Chapter 17 – Restart

Chapter 17 – Restart

Now, should I check my status before going outside?
I didn’t have enough spare time to check yesterday.
Status screen, open.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 5.
HP: 27/27
MP: 5/5
Strength: 46
Endurance: 43
Agility: 68
Dexterity: 67
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP: 2
JP : 5

Spy LV9.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV4, Observation LV4, Improved hearing LV4, Covert action LV6.
Body strengthening LV7, Swordsmanship LV3, Stress tolerance LV5, Fear resistance LV5, Hostility perception LV4, Crisis perception LV5, Concealment LV2, Item box LV7.

Party members
Shiba Inu LV2

The level of Stress tolerance, Fear resistance, Hostility perception, Crisis perception have all increased.
Yesterday so many things happened; but now that I’m looking at it, the levels of my skills have risen considerably.
Though I faced death, there was some return.
It’s not balanced at all.

By the way, it’s saying that I can acquire new skills.
Click on the Skill field.
Thereupon, besides『Initially available skill list』there’s the new category『Additional available Skill list』.
When I click on it, a new list appears.

『List of the additional earned skills』
Getaway, Defense instinct.

『Getaway』and『Defense instinct』huh…..
Heavenly voice certainly said 『Meeting certain conditions』.

「Certain conditions….. 」

I’m trying to guess. My actions, circumstances or desire, in reality, create new skills?
The situation when they became available and the name these skills are too much for a coincidence.
In other words, facing various situations, it means there’s the possibility of obtaining many skills.
That’s dangerous and I don’t want to face it, but it might be worth a try.

But oh well, let’s acquire the two new skills before that.
Click on the 『Getaway』skill.

≪The cost is 2SP, do you want to learn the skill『Getaway』?≫

Are? 2 points?
Isn’t it supposed to be 1?
After some clicks and tests, apparently, the initial skills are 1 point whereas the additional skills are 2 points each.

2 points…..
Both skills are attractive and I should lose nothing by acquiring one.
The other one shall be learned when my level rise.
Let’s get a hold on『Getaway』for the time being.

≪The cost is 2SP, do you want to learn the skill『Getaway』?≫


≪Skill『Getaway』Acquired. ≫

Yosh, this should give me some help when I escape from monsters.
That skill is, but It hurts me a bit thinking that I can’t test it without encountering another painful situation, I think this is the kind of effect the skill should have though.

Perhaps I should add, there’s an expenditure of SP when I first learn a skill. But there are two methods to raise them afterward without spending. The first is by raising the level of my job, the level of skills concerned would rise accordingly. The second is when I reach a sufficient proficiency with a skill, its level will automatically increase.
That will save on my SP consumption.
The upfront investment is important, isn’t it? Other than stocks. That would be a loss absolutely.
When my level goes up next, it may be good to learn the other skills early including all the initial ones.


Unexpectedly, when I looked at Momo, it was staring at something from a sitting position.
There’s nothing in sight ahead. There’s only a wall.
Then it slowly began to hit the ground, PonPon.
What is it doing?

「…… Momo? Why are you doing that?」

When I talked to Momo, it faced toward me.


Momo answers cheerfully.

「Is there something to worry about?」

「Wan! Wan!」

It looks really happy, rubbing her body on me and all.
Hmm? What’s the matter?
With its gesture, it seems to ask for some praise.
And the mysterious behavior of earlier. Does that mean…..

「…… Say, Momo. Do you mean, you got a new『Skill』maybe?」


As soon as I told it, the tail violently begin to shake, saying that I was right.
Seriously? I was joking, but did you really acquire any new skills?
The 『Heavenly voice』, I wonder if Momo can hear it too.

「Are you sure? What kind of skill?」


Momo revolves around and jump a little farther away from me.
And right after, it does it and look at me again. So I say.

「…… Etto, what do you mean?」


Once again, it does the same thing.
Eh? What? What kind of skill is this?
Is it a skill that makes you turn and bounce?
Rotate and fly…… No way, that super famous doggy special move—–.

「Wan! Wafuu!」

Was vehemently denied.
It appears to be different.
Then, what kind of skill is it?
Momo did the same thing over and over but I didn’t understand it.
Since I couldn’t understand it, Momo is severely depressed.

「………… Kuuuun…… 」

I’m sorry, Momo.
Afterwards, I kept mopping for a while until it eventually managed to recover its mood.

「Well then, shall we depart?」

「Wan. 」

I put all the furniture that I took out for the barricade in the Storage then Momo followed me outside.
The rain had stopped.
The morning sun is dazzling.

「The smoke that was seen rising in some places have disappeared….. 」

Thanks to the rain of yesterday, fires were pretty much extinguished.
I can see the town properly.
At the tip of my line of sight, I could see yesterday’s shopping mall.

「Do you think that High Orc is still there?」

Otherwise, it’s possible they already moved to hunt more people.
I must raise my level already.

「….. Hm?」

Promptly, I sensed a reaction from『Hostility perception』.
But it’s not that big of a feeling.
In fact, compared to yesterday’s『Unpleasant feeling』, this time it’s more of a『You should be careful a little. 』kind.

「This isn’t on this floor, then….. at the first floor?」

Since the level of my skill has risen, the range where I can perceive『Hostility』increased alongside.
Making use of『Stealthy steps』and『Covert action』, I slowly descend the stairs.
By the way, Momo’s current status is to be in my embrace.
It’s with this method that we quickly descend the stairs.

「Wafun. 」

Momo seems to be in a good mood when I’m holding it.
Stop it. Don’t look at me with such eyes.
It’ll be ever more difficult to release you!

We arrived at the first floor.
With an aching heart, I release Momo. Guu…..

The reaction Hostility perception gives me come a little further ahead.
When I finally see it, I found it’s a monster near the parking lot.

「It’s a zombie….. 」

The zombie roamed around the parking lot alone.
There’s no other monster in sight.
I’m aiming for the right timing.

I take out the dumbbell from the Item box and approach in a stretch.
His head shatters.

≪Earning experience points≫

The zombie disappears, and the magic stone rolls.
Yosh, it’s a good sign.
Temporarily, let’s make zombies and goblins the main target of our hunting.
Of course, in the opposite direction to that shopping mall. Safety comes first.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter Antheor! Seems like for monsters around his level as long as it’s a 1v1 fight and Momo is around he should be able to safely farm levels.

  2. “Rotate and fly…… No way, that super famous doggy special move—–.” Could this be a reference to Akamaru? Kiba Inuzuka’s dog from Naruto, he also has this “special move” lol

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