Chapter 19 – Advanced jobs and derived jobs

Chapter 19 – Advanced jobs and derived jobs.

A new job. A new power.
『Advanced job』. And also derived job, the second.
They are presented in front of me.

This is really a game-like system.
Is there something like a tree of jobs?


「Well…… I know, Momo. Let’s move to a place where no one can interrupt us first. 」

Urged by Momo, we enter a vacant house where there are poor signs of a monster.
Since the door was broken, maybe there’s already a monster inside?
There’s no reaction from『Hostility perception』and『Crisis perception』.

The inside was badly messed up.
I’m glad there isn’t a corpse.  The smell bothers me.
If there’s a pleasant feeling, will you receive it later?

「Yosh here. 」

I sit on the cotton-protruding sofa. Status screen, open.
Click on the current job『Spy』.

≪It’s possible to convert to a more advanced job. Please choose a job. ≫


The Heavenly voice flow and choices appear.
There are 3 advanced jobs for『Spy』……

『Agent』somehow feel like a completely compatible upgrade for spy『Spy』. Does it imply its strength will be increased?

『Assassin』would be literally a specialization in assassinations.
It seems convenient for surprise attacks.

『Thief』That…… Somehow doesn’t feel like a fighting job. This is a job specialized in breaking through in RPGs, breaking or unlocking security equipments like traps. What about the criterias in this world?

「Well, it’s a bit too early to judge at this time….. 」

The classical fantasy『Appraisal』-sama.
Because I have the seal Item box it doesn’t matter too much if I can’t have it.
Well, I would be asking for too much so it can’t be helped.

「Oh, right. Can I now select a second job?」

If I’m not mistaken, I unlocked derived jobs.
After verifying, there is a growing number of jobs I can now choose from.
『Informer』,『Hunter』,『Crisis thief』and『Beast user』. Four new entries.
In addition to them, It appears I can choose my second job, including the other jobs initially offered.

The rest of the beginning’s jobs are as follows.
Citizen, Adventurer, Clerk, Negotiator, shut-in, NEET, trainee monk, cook, rider.

The JP necessary to advance my current job are 3. For my second job, I’d need to add 2 points.
Because my current balance is 5 points, it easily fits with them.

「….. Worries me….. 」

Depending on the combination of the advanced primary job and the derived secondary job, there would be the possibility to obtain more powerful skill combo and effects.
Two candidates for the second job should be『Hunter』and『Beast user』right?
The 『Hunter』seems to be a profession specialized for searching monsters. Whereas with『Beast user』my combination with Momo would increase.

「Hum…… 」

What to do?
For the sake of survival…… Which one would be the best combination to resist the threat of monsters?
There’s a limit about my abilities to outrun things.
When you have to fight then you have to fight.
I’m keenly aware of that.

After a lot of hypothetical complains, I selected the advanced job 『Assassin』and 『Hunter』 as the secondary job.
Considering I will have to fight against monsters, 『Assassin』seems to be better for that purpose than 『Agent』and『Thief』
It also fits my style.
Surprise attacking, deceiving and foul plays are my primary ways.

The second job is『Hunter』.
Because I thought it would make the way I hunt monsters more efficient with Assassin.
I thought of『Beast user』at first but I turned it off.
Why you ask?
Obviously because Momo and I are already the best pair!
There’s no need for a job correction of any sort!

…… Puting the joke aside.
It’s because I think『Beast user』is based on ordinary animals.
And as far as I think, this category does not apply to Momo at all.
It actively hunts for monsters itself, raise its level and it’s far wiser than other dogs.
If we make the necessary arrangements in advance, we can already handle high level combinations.

Moreover『Beast user』is the same level of job as『Spy』.
Even if I choose it now, there won’t be too many changes.
And for now, I do not feel like bringing other animals than Momo.

By the way, 『Crisis thief』and 『Informer』are excluded from the beginning.
Somehow, they have an intense smell of being “landmine jobs”.

Now, let’s change to our new jobs.
Consuming 3JP to advance my job to a higher one.

≪The job Spy has been changed for the advanced job『Assassin』. ≫

≪With the job currently becoming Assassin. Skill『Soundless movements』acquired. Skill『Night vision』acquired. Skill『Vital strike』acquired. Skill『Awareness isolation』acquired. Skill『Appraisal obstructions』acquired.

≪Skill Stealthy steps integrated into Soundless movements. ≫
≪The skill Soundless movements rose from LV1 to LV3. ≫

≪Skill Covert action integrated into Awareness isolation. ≫
≪The skill Awareness isolation rose from LV1 to LV4. ≫

Oh, I have the feeling that I got quite the good skills.
The skills I received are upwardly compatible with the ones I already acquired so far.
When you acquire the upper version of a skill, the lower skills are integrated into it, I see.
Alongside the integration, the level will also rise.

That’s pretty good.
Every one of them give a feeling of being specialized for assassination.
If I use them in a good combination, the battle will be easier than ever.

And the last thing interesting me is the 『Appraisal obstruction』.
After all, since there is an 『Appraisal obstruction』, then there must be an 『Appraisal』skill.
Moreover, when you think about the name of the skill I obtained, with『Appraisal』it should be possible to see the status of others.
In other words, 『Appraisal』certainly isn’t a unique skill.
It’s a skill anyone should be able to learn.
The conditions are unknown for now, perhaps it is a higher version of the beginner skills.
If someone can learn it at present he can be considered lucky.

Yosh, next it’s the second job.

≪―――Selecting the second job『Hunter』. 2 JP are required. Are you sure?≫

Select Yes.

≪Secondary job has become『Hunter』. Skill『Scan for enemies』acquired. Skill『Telephoto』acquired. Skill『Agility enhancement』acquired. Skill『Dexterity enhancement』acquired.

Oh, here I got another bunch of pleasant skills.
It seems necessary to verify the effect of each skill.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 6.
HP : 27/27 → 30/30
MP : 5/5 → 6/6
Strength : 46 → 50
Endurance : 43 → 47
Agility : 68 → 92
Dexterity: 67 → 90
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 22
JP : 5 → 0

Assassin Lv1
Hunter LV1

Unique skill :

Soundless movements LV3, Night vision LV1, Vital strike LV1, Awareness isolation LV4, Appraisal obstruction LV1.
Scan for enemies LV1, Telephoto LV1, Agility enhancement LV1, Dexterity enhancement LV1.
Observation LV4, Improved hearing LV4.
Body strengthening LV7, Swordsmanship LV3, Stress tolerance LV5, Fear resistance LV5, Hostility perception LV4, Crisis perception LV5, Concealment LV2, Gateway LV1, Item box LV7.

Party members
Shiba Inu LV3

Agility and Dexterity broke out to an absurd level. With the effect of 『Agility enhancement』and 『Agility enhancement』.
Unlike the skill『Body strengthening』which makes status rise evenly, the others make only one status rise exponentially.
From the current condition of my status, one level should be an increase of + 10?
Because body strengthening is +5 in each stats for a level, the increase in stats is twice as much…..
Is it proper or even reasonable?

Then, I still have 22 SP.
After that I have to confirm the effect of my new skill, and I need to see whether it’s best to learn new skills or to increase the level of the ones I already possess.

Also, Momo’s level casually went up to 3.
When was it…..


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