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About the translations

No chapter today, Seele have an exam tomorrow, and I didn’t end chapter 32 of HDUH yet. (it’s goddamn long >w< I didn’t pick the smallest story out there, and this one is quite draining because EVERYTHING WENT OUT OF CONTROL LIKE MY HAND WENT OUT OF CONTROL ON MY KEYBOARD RIGHT NOW, DAMN XD).

This weekend I should manage the three incoming chapters of HDUH easily. (one sponsored and two regular remaining).

I want you!

In my heartwarming dreams, this website become an exchange place, many series, many readers, many fun, many everything!

If you want to join us and make yourself one of the stepping stone for my dream, you’re one step away to do so! Just set your mind, and move your feet one step ahead of you, contact me!

  • You never translated and want to try machine or real translation and host a novel here? I’m your guy
  • You want to become an editor? I or someone will probably need you. You’re the bests, god sent you.
  • You want to discuss with me or contribute to the website? You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate and contact me.
  • You want to host your series somewhere? Here will soon become the perfect place! (For reasons stated below)

(This above text sound so much like propaganda xD)

I can’t wait for next week!

Next week I’m on holidays, that’s been so long since I last had holidays >_< I’m so happy guys.

Website improvements.

  • A few javascript improvement (Will dirty my hands a bit)
  • A domain name change. (Why? Because… #1 Antheor is overused by others grrr and #2 I felt that if I wanted to hosts a few more translations, then I will have to change for a more generic one, by the way, if any of you have an idea, feel free to contact me.).
  • Repair my broken mail server
  • Implement automated backup (daily manual ones aren’t time efficient for me)
  • Maybe a few blog posts
  • Add a discord channel
  • Add a forum
  • Link to social media
  • Create an interface to automate the upload of chapters
  • Remove chikita and find a real advertising company to place together with Adsense.
  • A few secret python script.
  • Add eye-catching feature (I got a few ideas already).

Is a holiday really holy?

So many things I want to do, nearly none of them are relaxing.

Here is a list of the things I would probably do

  • Maybe a few teasers?
  •  I’ll try to stockpile a few chapters because I may not be able to translate as much the two weeks coming after my holiday.
  •  See my brother and my dad because I miss them
  •  A little gaming and anime because life is nothing without leisure.
  •  Work on another website? Either for a customer or me.
  • Administrative work…

Three mad goals!?

  • Go to the gym seven days out of the seven in my holidays.
  • Improve my sad level of English grammar
  • Resume my Japanese study. I already prepared my Anki deck, and I’m ready to remember the Kana like my life would depend on it. (My level is close to nothingness, though).

And after the holidays?

After my holidays, I will have two weeks of exams. At that time, I may not be able to translate as fast as I want. Thus, don’t hope for too much in the meantime, instead, cheer for me! Kyne will be most likely the most impacted series.

After my exams, I will be FREE! No more school! Well, I’ll still have to work, though. (I was like one quarter of the time at school).

Can you guess the name of my cat?

Huh, can you?

25 Replies to “Gibberish of a translator, Update, translations, website, holiday and more!”

  1. How about fluff.
    Also can you tell me how to improve my Japanese (reading, writing and speaking). I am having problems in beginner’s course. Please help.

    • Reading, writing and speaking are 3 different things, but reading and speaking have something in common: Kana.
      Each word has their own pronunciation in Kana.

      The first thing you want to do is to learn them.

      For writing, instead of trying to remember the 15 strokes of a character, you may want to know the 6, 4 and 5 strokes of the three radicals that are a part of it. So you may want to learn them first, or together with the Kana:

      After that, you may want to work your grammar step by step

      For understanding and speaking, what you need is to listen (try to understand) and repeat them aloud.

      To do all of this, you may want to help you with books, online resources such as podcast, anime etc and software (Such as Anki) which can help you very well.

      I think that the may point with learning is :
      Go at your own pace.
      Enjoy what you do.
      Set yourself smaller goals.
      Don’t start with the idea that it’s too hard because it will unknowingly impact your results and your speed of learning

    • xD no, I made a mistake, look like I wasn’t that awake yet ~. And I didn’t even know about it.
      Well, her name got something related to one or either of the series I’m translating.(she was named before I knew them, though).

  2. Thankx for the advice. It really helped. I am watching anime and j-drama to improve my listening skills. And practicing writing Japanese from elementary level.

    Is your cat name Seele?

    • I’m glad that I was able to help you a bit!
      Now, I’m learning too xD.
      And the name of my cat isn’t Seele, but Seele is the name of my amazing Editor!

  3. Oh.. Ok… Sorry Seele-san.
    But hint is not enough.
    Is your cat ? name Ryokou?
    Really confused ?… Lol
    but never gonna give up…. Guessing till the end. ? ?

  4. Her name is Yuki !! xD

    (I almost said Shiro, wrong cat ahaha ^^u)

    P.D: And I’m more of a dog lover!

  5. Stockpiling or just having a hard time? No complaints here so don’t misunderstand that, just curious.

    • To tell you the truth the next chapter was hard. It was really long and not that easy to translate. And then Seele was a bit busy so we accumulated a bit of delay. But now it’s done and I’ll publish it soon, I just woke up.

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