Chapter 65 – Excellent

Chapter 65 – Excellent

side: Vilia 1) ヴィリア

(Vilia)「Nee, Aslin, Philia. Yuki-sensei2)Sensei means teacher in Japanese… Onii-sama isn’t coming today?」

When they heard us talking about Yuki onii-sama, everyone around looked at me seemingly interested.
That’s no surprise. Because it’s strange for Yuki onii-sama not to come to school.
Everyone loves Yuki onii-sama.

(Philia)「Today we have self-study. Onii-chan and the others representative have a meeting today from the morning. He said something like, a great person is coming?」

(Aslin)「Yes, nii-sama is busy with meetings today. So we can take it slowly. 」

When they answered that, everyone became gloomy uniformly.

(Kid)「Hi Ku 3)SFX: Crying…… Why… Is he abandoning us… Hummm」

(Some other Kid)「Eh!? That… No, that can’t be… 」

One person began to cry, and like something infectious, soon half of the neighborhood broke into tears.

(Philia)「Awaawa!? Please stop crying, onii-chan will never do such a thing!! Today he can’t help it because he had work. 」

(Aslin)「Yes he is. He is just busy for awhile and will neatly come tomorrow. So stop crying!?」

The two were confused, they hurriedly tried to calm everyone.
Well, this was inevitable.
Usually, Yuki onii-sama was calming everyone.
Though the other representatives could be seen around, Yuki onii-sama had been managing the school alone.
His wife, Seraria-sama, showed her face every one or two days.

If I know that my onii-sama is coming back, I had no need to be shocked.
I had to help Aslin and Philia.

(Vilia)「Hey!! Stop crying everyone!! That’s something Yuki-sensei hates!!」

After I said that loudly, everyone stopped.

(Vilia)「Aslin just said it. He has an important work today. So let’s study hard, and have a good praise tomorrow. Yuki-sensei would be in trouble if he heard you cried the whole day. 」

(Kid)「… If you work hard, he will praise you?」

(Vilia)「Of course. Sensei is kind, don’t you think?」

(Kid)「I know!!」

(Vilia)「Therefore, let’s work hard. 」


The person nodded this time and everyone returned to their desk simultaneously, opened a textbook, and started studying.

(Philia)「Vilia-chan!? Everyone somehow started studying!?」

(Vilia)「Well, why not?」

(Aslin)「Nii-sama said it was leisure time today and not study!? I’m playing!! I’ll study when I’m being told to. 」

(Vilia)「Why is that?」

(Philia)「I do not know exactly what onii-chan meant but he said「There are a lots of things you can do now. Playing with friends, doing foolish things….. 」!」

(Aslin)「I’ll just tell you, he meant studying alone is no good! Many, many things are more useful to you!!」

(Vilia)「Hmm. Then, what should I do? Everyone, what do you think?」

Since I didn’t really know what onii-sama said, I tried asking everyone.

(Kid)「I don’t know. 」
(Kid)「Let’s play soccer!!」
(Kid)「You just did yesterday… You do that every day!!」
(Kid)「Ehh, but soccer is fun!」

They voiced different opinions.

(Kid)「…… Vilia onee-chan…. Let’s use the transfer field and visit various places. This Dungeon? I don’t know it very well. 」

One of the kids said that.

(Vilia)「That’s right. It’s a good idea. We still don’t know anything about this dungeon. I got a map of the Dungeon in the last class. Let’s get on a tour!!」


(Philia)「Somehow, Vilia-chan is reliable. 」

(Aslin)「Yes, like nii-sama. 」

Aslin and Philia praised me.

(Vilia)「I’m glad you said I’m reliable like onii-sama. I’m sure in the future, I will be a great lady4)Lady was the word used by the author in Katakana that will be useful to onii-sama. ! Will Aslin or Philia contact the representatives?」

(Aslin)「Yes, but why?」

(Vilia)「Because, if they come to see our situation, and they can’t find us, it will make a fuss. And we also have to consult about lunch and other matters. 」

(Aslin)「Yes, you’re right. Wait a minute. 」

Aslin was using Call to contact someone.
That skill seemed to be usable by the representative. Of course, onii-sama could use it too.
I was a bit envious of Aslin and Philia.
They seemed to be together with onii-sama since forever when I met him.

Oh, for now, I had to prepare thoroughly.

(Vilia)「Please everyone put a bottle of water, your name tag, and your identification card properly in your backpack. We may also go to Super Lutz so let’s bring some money. 」

With my explanation, everyone went back to their room to prepare.
Every child made a happy face. This sight would seem like a lie before coming here.

(Vilia)「Really, like a dream … 」

I am Vilia.

I was living in the slum of the Royal Capital of Rochelle.
I could only remember a little of my parents.
However, they were kind. Both my father and mother were warm.
But before I noticed, I became alone.
Driven out of the house, I joined people and we had to support each other.

Hungry everyday.
At that time, I begged to live, looking for something to eat.

The slum had a group of children.
The children who tried to live often resorted to thievery and became criminal. But a child who had to do that in order to live was still earnest.
But, most of those who could not bear the hunger and resorted to crime didn’t return alive.

(Hiiro)「….. Hey. Vilia onee-chan. Onii… won’t move?」

Hiiro grasped me and asked.
In front of our eyes was our elder brother.

Even if my brother was the leader of the group
And we had no actual connection. For us, it was enough.
Everyday, he had desperately collected food that he shared with all of us… He was a good brother.

Our brother was hugging tightly the bread with both his hands but he wasn’t moving.
No, he was already dead.
On the wall in the other side were traces… of blood…

(Vilia)「Brother is just a bit tired. Let’s put him in the bed. Because brother brought bread, can you put it in the basket Hiiro and share it with everyone. 」

(Hiiro)「Yes. I understand. 」

Hiiro went Patapata5)SFX : Walking and took the bread away.
The vibration made brother slump on the ground. Blood tainted the wall.
… Where did you steal that bread?
I can’t stand it. Naturally, in the end we’re criminals… But it’s sad.

I buried brother’s dead body in a place where the other brothers slept.
Now, I became the leader of the group.
If we didn’t get any food, everyone will starve.
At that time, my head was full with such things.
So, I wasn’t afraid of the fancy clothes and the sword in front.
For the sake of tomorrow, I stretched my hand to grab foods.

(Seraria)「Ara? I guess that thief has quite the guts, doesn’t she?」

It was my encounter with Seraria, and the premise of my travel for the Dungeon.

While I was brought by Seraria, I heard various stories.
I couldn’t die in such a place, so I answered obediently, trying hard to please her into a good mood.
And when our talk ended, Seraria-sama said.

(Seraria)「Say, Vilia. Why don’t you come with us and bring the other children along?」


(Seraria)「There’s just a little work for the children. If you come, you can eat meals properly. 」

(Vilia)「Work… Will you give us?」

(Seraria)「Yes. Hopefully you will get to a place where orphans like you can live properly. Doesn’t that sound good?」

(Vilia)「Ye-yes!! I will tell everyone!!」

(Seraria)「Wait, just a minute. You!!」


(Seraria)「Follow Vilia and buy some food with these money. If a kid holds the money, it will get stolen, so accompany her for a bit. You should keep it firmly. 」

(You)「Ha!! Let’s go. 」

(Seraria)「….. Kur, the number of orphans is abnormal. With this number of people, it would be impossible to cover them all… 」

(Kur)「… That’s a thing, but the minister Loire grasped the money related to helping the orphans.
…… 」

(Seraria)「That low life!! Check it as soon…… No, I’ll strike him. You come along. Because we have to depart tomorrow, let’s clean up and seize him today. If he resists, let’s cut him off. 」

(Kur)「Hey!? How are you going to cleanup!?」

(Seraria)「I will leave it to Aria ane-sama. If someone can do it well, it’s her. 」

Then, I decided to follow Seraria.

(Yuki)「Okay, everyone’s here? You’re training today… Now, I am Yuki, I will be your sensei at school. Nice to meet you!!」

The first impression I had from Seraria-sama’s husband was only so-so.
Therefore, I remember that I only greeted him politely.

(Vilia)「W, well. Are you perhaps Seraria-sama’s husband?? Ple-please treat me well!!」

Since I was the leader of everyone, I squeezed the words I was desperately thinking.

(Yuki)「Ah, Seraria huh. That question is a problem~」

What Yuki-sama said had a taste of dissatisfaction.

(Vilia)「So-sorry!! Do you have any problem!?」

(Yuki)「Oh, no no. It’s not your fault. And you’re the one who greeted me, are you the children’s mediator or something?」

(Vilia)「Yes!! I am Vilia!! Please punish me if there is something you don’t like!! Please forgive everyone….. 」

Before I was done with my sentence, a hand was put on top of my head and I was shivering.

(Yuki)「Sorry if I scared you. I want to get along with everyone. So I won’t punish. 」

Yuki-sama bent his knees to fit my height.
At the same time, he moved his hand lightly and gently stroked my head.

(Yuki)「Viria is excellent. You did that for everyone. Much more excellent than I am. 」


(Yuki)「Therefore, don’t exert yourself so much. From here on, I will protect you. 」

(Vilia)「Ah, ah….. 」

The words sank into my body, my eyes brimmed with tears that I couldn’t stop.

(Vilia)「AaaaaaAAAHHHH……. !!」

(Yuki)「Cry cry, let it all out. You tried too hard with this small body. Seriously… It’s way different than my childhood. 」

(Vilia)「Everyday, everyday , nothing to eat… My brother… and… I… did… best….. 」

(Yuki)「I understand, I understand…… Wait, you all!?」

Everyone started crying as I cried.
From here on, onii-sama desperately wanted to get along with everyone.
We stopped crying now, because we had a lot of fun things to do and we could eat meals.

Then, days like dream began.
Everyone could go at the school, and we could all live together in the dormitory.
A house, a roof, a bed? Everyone had something prepared, and we could all eat meals together.
And we could study and play everyday at the school.
Just like onii-sama said, a lot of fun things……

(Vilia)「Even if it’s only one week… It feels like I have been here since forever. 」

Eating a bento from Super Lutz with everyone at the park , I was thinking.
Everyone who had already finished his meal was playing in the park.
Among them, Hiiro suddenly noticed me and…

(Hiiro)「… Vilia onee-chan… Fubee!?」

He ran to me and fell down.

(Vilia)「Are you okay!?」

Before I could extend my hand, an Oji-san6)Old man who was in the park was unexpectedly helping Hiiro.

(???)「Are you okay?」

(Hiiro)「… Yes. Thank you. 」

(???)「It’s awesome, you didn’t cry. 」

(Hiiro)「… Yes, I’m a strong child. 」

(???)「Ah, how tough. 」

That way, the oji-san smiled happily and looked at Hiiro.

(Vilia)「Ano, thank you for helping Hiiro. 」

(???)「No no, it’s only after he fell down. I only helped a little…… 」

The Oji-san had a clumsy look on his face.
Everyone around me watched worriedly.

(Hiiro)「Thank you very much. I am okay everyone, so let’s play. Well, oji-san, see you again. 」

(???)「Oji!? Just wait a minute. You, do you like this town?」

The oji-san asked something with a serious expression.
But, the answer was already decided.

(Vilia)「Yes, I love it. 」

When I answered immediately, the oji-san’s smile transformed into a marvellous expression…

(???)「Okay, thanks. 」

Saying that, he went out of the park.
So yes, I wondered if this oji-san was one of the immigrants who had come together with us?

(Yuki)「Oh, you were in a place like this Crack. Because you took a break from the meeting, did you get lost by yourself wandering around?」

(Crack)「…… Yuki-dono. Please, use me to protect this town. 」

Afterword of the author
For a moment, the viewpoint has gone a bit apart, the passage of time was slightly later than the previous talk.
The school has a slightly different function than the school we know Ahah.

And I told you I would take a day off yesterday, but it’s a lie!!
Well, when I start to write I just can’t stop, that’s too bad.


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References   [ + ]

1. ヴィリア
2. Sensei means teacher in Japanese
3. SFX: Crying
4. Lady was the word used by the author in Katakana
5. SFX : Walking
6. Old man

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