Chapter 12 – The one Loved by god, the old witch, and the magic spellbook

Chapter 12 – The one Loved by god, the old witch, and the magic spellbook

Tetsuya had already escaped the Abyss’s Fool since one day ago. In the meantime, Yuki Hoshino was exploring the Royal Capital.
She stopped at a bookstore… No, she stopped at an evil bookstore.

(Store owner)「Please, come in.」


The old woman, sitting on a chair at the back of the store, called out when she entered. Inside the shop was only one small shelf. And on that small shelf was only one book.

(Yuki)「I’m sorry, but what is this book about?」

The old woman opened her eyes and replied to Yuki

(Store owner)「This is a spell book inherited from demons. Seems like you understand the meaning?」

(Yuki)「Magic spell book?」

(Store owner)「Everyone can use demonic magic. You only have to remember the spells written inside and that’s it. It’s nothing fake」

(Store owner)「Well, you could say that it’s a fake. The spellbook chooses his real owner. To the right owner, strong and powerful magics are accessible and displayed. And with the help of a medium, like a cane, he will be able to use them. Besides, the spell book allows the summon of one familiar spirit (servant) 」

(Yuki)「Then, this book name……」

(Store owner)「『Book Tenbin Moon 』is a genuine spellbook. It was once one of the rumored strongest amidst others spellbooks. The owner right now is me. Miss, what is your name?」


(Store owner)「Okay, Yuki. Do you want the book?」

(Yuki)「Is it good? Although it’s yours, old lady」

(Store owner)「It’s all right. I can’t continue for too long, and it’s better if a promising youth like you use it. Wanna try the challenge? You want it, doesn’t you?」

(Yuki)「In that case … I will」

(Store owner)「Wait… … Me, owner of the (Book Tenbin Moon), will now cancel the contract. Here, only after giving a bit of your blood to it will the magic flow」

(Yuki)「I understand…….」

(Store owner)「Now the contract is complete. With a contracted spell book, you can make it appear or disappear as you need. Come on, try saying『Appear』and use the spellbook. It’s the same thing when you’re done with it」


(Store owner)「Now that you know. Leave. I already sold it to you」

(Yuki)「I understand. Thank you very much.」

On that day, Princess Yuki became even stronger.

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapter, dude, i was (trying very VERY hard)reading using Tranlation Aggregator and tought that the char had the name Yukihime and not Yuki hime(Princess Yuki) she was one of MC classmates, i’m not sure but it’s worth cheking out

    • Well, Idk, but I like the principle that being as beautiful as snow, she received the nickname of Princess Yuki. She names herself Yuki and not Yukihime though.

  2. Want to point out that in chapter 2, the name is “Yuki Hoshino” but in this chapter it is “Yuki Oshono”. Personally i don’t know which one is the correct name but i am just pointing it out.

  3. Ugh… The best way to read this is to read one sentence, get a drink, read another sentence, go to the bathroom, read another sentence, eat dinner, read another sentence and done. Too F-ing fast! Slow down author, you’re writing like your pants are on fire

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