Chapter 9 – Whoosh, stabbed to defeat, the ideal form

Chapter 9 – Whoosh, stabbed to defeat, the ideal form

So, with the kitchen knife at hand, I’m going out again.

「Yosh, do your best, me. 」

Firing my spirit up, I’m heading for the exit.
SFX : Gacha Gacha!
Kuh, the door is still dull! Scrap Apartment!

I descend to the second floor.
Since『Covert action』is now LV4 it’s good. My existence feels thinner than earlier.
Alongside『Stealthy steps』 I totally feel like I’m a ninja.
No, with one knife at hand, if anything I’m just a thief?

「Hm….. ?」

Several doors are left open.
『Hostility perception』and『Crisis perception』show a reaction.
One Goblin appear from one of the door.
Yosh, it’s your turn, washing machine.

…… No, wait a minute.

The Goblin wasn’t one.
Two…… Three, Four…… Oioi, four in total? Oii.
While hiding behind the wall, I look at the state of the Goblins.

「Gigi. 」
「Gii, gigii. 」
「Gigihgii. 」

The Goblins are discussing something.
Or rather, Goblins are amazing.
They just came to such a world and they are already tempering themselves, they are already acclimated.
Would you only recognize your hunting land has changed, if you are a Goblin?
That I can’t tell, because I don’t know how smart they are.

One Goblin point towards the top.
The others nod.

Maybe the Goblin who was upstairs is one of those guys friend?
Was he on the upper floors for reconnaissance? Is it suspicious because he isn’t coming back… ?

Or, were they listening to the sounds of their friend getting crushed by the washing machine?
Yes, the noise was so loud.
Well, that makes it suspicious.
Stupid me! Damn!
There was no helping it! In my first battle, I hit with my wits out!

—— Dan-dangerous.
One of the Goblins come towards me.

What to do?
Fight or flee?

No, wait.
This is a chance.
The chance to get a large amount of experience at once.

Most importantly, those goblins are bare handed unlike the guy from earlier.
My status is higher than before, both weapons and terrain are at my advantage here.
…… Let’s do it.

There’s still the option of running away too.
Similar to this place, people who ran away surely encountered a similar situation.
Is it possible to keep escaping all the time? The answer is no.
In order to 『Get used to the world. 』you should first defeat the Goblins here and raise your level.


The Goblin is reaching near me.
Okay, it isn’t noticing.

More….. Little more…… Right now!
The moment when the Goblin turns around in the hallway, I cover its mouth and stab the kitchen knife in its heart.


The Goblin has probably been careless.
I could strike the chest easily.
Whoosh, stabbed to death.
The Goblin falls on the spot.
The blue pebble rolled on the spot, it died in one blow.

≪Earning experience points≫
≪Skill proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Stress tolerance rose from LV1 to LV2. ≫

Voices echoed in my head.
At the same time, the unpleasant feeling of discomfort and guilt that I had felt since before have diminished.

「Gii, Giii!」

Other Goblins notice my existence.
The three Goblins threatened me intensely and come running towards this place.
Yosh, predictable.

Calm down. Look carefully. Make use of Observation.
The door of the room behind me —– Yosh, it’s closed.
The other doors are the same.
It’ll be fine.
I also ran to the “front” all of a sudden.

「Item box open. 」

Took out the 『Refrigerator』.
With casters, among the household appliances I have, it is the heaviest alongside the washing machine plus it’s big.
With my improved status thanks to Body I push forward with all my strength!


The voices from the Goblins are astonished.
The sudden huge object that appeared before their eyes is pressing to them at a tremendous speed.
The Goblins are thrown into the wall with no resistance.
SFX:Don! And a dull sound echoes.

「Fuuu… 」

Store the refrigerator again.
All the Goblins are stunned.
The strike should have been strong enough. Some Goblins have bent legs or arms in strange direction.
It’s good. Went well.
Household appliances are amazing. High technology is handy.

「Now, put an end to….. 」

The thing is that the pebbles aren’t rolling and that the Goblins aren’t dead yet.
I stick out the kitchen knife in my hand and strike at the Goblin’s chest.
Yes, don’t think about it. Take it like it’s work.
Whoosh, stabbed to death easily.

The Goblins were dying very easily.
I pick up the blue pebbles.

≪Earning experience points≫
≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level to 2 to level 3. ≫

≪Earning experience points≫
≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level to 3 to level 4. ≫

The level went up.
Two in one gulp.  Rising level like this.
Surely, it’s the doing of the 『Precocious』. The skill must give a correction to the amount of experience I earn.

「Fuuu….. 」

I’m tired.
However, feeling stressed considerably made the LV of 『Stress tolerance』rise.

So from now on, I can probably do better.
I understood it at the first surprise attack.
If you go around properly, you can kill an opponent the level of a Goblin easily from the right position.

「Checking the status….. Should I do it now?」

Let’s finish it quickly.
After I make sure that the monsters aren’t around, I enter the room where the Goblins rested before.
Status Open.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 4
HP : 18/18 → 22/22
MP: 2/2 → 4/4
Strength : 20 → 23
Endurance : 18 → 21
Agility : 30 → 35
Dexterity : 30 → 34
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 2 → 42
JP : 5 → 25

Spy Lv5.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV2, Observation LV2, Improved hearing LV2, Covert action LV4
Body strengthening LV3, Stress tolerance LV2, Fear resistance LV1, Hostility perception LV2, Crisis perception LV3, Item box LV3.

Since the level has gone up by two so did my JP and SP.
After all, every time my LV goes up by 1, it will without a doubt give 20 SP and 10 JP.

Now I have 25JP.
Yosh, let’s get up to LV 8 all at once.

Spy rose to LV 8 in a stretch.
The level of 『Stealthy steps』, 『Observation』, 『Improved hearing』, 『Covert action』also have risen by one.
Apparently, every time the level of a job goes 3 up, the level of the skill acquired from it will rise as well. That’s good right.

Next is the allocation of SP.
42 points.
Yosh, it’s decided.
Raise Body strengthening and Item box to 6.
In addition of 『Hostility perception』to 3 and『Crisis perception』to 4.
Let’s acquire the new skills 『Swordsmanship』and『Concealment』. They were 1 point each.
Speaking of the knife, it’s an edged tool. The skill 『Swordsmanship』should come in handy.
『Concealment』is a skill I was planning to get from the beginning, so this time I took it.
Let’s preserve the remaining 3 points.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 4
HP : 22/22
MP : 4/4
Strength : 23 → 38
Endurance : 21 → 36
Agility : 35 → 59
Dexterity : 34 → 58
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 3
JP : 4

Spy LV8.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV3, Observation LV3, Improved hearing LV3, Covert action LV3.
Body strengthening LV6, Swordsmanship LV1, Stress tolerance LV2, Fear resistance LV2, Hostility perception LV3, Crisis perception LV4, Concealment LV1, Item box LV6.

Yes, the increase in agility and dexterity is remarkable.
My body feels really invigorated.

But no matter how much stronger I got, it’s wrong to challenge naively from the front.
After all, it’s surprise or nothing. Let’s have my fights centered around that technique.
Even when looking at my personality, I feel that it’s the best fit.
There is also my two strong allies called washing machine and refrigerator.

Next, let’s check the performance of the Item box.
The LV went up, there must be some extra…… Hm?This feeling…..
Somehow, the usages comes to my mind.

Ooh, two things came out at the same time!
In my hands, an apple and a ballpoint pen appear at the same time. Apple pen. 1)This is a reference to the popular Apple Pen little music.

Apparently, thanks to the increase in its level, It has become possible to put more than one thing out at the same time.
Up to four at the same time.
Really convenient. God-like.
In this case, the breadth of my tactics will expand considerably.

After that, I tried it a lot and the extension of the Item box looks something like this.

1 Storage volume increased.
2 Differents things can be put in and out at the same time. (Up to 4)
3 The range of the storage where I can put things in and out has spread. (Up to 5 meters)

Oh, and it would be the best if it could stop the time of the thing which I store in after this.
Well, there’s no choice but to say it’s a luxury.
It might be possible if the LV goes up further.

Well, should I get off to the first floor?
Taking the opportunity, I borrow useful things from this room.
No problem. I’ll return them properly after I see the owner. If he is alive.


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1. This is a reference to the popular Apple Pen little music.

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  1. So plot twist all humans appear as goblins to each other.
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    • I remember in Xmen 200 issue mastermind did something like thst to the team. But Cyclops, with all the training, had his mental resistance stronger then mental illusions.
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      Thanks for the chapter

  2. Somehow it is irritating how he never got all of the resistances and hp recovery even though he has that much SP, not to mention putting so much in Item Box even though it’s pretty much useful as lvl 1 for the time being. I was expecting him to level up fear resistance since he is such a wuss, was he really a light novel reader?

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