Chapter 31 – Discovered

(Book 2 Chapter 19)Chapter 31 – Discovered

(Diethelm)「Come, this is my house! 」

(Tetsuya)「Ah, yes. Your house, or perhaps you should say your castle. 」

Tetsuya who entered the Royal capital had ridden a carriage at the aristocratic gate and had gone to the palace. And those were the words of Diethelm when they were about to reach the royal palace. Don’t forget the one thing Diethelm had said to Tetsuya. He had said that the castle was his house.
And I think that they both are surprisingly similar, don’t you? It was a suitable place.

(Tetsuya)「By the way, why did we come to the royal palace? You can return home, right? But I haven’t received my request yet.」

(Diethelm)「Where is your home? Don’t tell me that you’re not going to stay here?」

(Tetsuya)「What? I never heard of that」

(Diethelm)「After I give you the reward because I’m more or less the King.」

(Tetsuya)「It’s not needed. I’ll take my leave after you give my reward.」

(Diethelm)「Hahahaha, impossible.」

(Mysterious man) 「Father1)Chichiue, welcome home」

Suddenly when Tetsuya and Diethelm talked, (Quarreled maybe?) they heard a beautiful voice 2)An イケボ Ikebo. The beginning of Ikemen and the beginning of voice. Should i use the Japanese spelling here?. If he was the voice actress of a little girl in a game, wouldn’t it sell really well? Tetsuya thought, but he didn’t forget. Tetsuya was the same.

(Mysterious man)「?Who is this one?」3) Editor’s note: Nani!?

Asked the man about Tetsuya 4) Editor’s note: Ikemen asking . After what Tetsuya turned toward him, a silver-haired ikemen with blue eyes. He saw that man and muttered

(Tetsuya)「Eh? Chaotic King5)This might be a reference to Gilgamesh from fate stay night but I’m not sure」

The man looked similar to the Chaotic King. Tetsuya tried his utmost not to spit out a line like, “As expected of this place, it’s dreadful.”

(Diethelm)「Oh, that guy is Tetsuya. He helped me, then tagged along the way. 」

(Mysterious man)「I understand, thank you very much Tetsuya-dono. I’m sorry for the troubles my father brought to you.」

(Diethelm)「It hasn’t been decided that I brought trouble!?」

(Mysterious man)「It’s obvious. Really. . . you sneaked out in the middle of the night with the lowest skilled of our soldiers. . . . What’s more, you took Elena! Besides that, I can’t see your carriage, was it attacked? And you were gone for a few weeks! That’s why Tatsuya-dono, I’m in your debt! So am I an idiot? No, father’s the idiot! And how many hardships you think Paul6)がどれ and me had to go through because of you? You didn’t do your job and documents were scattered all over, we had to look everywhere for the important ones! 」

(Diethelm)「Oi, weren’t you worried about me! ?」

(Mysterious man)「There’s no reason to be! It was only Elena that we worried about! Because father’s skin is thick, he won’t die! 」

After Diethelm introduced him, Tetsuya received words of thanks. But Diethelm soon received words of blame. While listening to the conversation, Tetsuya was thinking, “This person, don’t tell me. Ah but I haven’t heard his name yet.” Honestly, this thought was stupid.

(Mysterious man)「Oh, I’m sorry Tetsuya-dono. You haven’t heard of my name yet. I am Eldo・Walen・Von・ Emberg. The crown prince」

(Tetsuya)「K, ah, I’m Tetsuya. For the time being, an adventurer of the rank XXX. It’s okay with Tetsuya only7)He’s saying that it’s fine if “-dono” is not attached to his name

(Eldo)「Eh! So that means you are Tetsuya『Zettaisha(The ・. Absolute)』! ?」

(Tetsuya)「What are you saying?」

(Eldo)「You have two titles. The first is High ranked adventurer. And the second is Tetsuya 『Zettaisha(The ・. Absolute)』It originate from the fact that a Dragon is following you since you nullified his attack」

(Tetsuya)「Seriously . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

And then, the man ——— Eldo, received light injuries as soon as he told Tetsuya about his nickname. However, 『Zettaisha(The ・. Absolute)』 was quite fitting. Don’t you think?This smelled like an extravagant troll. He was recently named Emperor God after all.

(Eldo)「Oh, I forgot. The kingdom of Ingrassia contacted us, they want our help regarding something. 」

Tetsuya, still listening to the story, thougth, “Perhaps he heard of something?”

(Diethlm)「Cooperation?They want to practice?」

(Eldo)「Yes, and there’s something else. They want our help to find someone, the hero『Tetsuya・Kanzaki』. He is missing and his situation is unknown. 」


Tetsuya who heard the story finally remembered. Ah, the country Ingrassia, the place who summoned him. Diethelm was now looking at Tetsuya. And,

(Diethelm)「No way, you’re not the hero. . . right?! 」

He asked Tetsuya. Who just answered

(Tetsuya)「Well, I was once called like that. 」

Like it wasn’t important.
Afterword of the author
Hai, he’s exposed.


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1. Chichiue
2. An イケボ Ikebo. The beginning of Ikemen and the beginning of voice. Should i use the Japanese spelling here?
3. Editor’s note: Nani!?
4. Editor’s note: Ikemen asking
5. This might be a reference to Gilgamesh from fate stay night but I’m not sure
6. がどれ
7. He’s saying that it’s fine if “-dono” is not attached to his name

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