Chapter 78 – Injuries are increasing.

Chapter 78 – Injuries are increasing.

Side : Steve
Specie : Goblin army leader

It’s bad. Real Bad.
I really won’t survive getting involved with the General’s wives.
No, well that’s not really fair. Realistically it’s just one.
His other wives are harmless, Delille is well just a little, you know, but on the inside she’s surprisingly normal.

However, Miss Seraria is a big no-no.
Why? Because she refuses to obey the General. That’s a big no-no!!

(Aslin)「Steve, you can’t get injured!! 」

At the feet of the General was our little o-hime-sama1)Princess, she was giving me her support, like a cute cheerleader.
Ohh!! I can feel motivation rising!!

(Seraria)「Steve, you don’t have to go easy on him. 」

Wait a minute. What’s motivation again?
With perfect timing, Seraria nee-chan interjected.

(Seraria)「Steve, Vilia and Hiro came today Aslin in the lead. You can’t show them anything strange alright?」

Oni2)Demon huh!!
The General also had to fight with such a feeling a while ago!!
Of all things, to use children! 3)Basically she is using the fact that there are children present as a reason to make it more difficult for Steve
Hey, General!!
I sent a meaningful glance to the General, asking him to put his wife in order.

He raised his hands and glanced away, my plea was rejected…
Hurgh, I have no allies here!!
Uh, how did it come to this…..
I started reminiscing as I looked at my reflection in my practice longsword.

==== Jump in time to the past ====

Right after the General won against the adventurer.
At that time, Squad A was stationed at the entrance to the Adventurer Guild, while I was inside checking the current situation with the Guild.

(Adventurer)「Uh? Why is there a Goblin here?」

So, I was noticed by an adventurer.

(Adventurer)「A monster… Why is it not attacking us?」

(Adventurer)「Hey now, earlier today, there was an explanation that the monsters outside of the Dungeon District are under control. 」

(Adventurer)「Oh, that reminds me, he’s wearing the security armband. 」

That’s right, so please leave me be.
Then I’ll be able to leisurely enjoy my grape juice.
Ah, by the way, we monsters who are defending the city are receiving a tentative salary for the time being.
The people of the city were told, that we aren’t dangerous.
Thanks to that, we’ve been sincerely guarding the city, schools, shops, and training centers; getting along well with the inhabitants.
Well that said, today is my holiday.
Because of their arrival my break was ruined!!
Even when I thought I would be able to play cards after a long time……
Thanks to the General, our head is pretty good, he made us capable of remembering things and we had a fun time learning a lot to the point where we could read, write and do calculations.
Also we got to play games.
As for the wives, we could receive their requests, because we felt that they could be trusted.
That’s how I was thinking, until the recent duel with the general.

(Adventurer)「Hey, is this Goblin part of the security that is said to be really strong?」

(Adventurer)「Don’t be stupid. A goblin? What rank is it regarding Guild’s subjugation?」

(Adventurer)「True, it’s a mere rank 2 for beginners and yet the defense is entrusted to that? Are those guys employed by Seraria-sama’s husband?」

(Adventurer)「Now that you mention it, that really could be the case, that crazy guy…… 」

Don’t stare so much!!
I’m not interested in a man!!

(Adventurer)「Some of the Lord or Knight Goblins are ranked 3 or 4 aren’t they?」

(Adventurer)「Ah, if you’re around rank 4, you can’t possibly serve as a security guard right?」

(Adventurer)「That might be the case, but either way, I haven’t seen him wearing anthing like that? He is also too small to be a Knight or a Lord. 」

(Adventurer)「True, he is just a Goblin equipped with fancy clothes. Wild ones have straw pants and a crude weapon. 」

Hey, don’t compare me with the wild exhibitionist bunch outside!!
When we had the spare time, I went outside of the Dungeon and witnessed the sad madness of my fellow kin outside!!
What’s more they don’t even bath, I don’t want to be seen in the same light as those perverts!!
Those exhibitionists I just mentioned were exterminated by our unit.
Mou, were all scarred for life!!

People who have a hard time imagining it, can imagine the following.
Imagine you and your acquaintance are suddenly dumped into the Victorian era where the streets stink and are full of excrement. Then some random stranger runs up to you for a hug, to top it all off he/she/it doesn’t even bathe or shower!!

(Seraria)「Is something wrong I wonder?」


(Adventurer)「No, but that monster, the Goblin, he walked inside the Guild earlier. Is the monster part of the security?」

(Seraria)「Huh? All guards in the security wear this armband. Didn’t you hear the explanation?」

(Adventurer)「No, I was listening, but I’m surprised to see a Goblin being part of the security. 」

(Seraria)「Oh right, but he is. 」

(Adventurer)「Umm well … though I am being impolite, but are you sure that it is suitable for security…… 」

(Seraria)「I understand ne~」

Ah, I had a bad feeling.
Seraria nee-san’s eyes squinted and there was a smell of danger in the air!!
When you first see her, you would think she is just hot-blooded.
I don’t want to be a part of this.
I think I’ll just slip away silen-


Grabbed by the nape of my neck, I was pulled to Seraria nee-san.

(Seraria)「Where are you trying to go Steve?」

(Steve)「Go, Gobu…… (N-no, I’m part of the security, it’s time that I go on a patrol so…… )」

(Seraria)「Ara, how diligent. Your raising your voice because you’re worried about the security? But don’t we have an incident right here? We should take care of this lacking image they have of you first and foremost. 」

Wearing a beaming smile, Seraria nee-san abducted me.

==== Jump in time into the present ====

This was the result.

(Seraria)「Well, now we have a representative guard of our city. Steve, a monster Goblin. Earlier some adventurers came talking to me about the Goblins asking if it was okay for them to be part of the security force. That’s a bad image. Because of that, I want the adventurers to feel their skills by fighting with the Goblin Steve. Of course you can try to kill, you can kill him without worries. 」


(Seraria)「Well, because you all don’t have any motivation, let’s make it 1 gold coin if you can defeat Steve. 」

(Adventurers)「「「Ooooo!! 」」」

Ugiyaaaaaaaaaaa, totally outrageous damn what she said !
At least for the General there was no killing!!
Human rights… No, I really wanted to cry out loudly about living being’s rights!!
I’m alive after all!!

(Philia)「Steve, do your best like nii-sama!! 」

(Vilia)「Work hard like onii-sama, Steve. I think you can, but… 」

(Hiro)「Onee, that’s not something you should be saying. 」

Kuu, the General has preferential treatment.

(Seraria)「Now, are you ready to fight?」

Seraria nee-san called out towards the area where we were about to fight.

(Steve)「Gobu.. ?(What about them, can I kill them?)」
(Seraria)「Nope. No good. 」

(Steve)「Gobu!?(So Cruel!?)」

While I was asking that, an adventurer from earlier came forward.

(Adventurer)「One gold coin. Well, I want to say that I am not attracted by it, but know that I am also interested in the competence of that Goblin. Let me be your opponent. 」

Well, mou, can I run away already?

(GrandMaster)「Ho ho ho. This looks interesting. Seraria-sama, can I watch this?」

(Seraria)「Yes, please do so. 」

My way out!?
If I ran away now, they would reduce my salary!?

Oni4)Demon!! Akuma5)Demonl!! With those Half finished breast of yours!! It should be either big for hope or flat for justice!!

(Seraria)「… Salary reduction」

(Steve)「Gobiyu? GObuuuuuu!! (You can read minds!? That’s tyrannical discrimination! !)」

(Seraria)「Not if you win. Easy right?」

Mou, I won’t be able to leave for a while!!
Let’s knock him into the ground quickly!!
Which reminds me, this guy is heavily involved with the cause of all this!!

(Seraria)「Well then…… You two. Hajime! 6)Start/Begin! 」

Seraria-sama gave the signal.

(Steve)「Gobuuuu!! (Rest in piecesss!!)」

(Adventurer)「Uwa7)Surprised sfx!?」

As for the result, because I have overdone it, the treatment fees would be deducted from my salary.
…… That’s too much.
Afterword of the author
Yes, it was a story from Steve.
In the meantime, it also served for Seraria’s purpose of showing to the adventurers that they can’t mess with the security.
Half of it was for her own amusement though…
I will give a silent prayer for Steve’s wallet.


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References   [ + ]

1. Princess
2, 4, 5. Demon
3. Basically she is using the fact that there are children present as a reason to make it more difficult for Steve
6. Start/Begin
7. Surprised sfx

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