 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool.
It’s short.

At the bottom of the 『Abyss’s fool』 were Tetsuya fell, the level of the first floor averaged 300. The man clothed in black waved a shiny sword rapidly, bringing death everywhere.

(Tetsuya)「Tiiimes to reeturrnnn ♪《Unlock《Open》》」

When the man Tetsuya said the incantation, a black gate appeared in front of him.He walked through it. The scenery inside was nothing like what you could find inside the Dungeon. The grassy plain was spreading everywhere (until 25Km away where it would hit an invisible wall). The place had a lake, a little mountain, and a Japanese house. (Not only was the house three story tall, it also had a chaotic appearance. It was simply 《Chaos》). This place was created for Tetsuya. Of course, you could see the sun here and rain.
After going into the plain, Tetsuya entered the house and headed straight for the bath. He ate rice and went to bed.
By the way, he could enter the house from wherever he wanted because it was a magical item.

(TL: If someone has a better translation for the part where the author says  “Chaos” or “chaotic”, it could hold a meaning I’m not aware of

On the next day.





Today, Tetsuya repeated the massacre. One head dropped from a single slash and disappeared into nothingness after getting burnt by magical power.
And finally…

(Tetsuya)「Boss room huh…?」

He arrived at the floor which had a boss room. Oh, and Tetsuya level was now 1350. It would be evident that he was now much stronger than when he was level 1. With the help of skills, he climbed the level quickly.

The boss room was now right in front of Tetsuya.Without exercising all of his strength, one kick opened the door. Then, he charged with his Katana in hand and hit the Chimera boss.
The Chimera couldn’t resist and become an instant death.

(Tetsuya)「So weak!」

Words of surprise were raised from Tetsuya after he saw such a Chimera. On the back of the room was a massive door.

Just saying but, the Chimera’s level was 423. Treasures and artifacts of the national level were necessary to defeat a monster like this aloft the ground.
The calculation of the level is okay. I’m weak with math. Please don’t get offended.

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11 Replies to “Chapter 8 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool.”

  1. i feel like this will be a very short series, given how insanely fast this is progressing. His power was limit breaking hax on lv1 and now he is lv1350. I really don’t think author-san intended for this series to even be long from the beginning. There just isn’t any room for any tension at this point. MC is beyond Satou-tier on the OP progression at this point, and that says quite a bit.

  2. did his personality got changed after he got cheats?he seems to be more lax now?and with all that power why not just teleport out to the castle?at least tell his girls he’s okay or something

  3. Isn’t he little broken??
    I mean the dude is like EX a transcended god already.
    I was hoping for at least a story somewhat similar to Arifureta.
    You know like struggling to survive and an indestructible will?
    But this.. this .. is to broken!

  4. Uhhhh…. Is it me or is this running 1,000 mph? The author needs to slow his role or this whole novel is only gonna last 20 chapters. At least build up the suspense, even shinka no mi is OP but the story progresses smoothly

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