Chapter 9 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 2 Intimidation 「FunーFun fuーFun♪」

Chapter 9 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 2 : Intimidation 「FunーFun fuーFun♪」

Creak! Doshiya



(Tetsuya)「OhーSo much~」

In the second floor, Tetsuya sneered. He wanted to advance toward the boss room but small fishes, around level 350, kept rushing at him, one after another. Then, Tetsuya leaked a few words out.
It was something he finally remembered…

(Tetsuya)「I can intimidate them!」

Tetsuya used the Orignal Skill 『Transcendental Deity Intimidation』. He lowered to the minimum the power output of『Intimidation』. And as a result,

(Tetsuya)「Finally, the boss room! I wonder what kind of enemy will appear inside… Diiieeeeeeee!」

And the Boss had died, just like that. In fact, he instantly died from the 『Intimidation』.

Tetsuya repeated the process until the 25th floor. The time elapsed since he entered the 2nd floor was about 4 hours. And although a lot of monsters came out, none of them could survive against Tetsuya 『Intimidation』. If any of the monsters here were to attack a country, he would be strong enough to destroy it.


Regarding how the monsters ended, Tetsuya was irritated about that. Tetsuya had never noticed it (?), but he was somehow like a battle maniac. However, this kind of feeling was only harbored toward the strong and not toward the weak. It was only natural that Tetsuya felt frustrated from it. Nevertheless, monsters who could withstand Tetsuya 『Intimidation』were not many.

On the 80th floor, Tetsuya was overjoyed to reach the boss room. It was because the monster here could withstand Tetsuya’s aura (0.00001% of his full power). The name of the monster was Dragon Grizzly. He was the floor’s boss and harbored the level 927. His face and his body were that of a Bear. His arms, legs, and tail were the one of a Dragon. Tetsuya used the Unique Skill 『Demon Art』. His arm and his Katana became imbued with magic. Then, he approached the Dragon………


The neck dropped from a single stab.
No matter how well he could hold against Tetsuya’s intimidating aura, he could never match Tetsuya’s strength. Only a corpse was now standing in front of Tetsuya.

About Tetsuya’s new skill.
Here is a short description.

『Demon Art』
The body infused with magic is then used as a weapon. Unlike 『Demon armor Art』.
As for the image, it was like「Body become sword」。The image was needed because it was a unique skill. It’s something like Taijutsu. You can put it in the Body technique category.
This magic is easy to use. But you need a strong image in your mind to use it.
Regardless, it’s easy to imagine 「Body〇Magic〇Result」.

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    • Hummm. For now I will keep going like this. I can’t work Dungeon the same way I’m doing with this one because I have to wait for the other Translator and he is not often online

  1. I will wait to see if this improves but for the moment this is junk. Al least in Arifureta the MC wasn’t v invincible and gradually built up his strength, but here? He kills almost everyone by releasing 0.00001% of his power. What kind of crap is that?

    • That’s not really the problem. The problem is that there’s just no flow whatsoever in the writing. The progression is so weird, you’d think that fantasy world didn’t have a calendar or clock.

      There’s no world building either. Even with the really bad novels, you can at least roughly imagine the world being written about, but this one, it’s like you’re reading about some autistic cockroach frolicking in a hole in the ground, and then suddenly entered the Earth’s magma crust, by accident, confounding geography and science in the process. We read he got pushed down a hole, but there’s no indication how vast the dungeon is. All of a sudden, he’s on the 500th floor? WTF?!

      And then there’s said autistic cockroach (MC), who makes some sound effects, some stupid action created (I don’t know what because the writing is so bad I can’t even visualize it), and then he moves on, repeating the process. It’s like a washing machine stuck on repeat, except with mud for water and shit for detergent.

      Ugh, my head hurts….

  2. Wait.

    He fell down, right?
    fell DOWN, right?
    Why the fart is he descending to the 25th floor? Where were all the adventurers diving till the 25th floor?

    And just like Arifureta, the Levels and Power values just doesn’t make sense. It’s pointless to have them.

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