Chapter 5 – Choosing skills

Chapter 5 – Choosing skills

So the next step is to improve the level of my skills.
All four of them were acquired.
『Stealthy steps』,『Observation』,『Improved hearing』,『Covert action』.
Thanks to raising my jobs, my skills went up to LV2.

Well, I wonder which one I should raise…..
Don’t get lost…..

Oh, since you can click on the job’s field, maybe you can also click on the skills field?
Feeling a bit excited, I clicked on the skill field.

≪Multiple skills are available.Do you want to obtain them?≫

Wow! Seriously!?
A list of skills from which characters are darkened to tell them apart from the previously acquired is displayed on the status plate.
They number 20 in total.

『Initially available skill list.』

Body strengthening, Swordsmanship, Riding, Stress resistance, Poison resistance, Fear resistance, Paralysis resistance, Virus resistance, Heat resistance, Tamper tolerance, Negotiation skill, HP automatic recovery, Hostility perception, Crisis perception, Concealment, Cooking, Documents handling, Packing, Load carrying, Writing, Item box.

一There’s a cupfulー.
Are they the skills that I can master separately from the skills I gained with my profession?
Is it because of my life at the company that there is so many skills with resistance?

The effect of the skills probably have a certain value.
This is semblable to a novel.
Often I found myself thinking about this.
Choosing skills makes me excited.

Now, my current amount of SP is 10 Points.
How can I use them?
Whether to acquire a new skill or raise the LV of the current ones……
Although it is troublesome, considering that I have to survive in this sword, there are skills to choose.
After I check on each skill by clicking on them, they all needed 1 point for learning.
This is a blessing.
Whichever you choose, it’s only one point.
In other words, if you don’t take in consideration the level of skill, you can obtain up to ten skills.

「Humm, I wonder what to raise~」

After struggling a lot, I decided to take the following skills.

『Body strengthening』
『Stress resistance』
『Fear resistance』
『Hostility perception』
『Crisis perception』
『Item box』

That’s it.

Since the outside is overflowing with monsters, 『Hostility perception』and『Crisis perception』 are necessary.
In addition of 『Covert action』, my chances of survival become way higher.
In fact, the moment I received these two skills, I felt that my intuition became sharper.

「Mumu, this presence?」It feels like a person.
My tension rises.

「Fuh, the person here… Why don’t you come out from your hideout?」I always wanted to try.
That’s cool isn’t it?
I wanted to say this by all means!
Of course, if it is a monster, I will run away immediately afterwards.
(Not sure of the block above)

Next, in case I were to battle, I also acquired the skill 『Body strengthening』
It’s not surprising since my raw specs are low.
After obtaining the skill Body strengthening, I immediately took a look at my status.
HP, Strength, Endurance, Agility and Dexterity all increased by an amount of 5 points.
Incredible! My stats value now is way bigger than the original.

With a bit of added tension, I raise the skill『Body strengthening』 to Lv 2.
The added value changed from +5 to +10
Let’s try later to see actually by how much my power has increased.

When fighting against an opponent, fear is the biggest cause of injury that’s why I have chosen『Stress resistance』and 『Fear resistance』.
Far from exchanging my life, I have never been in a fight.
The two resistances will be essential to keep the balance in my mind.
As soon as I got it, the fear I had regarding the monsters outside is diminished.
Besides, what can I say about the unspeakable anxiety I have since earlier? It’s gone.
Great Skill.

And finally, the 『Item box』.
Simply because I thought it is an useful skill.
When I selected the skill, I tried it immediately.
This is really amazing.
The ballpoint pen that I had in my hands had disappeared inside in an instant.
After I prayed with my heart again, the pen reappeared before my eyes.
Perhaps it’s stored somewhere in a different space, like in a game.
It’s packed with a sense of fantasy.

No, I feel that the world has gone wrong.
This is dangerous.
As a web novel reader, my heart is already going Kyun Kyun.
Well, this is going to be a dangerous world where life will stand alongside death.
Then, we only have to think positively.

I have 2 SP remainings.
I’ll keep them for now.
Were there something to happen, I can use them to strengthen my skills or get new skills depending on the situation.
Here’s my status now.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 1
HP 15/15
Mp : 5/5
Strength : 3 → 13
Endurance: 2 → 12
Agility: 9 → 19
Dexterity: 9 → 19
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP: 2
JP: 0

Spy Lv4.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV2, Observation LV2, Improved hearing LV2, Covert action LV2.
Body strengthening LV2, Stress resistance LV1, Fear resistance LV1, Hostility perception LV1, Crisis perception LV1, Item box LV1,

Well, let’s examine the acquired skills next.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter Antheor! Looking at his choices he’s probably played plenty of RPG’s in the past haha.

  2. People can call me coward but i would pick all the resistances. I dont wanna die a stupid death coz i cant move in front of a monster due to some anxiety or panic attack, nor i want to die coz some lame virus or poison.

    Then i guess i would take Body strengthening, coz being stronger, faster or having more stamina is surely gonna be useful in this kind of new world. HP recovery, coz i want injuries to heal as fast as i can (dont wanna end up dying today coz i couldnt fight at 100% due to an injury from days ago. And finally i would take Item Box, coz i dont wanna go around carrying shit.

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