Chapter 12 – Momo’s ability

Chapter 12 – Momo’s ability

Taking Momo with me, I’m going to the nearby convenience store.
The road which wasn’t like this until yesterday is tattered.
At least there are no monsters in the surroundings, but a different thing stood out.

Goblin or Orc?
Dead bodies that had been attacked, hurt and torn were scattered here and there.

「Uwah…… So disgusting….. 」

Without『Stress tolerance』I’d have definitely vomited.
The appearance is terrible, yeah, but the smell is even more terrible than that.
Fishy smell of meat and blood.  My nose is going crazy.
Flies are gathered, attracted by the putrid smell.
The corpse of a woman was particularly terrible.
Probably raped right before she died.

「Uu….. 」

Momo also seems to be considerably overwhelmed.
The olfaction of dogs is much better than humans, it should be much harder than for me.

「Momo, are you okay? After all, you can wait at the back if you want?」

When I say so, Momo shakes its head and rubs her body on me.
It’s fine, it says to me to not worry.

「Well, let’s go ahead. 」

「Wan. 」

Walking again.
It probably came half a distance from the convenience store.
Because I’m moving while holding my breath so it takes quite a while.
There was a response from Hostility perception.
At the corner ahead I feel the presence of a monster with Awareness.

「Momo, stop. 」

With my voice, Momo stops moving.
Slowly, I walk close to the wall to look at what’s behind there.

「…… Whoa, a zombie?」

It is a zombie.
Like in the pandemic movie, the familiar zombies are roaming the town.
It’s not the resident of the town that became zombies.
The clothes worn are tattered, and part of the exposed skin is rotten.
Even if you are bitten and become a zombie, you won’t become like that in just two days.
In other words, they might be monsters.

What will happen if I am bitten?
Am I going to be a zombie?
Or rather, are physical attacks effective on them?
If it comes to a movie or something, the head would be the weak point, but…..

I’m staring at the zombies with Observation.
Their movement is dull.
Perhaps if I drop the washing machine over their head, they will definitely get crushed.
However, unlike the time with the Goblin, if you’re using a washing machine here it’ll surely stands out.
It’s best to only crush the head quietly.

I have to go through here, it will be too long to make a detour.
Fortunately, there are no other monsters.
Let’s crush it.

「Can I use this….. 」

I took out 『Dumbbell (Weight 10Kg)』
It’s not my belonging, but one from another residents of the same apartment.
As a blunt weapon, it have an unprecedented killing ability.
With my current status, I can hold it easily.
I’m approaching without being noticed trying to one-hit the zombie.

The moment the zombie had turned his back on us, I rush at once.
It’s okay. Thanks to 『Covert action』and 『Stealthy steps』my actions hasn’t been realized.
With my fast approach, I attempt to brandish the iron dumbbell.
At that moment, the zombie suddenly turns to my direction.

「A aaaa… ?」

Perhaps it was a coincidence.
It just changed direction.
But at that moment, I am surprised and my body becomes stiff.
Dangerous——, he’ll beat me, or so I thought.

But surprisingly, the zombie stopped his movement.
As if it is bound by something.

「Eh….. ?」

In fact, it’s like that.
『Something black』tied around the zombie’s body impeding his movement.
Since『Observation』had risen, I was able to , even in this situation, recognize that shape.

It’s a shadow.
My shadow is unnaturally stretched and is holding the body of the zombie.
What do you mean?
I don’t have this skill.
So who?


Momo’s voice.
Noway—– you?
There is no confirmation.
But I thought it was the shiba’s doing somehow.

Momo runs and approaches me.
And, as the distance between Momo and me decreases, the shadow’s power constraining the zombie gets stronger.
The zombie is completely blocked from moving and even the mouth isn’t able to move.

—– If it’s like that, now!
I’m brandishing the iron dumbbell again!
SFX:Gong, a dull sound resounds.
The zombie fell on the spot.

≪Earning experience points≫

The announcement sounded in my head.
It seems that the head was a weakness after all.
The corpse of a zombie—- No, because he’s dead from the beginning, it’s strange to say corpse, but the corpse of the zombie disappears.

Then a small red magic stone rolls.
The magic stone of the zombies are red?
Quickly, I collect it inside my Item box.
When I check,「Zombie’s magic stone (Minimal) x1 Unit」is displayed.
Take it out again, I show the stone to Momo.

「Here, Momo. You want to eat this?」


Momo ate the magic stone which I gave to her happily.
After Momo has finished eating, I ask.

「Hey, Momo. Did you possibly help me just now?」


Momo nods while shaking its fluttery tail.
But, how could it be that?

『Shadow manipulation Skill』。
I’m not aware of the name, but probably Momo has the skill to do so.

This is most likely because of the magic stone I gave earlier.
Shadow Wolf’s Magic stone.  Shadow (Kage) how the name imply, that dog should be able to use this skill.
Did you eat the magic stone and obtain the skill residing within Momo?
How I wonder? Such a feeling in the air brings the consideration for a line.
Then let’s ask.

「Momo, the reason why you could use the previous skill is because I gave you Magic stones?」

「Wan. 」

When I say so, its body rubbing against me.
Praise me. Because I did my best, praise me.
Of course, I’ll praise. Stroking. Kawaii.

Humm, if you eat the magic stones, do you acquire the skills?
But I can’t eat them.
Is it just Momo?
Besides that, are other animals…… Or maybe monsters too?
But if this hypothesis is correct, monsters will also have 『Skills』 and 『Levels』.

「Momo, what you did earlier, can you make it again?」


When I ask Momo, the shape of my shadow move and change as before.
It’s a movement that clearly ignores any law of physic and common sense.

When I checked various things, the shadows Momo can manipulate is just its own or mine.
The effective range is about ten meters.
The closer the distance, the stronger the power of the shadow.
It’s not able to move in three dimensions, but it can only move as it crawl over to an object.

And then, the『Shadow』’s restraint will be broken against a stronger individual.
Using myself as a test subject, if I use all my strength, I can resist the shadow’s restraint. This isn’t to the extent of being almighty.
But it’s pretty usable.

『Shadow manipulation』skill.
This is very compatible with my 『Covert action』.
Approaching with『Covert action』,『Shadow』can stop the movement and I can crush them with my home appliances.
That’s a wonderful combo.

After that, I and Momo make a simple arrangement and we restart our movement.
Three times we encountered a zombie or a Goblin, but thanks to the great success of Momo’s 『Shadow』, I killed them without danger.

However, my level didn’t rise.
After all, the experience value obtained by different type of monsters might be different.
And also, the value of experience necessary for a level up would increase at every level.

Then, after about 20 minutes after leaving the apartment.

「Fuuh….. Finally arrived….. 」

「Wafuuu…. 」

Finally, we were arrived at the convenience store.


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  1. “Approaching with『Covert action』,『Shadow』can stop the movement and I can crush them with my home appliances.
    That’s a wonderful combo. ”
    The Moe increases.
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. this guy is a complete idiot. he should be actively aware of how much strength he has do to his status yet continues to be scared of everything to the point of hindering himself in his fights if it evan seems like he would get injured. in a country with such a high suicide rate you would think that people would be more numb to the idea of death and dying

    • There is no respawn. Screw up and gleefully attack the wrong monster and it’s game over and player is given a permanent ban.

      Damn right he’s being cautious while he learns how to fight and which monsters are safe to attack. He was a black company salaryman not the JSDF equivalent of an elite green beret or SEAL

  3. What’s the point of leveling up his physical str if he will be just a pussy and use his appliances to do the beating? He really should put levels on his fear resistance, he’s too much of a pussy that his level 1 fear resistance is being overwhelmed.

    • Perhaps he thinks that winning without injury is better than wowing the girls by acting like a macho man and taking unnecessary damage.

      The goal is victory without taking damage. When fighting for survival only fools fight fair or take damage in order to impress the audience.

      The best fighting style is whatever ends the fight fastest with least effort and damahe received. Real combat is not a game.

      One of the Indiana Jones movies illustrated this style perfectly. Opponent challenges him to a duel, pulls out a sword and waves it theatricaly to impress the crowd. Indy just pulls out a pistol and shoots him with no fuss or flair. Opponent dead with no time for anyone to react in time to stop Indy

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