Chapter 20 – New skills

Chapter 20 – New skills

Let’s examine the newly acquired skills.
There’s 9 new skills.

Soundless movements LV3.
Night vision LV1.
Vital strike LV1.
Awareness isolation LV4.
Appraisal obstruction LV1.
Search LV1.
Telephoto Lv1.
Agility enhancement LV1.
Dexterity enhancement LV1.

They multiplied in an instant…..
Regarding Agility enhancement and Dexterity enhancement, the effects have already been found out.
Each level is a correction of +10 for agility or dexterity.
Considering that my initial agility was on, it’s a great effect. It’s ten times, ten times.
My body is very light.

Next is『Appraisal obstruction』.
This is probably functioning as stated.
If it’s LV1, it might be possible to interfere with the equivalent LV1 Appraisal.

『Soundless movements』I walked through the room to see.
This is amazing.
No sound at all.
There is nothing. No sound of footsteps and no sound made by the clothes that would usually happen.

But of course, it’s not almighty.
For example, smells.
It seems I cannot hide my smell, so I couldn’t pass Momo.
I must pay attention to monsters with strong olfactory senses.
But in combination with『Awareness isolation, it will prove very useful when launch a surprise attack.

『Vital strike』can only be used in actual battle.
Is this something I can try on Momo. Momo abuse, it’s not allowed, never.
Well, if I take the skill according to its name, the effect should be obvious and hitting an opponent vital point easier. That’s a skill all Assassins should have in common.

『Night vision』,『Search』and『Telephoto』are also all useful skills.
Night vision is literally a skill that allows you to see the scenery clearly in the dark.
It’s the same as seen on TV. The same as an image seen by a camera for Night vision.
It looks roughly the same.

Telephoto is a skill to see things far away.
If it’s something dozens of meters away, you can see it with the same precision as if you are standing right in front.

Search is a skill that gives hints about the living creatures around you.
The effective range is a radius of about 10 meters for now.
When I tried by getting away from Momo, the size was around that much.

All three skills are dependent on their levels.
The effects or ranges they give will be higher when their levels increase.
They are all practical and excellent skills.

「Then, how should I allocate my points?」

My balance is 22 points.
Oh, but I want to keep several in case I need new skills.

Should I get the 『Defense instinct』I set aside last time?
This is a 2 points consumption.

Next among the initial skills I could acquire.
Paralysis resistance, Poison resistance, Virus resistance, Heat resistance, Tamper tolerance, HP automatic recovery.
These six are acquired.

Any skill that adds resistance is a good bet.
Tamper tolerance…… Well, just in case.
Also, HP recovery will become indispensable when hunting.
All the early skills are 1 points.
So in total, it’s a consumption of 6 points.

The remaining 14 points will be used to raise the level of existing skills.
Search LV3, Dexterity enhancement LV2, Agility enhancement LV3 and Paralysis resistance LV2.

Yosh, this is it.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 6.
HP : 30/30
MP: 6/6
Strength : 50
Endurance : 47
Agility : 92 → 112
Dexterity :90 → 100
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 22 → 0
JP: 0

Assassin Lv1
Hunter LV1

Unique skill :

Soundless movements LV3, Night vision LV1, Vital strike LV1, Awareness isolation LV4, Appraisal obstruction LV1.
Search LV3, Telephoto LV1, Agility enhancement LV3, Dexterity enhancement LV2.
Observation LV4, Improved hearing LV4.
Body strengthening LV7, Swordsmanship LV3, Stress tolerance LV5, Fear resistance LV5, Poison resistance LV1, Paralysis resistance LV2, Virus resistance LV1, Heat resistance LV1, Tamper tolerance LV1, HP automatic recovery LV1, Hostility perception LV4, Crisis perception LV5, Concealment LV2, Gateway LV1, Defense instinct LV1, Item box LV7.

Party members
Shiba Inu LV3

Agility and dexterity finally broke through 100.
It’s a terrifying growth compared to my initial status.
Fuh, I’m not scared of anything anymore.
…… It’s a lie. I’m scared.
However my status rise, it’s rooted down in me…..
Safety first, self-protection is the most important.

「Oh, is it the time already?」

When I looked at the clock, the time is around eleven o’clock.
My choice of jobs and skills too consumed more time than I expected. 1)Anth: And more chapters as well, probably

「Momo, it’s a little early, but do you want to have lunch?」


Boiling hot water in the kitchen, I make a cup of ramen.
To settle the lunch, I add the rice balls to the canned food I got at the convenience store.
Momo is having dog food with water.

After lunch, I did a brief meeting with Momo.
By making use of simple hand gestures and signals, we can cooperate.
As I thought, or should I say as expected of Momo, it easily remembered them. Good Momo.

After a little break, we sneaked outside.
Next is combat to test my new skills.
Likewise, I want to raise my level as soon as possible.

When I walked down the street, I reached a cooperative after a while.
This is a place the local elderly people use a lot.
Occasionally I also used it.
Even though the last time was only a few days, it feels like an eternity.

「Oya….. ?」

『Hostility perception』and『Crisis perception』as well as『Search』all sensed something.
There is a monster.

After hiding behind the wall and looking at the situation, there are several Goblins on the side of a broken windowpane.
Using『Telephoto』I could see what’s inside of the window clearly.
Really, this is a great and useful skill.
Just from looking, there should be around 4 Goblins……. That’s a lot.
The Goblins are stuffing vegetables while arbitrarily breaking things inside.
Oh, that’s an inappropriate thought but the Goblin too are hungry huh.

「….. Hm?」

When I looked closely.
Behind the four Goblins.
There’s a distinctive Goblin there.
He’s big.
His physique is large, and his ornaments and equipments compared he is wearing compared to the other Goblins are truly splendid.

「Hobgoblin….. 」

Such words float.
The top species of Goblins.
It’s similar to the High Orc.
It’s not strange since This Goblin is giving me a similar feeling.

What to do?
Draw back?
No, the reaction of 『Crisis perception』is thin.
This is totally different than the 『Abnormal sense of crisis』given by the High Orc.

I also found about Momo’s new skill and I became stronger myself.
Can we do it? Now it’s Momo and me.


My body’s quivering.

「….. Momo. 」

「Wan. 」

「Will you follow me?」


Momo is rubbing against my body as an answer.
Haha, it seems to have more guts than I have truly, this Momo…..
After stroking Momo, the tremor in my body comes to a stop.
Well, let’s run away as soon as it becomes dangerous.

「Good. Well then, let’s go. 」


I reassessed my spirit, and together with momo, we decided to coop.


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1. Anth: And more chapters as well, probably

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